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Posted 30 March 2006 - 07:48 PM

QUOTE(krims0n @ Mar 30 2006, 12:17 PM) View Post

On the topic of fences/thieves. I think I may have hit a game bug.

I did the first couple thieves guild quests and got Dar Jee as a fence. However when I go talk to Dar Jee he has no button for bartering? It seems like everything is confirmed that he will buy from me (when I talk to him about he confirms that he buys stolen goods, and Skyrvva(sp?) also confirms that I can sell to him). What's the deal with this?

Try coming back at a later time. Alot of characters will only offer their services during specific hours.

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Posted 30 March 2006 - 07:59 PM

I've had the same experience with the Mages guild. A woman will tell me she sells a certain type of spell and then there won't be an option for bartering.

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Posted 30 March 2006 - 09:51 PM

QUOTE(lowendfrequency @ Mar 30 2006, 01:55 PM) View Post

Try coming back at a later time. Alot of characters will only offer their services during specific hours.

yeah that has pissed me off on several occassions. I decided not to buy one, went around and pillaged some caves, go back and the ones I had my heart set on were no longer available sad.gif

I bought the storm of atronach??(ice monster) and faded wraith summom spells this morning. I can just stand back and watch the atronach lay waste to anything, but then I dont get my levels up so I help a little, lol.

I wish we could summom several at once like we could Fable, Id like to see a big battle take place smile.gif

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Posted 31 March 2006 - 04:38 AM

Holy crap is the Skeleton Key awesome.

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Posted 31 March 2006 - 06:56 AM

QUOTE(Strangelove1 @ Mar 30 2006, 10:45 PM) View Post

Holy crap is the Skeleton Key awesome.


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Posted 15 April 2006 - 11:26 PM

the quest, where the spirits have lease: I have a huge problem. I got to the part, where you have to talk to the guy who sold you the manor in the imperial city. i can't convice him to come back to anvil to help me lift the curse on the manor. help!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 11:01 PM

im havin a problem not on the list after i complete clavicus vile and keep sword it crashes ive loaded over and over and over but it keeps crashing whenever i do stuff and it also crashes if i just sit ther. Heard of this glitch?? it is really annoying me now! grr.gif

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 05:29 PM

Azura's Shrine
Requrements: Level 2
Offering: Glowdust (5-7 am/pm)
Articraft: Azura's Star [ A reusable Grand Soul Gem ]
Location: read book "Mordern Heretics"
Jerall Mountain, North of Lake Arrius

Requrements: Level 2
Offering: Lettuce, Lesser Soul Gem, Yarn
Articraft: Wabbajack [ Turns a Creature into a random creature weeker/stronger]
Location: no one
Elsweyr Border (far West) , half way between Bravil and Leyawin

Requrements: Level 5
Personality < 20 (Drink Cheap Wine)
Offering: none
Articraft: Namira's Ring [ Reflect Damage, Reflect Magic ...............]
Location: no one
East-SouthEast of Bruma

Requrements: Level 5
Offering: Grand Black Soul Gem
Articraft: Skull of Corruption [ Creates a corrupted clone of target for 30s ]
Location: Ontus Vanin in Talos Plaza, Imperial City
East Shore of Lake Poppad, South-West of Cheydinhal

Requrements: Level 8
Offering: Cyrodillic Brandy
Articraft: Sanguine Rose [ Daedra Summoning Stuff ]
Location: Fadus Calidius in Skingrad Fighter's Gild / Falanu Hlaalu in All Things Alchemical
South-West of Weatherleah Estate

Requrements: Level 10
Offering: none
Articraft: Skeleton Key [ An unbreakable Lockpick with Security +40 ]
Location: from Alves Uvenim in Leyawin Mages Guild
East of Upper Niben, Leyawin

Requrements: Level 10
Offering: none
Articraft: Spell Breaker [ A shield with ............. ]
Location: no one
South-East bank of Silverfish River, East of Imperial Bridge Inn

Requrements: Level 10
Offering: Bonemeal / Ectoplasm
Articraft: Ring of Khajiti [ Chameleon 35%, ............... ]
Location: no one
West-Northwest of Skingrad

Requrements: Level 10
Offering: Troll Fat
Articraft: Volendrung [ A Hammer with Paralyze, Drain Health .......... ]
Location: Pinarus Inventius, Anvil (west end) / Thaurron , Anvil Mages Guild
North-west of Lord Drad's Estate, North of Anvil

Requrements: Level 15
Offering: Nightshade
Articraft: Ebony Blade [ Silence and Absorb Health ]
Location: Ontus Vanin, Talos Plaza, Imperial City / Luther Broad, Elven Garden, Imperial City

Requrements: Level 17
Offering: Bear / Wolf Pelt
Articraft: Savior's Hide [ A Light Armour with Magic Resist .......... ]
Location: Ontus Vanin, Talos Plaza, Imperial City

Molag Bal
Requrements: Level 17
Offering: Lion Pelt
Articraft: Mace of Molag Bal [ absorb/drain Strength n Magicka by 5 ............]
Location: No one
South-Southeast of Narfinsel, West of Breakneck Cave, West of Imperial City Bridge

Requrements: Level 20
Offering: Daedra Heart
Articraft: Goldbrand [ A Sword with Fire Damage 22 .......... ]
Location: Bora Gra-Uzgrash, Borbas Goods n Stores, East of CHendynhal's West Gate
SOuth-East of Cheyndinhal

Clavicus Vile
Requrements: Level 20
Offering: 500 Gold
Articraft: Masque of Clavicus Vile [ A Helmet with Personality +20 ]
Location: No one
South-west of Imperial City

Hermaeus Mora
Requrements: Level 21
completed other 14 Daedric Quests
reached "Blood of the Daedra" part of Main Quest
Articraft: Oghma Infinium [ A skill book with +10 skill points (each) in Steel (Blade, Blunt, Hevy Armor), Shadow (Acrobatics, Light Armor, Security, Sneak) or Spirit (Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration) ]
Location: Sleep after u meet the requirements

Props to BlackMist27 (Gamefaqs) for .. well... everything biggrin.gif

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 05:47 PM

How do I unhaunt the house in Anvil? (How do I remodel it) *Spoiler*

After purchasing the "manor" in Anvil for a measley 5k. As per what you have heard from many sources you go to your local trade dealer to see if he has upgrades you can purchase to improve the decoration of your new abode. You find he doesnt offer any. What to do?

1. Sleep in your house in Anvil. You will be awoken by three spirits who will attack you. They are immune to normal weapons. Either use magic or an enchanted weapon that does magical damage to defeat them.

2. You are then given a journal message saying you heard a noise from below and should investigate. Head downstairs to your front room. On the ground by the cabinet a vase has fallen over revealing a book and a hand holding it. Take the book and read it (leave the hand you will need it later and you dont accidentally want to sell it or drop it to make room) Make sure reading the book you read every page so you will get the journal note.

3. Your new journal entry says you should seek your good ol pal in the haunted house real estate buisness (the guy who sold it to you) for help and should look for him at the inn in anvil. When you get there question the owner as the young lord wont be there. The owner will reveal that he has gone to the imperial city (I am at work atm and so am not sure but it may actually give you a district if not question a few people on his name and they will reveal which district) You will be told he is in the elven district once there question a few people in the elven district to find he is staying at the kings and queens tavern. From there question the tavern owner who will tell you what time he shows up. Wait for him and when he shows start talking.

4. BE NICE! Dont accuse him angrily or he wont help you at all and you're stuck with house on haunted hill for your playpen. After talking (nicely) with him and going through the dialogue options he will say that he will help you and asks you to meet him at that same inn in anvil where you first met. Head there now.

5. Once you meet him again he will follow you to the manor. Guess what? Your old friends the ghosts are back! DONT let him die. He is weak and not worth much and they will tear through him if youre not careful. Head immediately for the basement. Make sure he is close when you enter the basement or he may not follow you and then the ghosts will kill him. Upon entering the basement you will have a few more ghosts and then he will open that strange runed wall for you. Upon which point he will run scared. Enter the room and click on the altar.

6. Hey the dead guy aint all the way dead! He talks! He gives you some BS about granting him final death by returning his hand. Yea whatever you big fibber but you cant call him a liar unfortunately. Go get his hand which is still upstairs in that jar where you found the journal. Take it back down and click him again.

7. WHAT? O NO! He lied to you! Hes still a bad guy! YOU just helped him complete his dastardly evil plan which will enable him to conquer the whole world!!!! I think not. Head behind the altar before he finishes talking he will spawn right behind it on that little stairway. Send his undead bones into torpor. Once you beat him the ghosts are gone! You get a new journal note.

8. Head back to the tavern where, surprise surprise, our good cowardly friend is waiting. He apologizes for running away (like you wanted his help anyway) and gives you your congrats and all that. Head back to your manor. WHAT! There is good furniture....and hangings....and light...and its cozy...and homy....and so much less ghosty...YAY. Congratz you have a house. You cannot modify this house like you can others but you cant complain you got it modified for free....well not exactly for free since you had to take on a small army of ghosts and an undead lich....well congratz neway!

Mages Guild Specializations
Cheydinhal - Alteration
Bruma - A little of everything
Bravil - Illusion
Anvil - Restoration
Chorrol - Conjuration
Skingrad - Destruction
Leyawiin - Mysticism

Loot Armor Levels
Leveled Item lists are pretty much ubiquitous throughout the game. Any chest you open, or armor you find on an NPC is spawned randomly by a level list very much like the ones that spawn the creatures in the game.
Basically, chain and dwarven start appearing at PC level 6, Mythril and Orcish at level 10, Elvaan and Ebony at 15, and Glass and Daedric at 20.
Not ALL loot in the game is randomly generated, however the loot that isn't is generally restricted to quest items, legendary named equipment, and equipment that is found on display in the game world.

Kick Out of Mages Guild (Items Needed/Where)
20 dragons tongue found on road from bravil to leyawin just north of the bridge.
20 redwort found by cave southeast of leyawin, Darkfathom cave. - a **little** south of the cave.
for redwort there are 7 in the vacinity, you just have to put your marker there when you find it and then go and wait for 3 days in the cave.

Vial of Human Blood
You may find vials of human blood, unfortunately, these don't satisfy your need for blood as a vampire.

Clearing Cache

Oblivion uses the Xbox 360 hard drive extensively to cache (copy and reuse) game data. This is done to optimize all loading the game does. It has been found in rare cases on some Xbox 360s that the cached data can get overly fragmented. This exhibits itself by the game taking a long time to load anything from menus, dialogue, sounds, objects, levels, and more.
To solve this problem, reset your Xbox, and hold down the A button as the game is booting up. If any button is held while Oblivion is loading, it will clear its hard drive cache, and create a new one. Once you see the “Bethesda Softworks” logo video, the game is already loaded, and the cache should have been cleared.
Note, this does not effect your game in any way other than loading. You will not lose any saved data.

Disposition Trick
Well, you know when you play the persuasion minigame until it says disposition maxed? Sometimes, you may want it higher for one reason or another. Here's what I do:
Pull out a weapon. This lowers your disposition 10 points.
Play the minigame again, until it is maxed out.
Back out of the conversation and put away your weapon.
Go back into conversation; your disposition will be ten points higher then what is was maxed out at

Umbra is south of the Imperial City...take the west road out of the city and follow the road south along the water and you will run into Vindesal (sp?) she is in there. BEWARE: Umbra is a tough enemy and should be handled with great care.

Cure Disease
Any alchemist at the Mage's guild should have one or two for sale.

Blight cannot be cured by normal cure disease items, it requires a cure blight potion, or a visit to your local chapel.

Low Attributes
Low attributes are a stick situation. You can buy potions of restore X attribute or you can go to the Mage's guild and buy a spell of Cure X Attribute.

Skill Trainer Locations
Acrobatics-Aerin in the northern foothills of the Valus range-northeast of cheydinhal,east of azuras shrine,and northeast of lord rugdumph's estate

Alchemy-Sinderien works in cellar of skingrads west weald inn

Alteration-Tooth-in-the-sea on the niben bay coast north of branvil

Blade-Alixlendia at the foregyl inn of S.imperial city

Block-Andrgil lives above Pro'Shaji in N.Central part of branvil

Blunt-Iren metrick house in SW imperial city quadrants of the elven gardens district

Armorer-Gin wulm
a smith at The Best Defense in the imperial city's market district--seems to spend most of his time wandering in the market and elven garden districts

Ahletics-Rusia bradus on anvils main drag next to the abandoned house

Conjuration-Olyn seran-molag bals shrine

Hand to hand-Helvius cecia house in southeast corner of bruma

Heavy armor-Pranal at the roxey inn on the red ring road

Illusion-Martina floria at the arcane university's chironasium

Light armor-J'Bari shares a house with the midlevel acrobatics trainer Tsrava in S.Central Leyawiin

Marksman-Alamen at the troll candle camp east of anvil

Mercantile-Palanirya owns a shop called the DIvine Elegance in the imperial citys market district

Restoration-Oleta at the chapel of akatshin in kvatch

Security-J'baana in the imperial prison district

Sneak-Marana rian has a home in NW part of the temple district

Speechcraft-Tandilwe at the temple of the one in the imperial citys temple district

Black Soul Gems
Head to the dark alter east of the Imperial city. Its easily identify able from the large red beam that comes down on top of it from the sky.

They'll likely be a couple npc's around it, there hostile, feel free to kill them.

There will be a black soul gem already inside of it, take it out.

The trick of this thing is, it converts grand soul gems to Black soul gems (Which, I've noticed are exactly the same thing as a grand gem but with a different name - but needed by a couple quests).

So, stick a grand soul gem into it, and then use soul trap on the alter. Now you will have a Black Soul gem. You can do this as many times as you'd like, it has no recharge timer, you just need a good supply of Black Soul Gems.

Lock Pick Glitch
When picking a lock, there is a way to get it to automatically pick virtually every time, regardless of the lock's difficulty

Do the very first spring manually. Once it is in place, do the following:
As you press over on the joystick to go to the next spring, hit the "X" button a split second after you press over. The arrow should be in between the 1st and 2nd springs as you hit "X." If done correctly, and it doesn't seem to be too difficult, you will get the lock open on the very first try. It's similar to getting the speed boost at the beginning of a Mario Kart race.

Easy Gold
Any time after you have finished the tutorial in the imperial sewers at the start of the game, you can kill a specific person and loot unlimited amounts of gold from them. Here's how you do it:

In the Imperial City, Talos district, find a house owned by a person named Dorian, it will be called "Dorian's House". Try to get him angry enough with you via threatening him. Once he has a low enough disposition (lower than 20) with him, he will ask you to leave. At this point kill him and go to loot his body. He should have around 40 gold and some other misc items. LOOT ALL THE ITEMS FIRST leaving the gold, DO NOT LOOT ALL. When you go to take the gold, it will glitch and keep allowing you to take the gold off him. Make sure he doesn't leave or alerts any of the guards and save before attempting this. After about an hour of hitting the same button, I had 150k gold.

Horse Shop Gold Glitch
To do this you need a horse and the more expensive the weapon you wield the better.

So get your most expensive weapon and wield it. Get on your horse and fast travel to either Kvatch to speak to the orc merchant, or to Silver Road in Cyrodill and speak to a merchant in green clothing.

Once you enter the barter screen, sell your equipped weapon. It will not vanish, allowing it to be sold over and over again for gold.

Permanent Effect of Boots of Springheel Jack
First you must have completed the Thieves Guild quests without destroying the Boots of Springheel Jack. In order to do that you must simply survive a small fall near the end of the last quest with the boots unequipped.

After that go to the Shrine of Sanguine and get the quest there. Follow what the quest tells you to do and when you cast the spell, guards will try and arrest you. Get arrested. (Don't worry, all your equipment is in a chest at the Shrine of Sanguine, so you shouldn't lose anything.)

After you serve your time, you should have the Boots of Springheel Jack in your inventory. If you try to equip them, it will say "You can not equip this enchanted item at this time." But if you check your Active Effects page under Fortify Acrobatics, it should say that you still have the boost from the boots. You can also feel free to equip any other boots as well.

Unlimited Gold
First you have to complete the Cure for Vampirism mission, and talk to The Count, Janus Hassidor. When you talk to him, ask him about the "Reward" conversation option, but don't leave the conversation, and keep asking him about it. Everytime you ask him about it you receive 1000 gold. Do this as many times as desired for unlimited gold.

Dupeing Items Glitch

Here're the instructions on how to use it:

1 - Equip any set of arrows.
2 - Draw your bow back and press B while its drawn.
3 - Highlight above arrows and press A once.
4 - Find any item you wish to clone and drop it.
5 - Exit and Profit.

Here're the rules that the glitch seems to follow:

1 - The game will drop your selected item X amount of times, where X is equal to the number of arrows in your selected Arrow Set.

2 - It will drop the item(s) in your inventory first, and then drop clones until the total amount dropped is equal to your arrow count.
Ex: You have 5 arrows and 1 club, and want to clone some clubs . You do your little trick, and out pops 5 clubs. The first club is the original club from your inventory, and the other 4 are the clones. Making a total of 5 clubs, as your arrow count.

3 - If the item to be cloned is one of multiple, and totals less than your arrow count, then the game will drop X items in stacks of Y (where Y is the amount of items in your original stack) but fractionize the last stack in order to not go over X.
Ex: You have 5 arrows and 3 clubs. Clone Time. You end up with two stacks of clubs. One stack of 3, and another of 2. (3+2=5) ... or ... You have 5 arrows and 2 clubs. Clone Time. You end up with 3 stacks of clubs. Two stacks of 2, and another of 1. (2+2+1=5)

4 - If the item to be cloned is one of multiple, and totals more than your arrow count, then the game will drop X items, and since it drops legal items first, it will have no need to drop clones because Y is greater than or equal to X.
Ex: You have 5 arrows and 6 clubs. Clone Time. You end up with one stack of 5 clubs and 1 club in your inventory. You didn't clone any clubs because you had the same amount or more clubs than arrows.

5 - According to the lists of items that can be duplicated, and from my own assumptions, the glitch only works with items that have an infinite nature. Anything that can respawn (whether by restocking in stores, or plants growing them, or chests spawning more), chances are, they can can be cloned. On the other hand, if the item has a proper name, is enchanted, or is a quest/plot item you won't be able to clone it.

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 06:01 PM

Soulgems and Charges
Unlike in Morrowind, where each soulgem had a certain capacity and the charge was depending on the type of soul inside, in Oblivion each soul and soulgem has a fixed value.

The charge of a filled soulgem is directly responsible for determining the maximum strength, duration etc of your enchantments.

Soul gem Charge
Petty 150
Lesser 300
Common 800
Greater 1200
Grand 1600

One tip I will give you here; make sure to use the right soulgem for the right enchantment, IE don't use a grand soulgem for a very small enchantment as it would be just wasting it.

Black Soulgems:
Black soulgems are used to trap the souls of People. You can create a black soulgem by locating a necromancers altar, placing a grand soulgem on it and then casting a dispel spell at it. The Soulgem will change into a black soulgem.

Grand Soulgems
Possibly one of the most sought after items in the game. A list of this rare commodity:

* Anvil, Mages Guild, Felen Relas sells one.
* Bravil, Mages Guild, Ardaline sells one.
* Bruma, Mages Guild, Selena Oriana sells one.
* Cheydinhal, Mages Guild, Eilonwy sells one.
* Chorrol, Mages Guild, Angalmo sells one.
* Leyawiin, Mages Guild, Alves Uvenim, sells one.
* Drakelowe, on the Corbolo's upper reaches, south of Cheydinhal. The gem is located in the basement, in the room at the end of the hall
* Squandered Mine, a mine just to the northeast and up the mountain side from Drakelowe. (behind a secret door on the south side of the bottom level here)
* Crayfish Cave, downriver to the south-southeast of Drakelowe (can be found on the fourth level)
* Nornal, an Ayleid ruin, to the west of Drakelowe.(on the bottom level)
* Chorrol, Mages Guild, two of them are located in display cases on the ground floor here.
* Imperial City, Arcane University, one is located in the lobby of the Arch Mage's tower
* Imperial City, Arcane University, one is located in the mages quarters there.
* Imperial City, Market district, in the mystic Emporium here.
* You can find them in levelled loot at level 11 and above
soulgem sellers can possibly have them from level 12 and above.

Note, if you're a high level, the people seling these may very likely respawn them, in which case it will save you some trouble.

Creatures and their soul size

Below you'll be able to find an overview of the charge values, and which creatures have that value. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to find the right creature to fill a soulgem with.

Petty Souls:
* Deer
* Dog
* Goblin
* Mudcrab
* Rat
* Sheep
* Skeleton
* Slaughterfish
* Wolf

Lesser Souls:
* Boar
* Ghost
* Goblin Skirmisher
* Horses (all kinds)
* Imp
* Scamp
* Skeleton Guardian
* Stunted Scamp
* Timber Wolf
* Troll
* Zombie

Common Souls
* Ancient Ghost
* Bear, black
* Clannfear
* Faded Wraith
* Flame Atronach
* Goblin Berserker
* Headless Zombie
* Minotaur
* Mountain Lion
* Skeleton Hero
* Spriggan
* Will-o-the-Wisp

Greater Souls
* Bear, brown
* Daedroth
* Dread Zombie
* Frost Atronach
* Goblin Shaman
* Land Dreugh
* Nether Lich
* Ogre
* Skeleton Champion
* Spider Daedra
* Storm Atronach
* Wraith

Grand Souls
* Gloom Wraith
* Goblin Warlord
* Lich
* Minotaur Lord
* Xivilai

Imperial Dragon Armor Location

After you wait 2 weeks it will be located in the Imperial Armory is to your right when you fast travel to the Imperial Prison.

Incredible Sword made by GrmReaper

This isn't my creation
10 fire damage
10 shock damage
10 frost damage
5 damage health
100% weakness to fire
100% weakness to frost
100% weakness to shock
100% weakness to magicka
100% weakness to poison
2 sec soul trap

Works like a charm.

It requires one Grand Soul Gem
Works wonders on a Daedric Longsword or dagger. If you enchant it with a grand soul you get about 20 uses out of it, oh, he dagger works just because of the speed factor but if you want reach go for longsword. I would not advise putting it on a two handed weapon because you are relying on the weaknesses that you only inflict for 1 second. If you carry Azura's star with you then you can recharge the weapon by fighting with it...kinda like an endless loop of kick ass.

All weaknesses for one second

Costs between 750-1000

However, since you need a grand soul gem, you'll have to wait until grand soul enemies sgtart to spawn.

Thanks to Grmreaper (Gamefaqs) for the sword.
Weakness spells are sold by a wood elf mage in chorral

Poisoning NPC's

Just thought I'd contribute something to this very informal topic.

But anyway, the art of poisoning an NPC is very time consuming, like every assassin patience is a must.

How to aquire Poison Apples
Well here is the scoop, If you join the Dark Brotherhood you can barter with a particular Khajiit in your guild that sells them. There are some poison apples scatered about in random caves/forts as well. Also when you complete a certain mission in the DB guild Lucien LaChance has a chest with 10 poison apples.

What do I do with these apples?
Well there are quite a few things you can do with them: Use them for decoration, target practice, bowling. But we are here to discuss the initial use: Poisoning. One thing I wouldn't recommend is not eating one, the results are extremely fatal.

Choosing Your Victim
Here is where patience comes in. Pick your victim and follow him/her for a day. See where they go, what they do, what time of day they do it. One thing that you must notice is when they eat. Not all NPCS will eat at their home. Some choose to go to the local tavern and eat there.

Now that you know the schedule there are a couple of things that need to be done in order for your victim to eat their last meal.

1. While the victim isn't home go in and steal every food/drink that is there. This is especially necessary if the victim eats in his home. If the victim has others living with him then wait until nightfall when they are sleeping.

2. If the victim likes to purchase food at the local tavern then pay the tavern a visit before he does. Purchase all the food/drink available. Now sell the bartender some poison apples. It will be the only thing available for purchase.

3. If the victim eats at home then make sure that step 1 is complete. You know where he eats so put a poison apple where he sits or in a container.

4. If you want to be sneaky you can place a poison apple in their inventory, this is pretty much guaranteed. The best way to do this is to when they are sleeping.

How do I put the apple in their inventory?
1. Go into sneak mode while they are sleeping.
2.Activate the victim and it will give you the option to pick-pocket.
3.Choose pickpocket and it will open up their inventory. Remove any edible items they have on them.
4.Press the left trigger to access your inventory, highlight the poison apple and press ''A''.
5.Exit the inventory and leave the scene. You know where and when your victim eats so when the time comes go and watch him eat his last meal.

I'm almost out of poison apples, is there anyway to purchase more?
No I'm afraid not. But 2 words do come to mind: Duplication Trick

I guess this is pretty much it. Try not to get caught pickpocketing your victim. It will make your objective alot harder. Also, practice with small shacks first since they contain less food items to remove, and when you become proficient try a mansion or two. Lefty MFR (Gamefaqs)

Again, props go to BlackMist27 from GameFaqs.

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Posted 24 April 2006 - 02:06 AM

Stat Glitch (Exploiting the Dupe Glitch) This is taken from xbox.com forums. Props to A L L E N 117 biggrin.gif
It's not the best write up... but you'll get the idea. I tried it and it works perfectly. Let me know if you can't grasp the idea, and I'll write it up myself. Good luck sleeping at night ya damn cheaters! wink.gif

This will explain how to make copies of sigil stones:
1.Have 2 types of arrows in your inventory and a bow
2.Equip one of them and pull RT to shoot(don't release it yet), press B to go to inventory
3.Click on arrows(equiped ones) 2 times, then go to the sigil stone you wanna make copies of
4.Drop the stone
5.Press B to exit inventory
6.Pick up all the copies of sigil stone from the ground

-now do the same thing with any type of ring that does not have any effect(example, gold ring, or any type of amulet)-those 2 can be purchased at many shops
-make copies of that those rings
-now combine sigil stones with all those rings (or amulets).Name them with different names(ex. magic ring-1 , magic ring-2 ,...)


1) Equip one of the arrows
2) Pull back using RT then click B
3) At inventory screen, Click A twice on the equipped arrow...
4) Drop the item you want to keep the constant effect from (those magic rings you made, drop one of them)
5) Exit Inv. screen
6) Pick up the arrow you fired and the 2 of those rings you just duped
7) Go to inventory and Equip one of the rings, and Equip other set of arrows
8) Pull back RT again, click B
9) Double Click on the Equipped Arrows twice
10) Now drop the Unequipped Duplicate of the Ring you're wearing.

-now drop that ring(both copies if you see them).Go to active magic effects(magic ring-1,see, it's still taking the effect)
-keep doing this with magic ring-2, magic ring-3 and so on...

-You can also do this with any ring you find(but you can't make effect copies like with sigil stones).For example Ring of Perfection you find in the game, do the part 2 with it and drop the ring, the ring effect will stay
-This shows that there is no limit to you character atrributes, skills, and so on...
If you have any questions, please ask, this has been confirmed 100% that it works

-to make attributes go up to 300, you have to be part of Arcane uneversity, make a rings there, than just do the part 2
-As for Fingers of Mountains:you have to be atleast level 30 and then go do that quest.It takes 710 points from you magica to fire this sucker, but since my willpower is at 350 right now it's no problem.It's by far the best destruction (most powerfull) available. Now remember, if you don't make you magica go up to atleast 710, you can't fire this

-Make sure you increase your acrobatics, willpower and magica.It's really worth it

-Listen, just find any ring(example resist shock 20%) and do the 2nd part only, you can have as many different rings or amulets taking effects as you want.It's a glitch that allws you to equip as many rings or amulets as you want(without this glitch ring limit is only 2 and amulet only 1)

-You can get any sigil stone you want, this is how:
-Just before you press A to activate the stone, save your game, if you don't like the stone, load the game from that save and activate the stone again.The stones order is random, keep doing it until you get the stone you want

-No you don't have to have a sigil stone, use the rings , amulets and armor.As for acrobatics, just make many acrobatics rings(using ring copies glitch) and incerase your acrobatics as much as you want.Remember, you can't copy rings that already have the effect, but you can equip(take the effect) as many rings as you want

You can't make copies of rings that already have the effect.You can only have them take the effect that one time, then drop them and the effetct still stays.Say you find 2 rings with resist shock 20% and the other one with resist shock30%, your'r resist shock will add up. You can do this with as many rings as you want, it just keeps adding up

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Posted 26 April 2006 - 06:35 PM

now you say that you cant dupe enchanted items well you are wrong because you can, i've done it tongue.gif

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 05:18 AM

QUOTE(killab138 @ Apr 26 2006, 06:42 PM) View Post

now you say that you cant dupe enchanted items well you are wrong because you can, i've done it tongue.gif

Well... I never said it, A L L E N 117 did. tongue.gif wink.gif

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Posted 20 May 2006 - 09:14 PM

good job man..must've taken a lot of work... beerchug.gif

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Posted 28 June 2006 - 02:08 PM

i got my conjuration up to 105 on my cheating character cuz i made a spell that summons skeletons for 1 sec. and i keep using it and i spawn like ten and i level up. i had the full glass magic fortifying armor and i bought all the conjuration spells lol.

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