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Tsaesci Dragonscale Armor

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#1 exceltious


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Posted 29 March 2006 - 11:24 PM

Does anyone know where I can find the imperial spymaster who guards the Tsaesci Dragonscale Armor in balmora I have searched but i cant find it, all the other mods worked so i expect that it will to. Also does anyone know anything about the "Stronger weapons elsewhere in morrowind" that are refered to in "The Claws" mod? Thanks .

#2 exceltious


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Posted 31 March 2006 - 08:35 PM

Is there anyone who has this mod working even?

#3 turkish demon

turkish demon

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Posted 04 April 2006 - 12:03 AM

now im not sure... but ive been reading other threads... and i think the imperial spymater is Cauis Cossades... the guy u have to report to in the beginning of the game... its in a lvl 100 locked chest i believe...

#4 exceltious


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Posted 05 April 2006 - 05:17 AM

Yea I put that together myself because he is the leader of the blades, so i went there, no chest. Then i read in my guide casius is sent away at the end probally to be exicuted. So I loaded a character that i havent even started the main quest with ... still no armor although he is there he will only talk to you about the package. Anyway I appreciate your help thanks alot.

#5 twilightelliot


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Posted 05 April 2006 - 08:45 AM

QUOTE(exceltious @ Apr 4 2006, 09:24 PM) View Post

Yea I put that together myself because he is the leader of the blades, so i went there, no chest. Then i read in my guide casius is sent away at the end probally to be exicuted. So I loaded a character that i havent even started the main quest with ... still no armor although he is there he will only talk to you about the package. Anyway I appreciate your help thanks alot.

I've resized the textures and made them dds files. Easier on the xbox memory, of course i can't say where I'm going to upload to. But, I will upload them with an xbox mod pack I'm working on. So keep a look out. I'll probably put the armor in a place which is easier to get it as well.

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#6 metalmulisha247


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Posted 06 April 2006 - 03:59 AM

cool man what mods are u putting in ur pack????

#7 exceltious


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Posted 06 April 2006 - 04:58 AM

I re-installed the mod and they are there in right where you said, but when
I put it on all i get is yellow with exclamation points, alot of my mods do this
even though all of them are from the xbox mod pack.

#8 dyrtyrice


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Posted 09 April 2006 - 06:48 AM

QUOTE(metalmulisha247 @ Apr 5 2006, 08:06 PM) View Post

cool man what mods are u putting in ur pack????

Hey (same guy), well I've already done various retexturing packs, as well as testing several other mods. Currently I'm putting together a pack with a modified anti-cities mod, will have increased framerate, better graphics in many ways, some new textures, new clothing armor. I'll have a modified morrowind.ini with faster cloud movement etc.. The perfect edition I uploaded a while ago was packed to the brim with the best selection of xbox mod packs, as well as many of my own additions. I've added new classes, new ninja weapons, retextures ninja costumes, I've also added the Jenova Child race, sucessfully retextured and running. Currently I'm working on cannablizing Max Max's magic carpet esp in order to get rid of the quest and landmasses, so that I can drop a scripted flying carpet in game. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress, and if you have any questions about Morrowind modding I can answer most of them.

This is the FAQ from my original pack which has sense had to update packs and a third and much bigger pack is on the way! Be warned this FAQ is pretty long.

Morrowind Game of the Year Xbox Perfect Edition:
(sorry for not spending hours creating ASCII Art)

READ THIS! I know it's lengty, but for Christ sake at least skim it

This upload is the result of over a year of testing, researching, downloading,
converting files and scoring this game with a worthy

I will list most of the things added as well as notes and
annotations appropriate to each one. But first...I will
give thanks to the many modders and people that have helped this lengty and ardous
project come to fruition.

Most people thank at the end, but not me. These people are important
and deserve recognition:

I'm sorry I can't thank everyone individually, but my way of thanks is this pack!

Johnny evil - has a website of tons of xbox converted MORROWIND MODS

Frezzno and Badboy from X-box sky - I used some of their stuff
and they also gave me the idea.

Bethesda Softworks - How could I not thank them?

people are planetelderscrolls - all the various modders, whose mods I've tested
I don't have room to include all their names, but I thank them all and you should too!

Composers that have made the music I've included - too many to name

Thank me if you have the time - I've spent over a year on this, and the better part
of the last 6 hours, writing the FAQ, updating the mods, adding new music and uploading this!

And lastly, I thank all of you for keeping this going and downloading this pack

consists of;

Most of the music from Oblivion, converted by me, to wma format

several "good" orchestral video game songs

a few LOTR selections and some of the original Morrowind Music

Selections from Kingdom of Heaven and Batman Begins

Two great themes from Chronicles of Narnia - They fit so well into the game it will
make you cry like a little girl

WARNING**** I have disabled certain mods for stability reasons, I have left them in the date folder,
enable them, however, at your own risk. Some are okay to use after the main quest is done. The Ultimate
Galleon is one of them. Some of the others should just stay disabled.

Mod Listing:


Netch Adamantium Armor: Check out the Inn in Peliagad

Renaissance clothing: Go to Suran

Dragonscale Armor:

The Tsaesci Dragonscale Armour is one of the rarest sets of armour in existence. It was forged from the scales of black dragons during their destruction in Akavir and the metal adamantium by an unknown dragon hunter.

You can find the armour and longbow in a locked chest with a lock rating of 100 in Balmora. The chest itself is being cared for by the imperial spymaster who resides in Balmora.

Ninja Outfits: Purchase in Molag Mar

Ymdrisl: The armour is currently lying on the crates on the raised platform at the silt strider port in Gnisis with the shield and a few weapons, the other sets are near the temple as are the rest of the weapons.


Scripted Spells: allows you to turn into animals as well as a few
other nice spell;) HINT* buy from merchant in Vivec Mage Guild*** SEE ADDITIONAL
README BELOW____ NOTE* I have tested this extensively and it runs very well, just don't
do too many crazy things at once. Like spawn 100 skeletons and turn into a bat and fly around...
YEs I have done this smile.gif

Version 1.5
Requires Bloodmoon
Author Cortex
Bat Model Lady Eternity

Transform into creatures that can be seen in 3rd person view.
Steal spells from enemies minds.
Add explosive damage to your attacks.
Create walls of fire and animated bones.

Game balanced: Great care has been taken to ensure spells cost enough magicka for their power. Transformations disable hand held weapon use and most spellcasting. Wall spells require strategy to be effective. Stealing spells is a crime unless they attacked you first.

This mod adds new spells created through scripting and new npc's who sell them.

Mages guild - Ald-ruhn mages guild
Telvanni - Sadrith Mora (she is outside shopping at the market)
Vampire Clan Aundae - Clan Aundae headquarters near their leader
Vampire Clan Berne - Clan Berne headquarters near their leader
Vampire Clan Quarra - Clan Quarra headquarters near their leader
Vampire - Pelagiad Halfway Tavern during night time hours

The mortal NPC's teach you if you are a member of their faction.
The clan vampire NPC's teach you after you have done the first quest of their clan.
The non clan vampire teaches vampires after you have done a small quest for her.


The metamorphosis spells lasts 60 seconds.
The form spells are permanent until you cancel them.
This means you could fly all the way to Solsheim with a single casting of bat form.
You can cancel the transformation by casting the Cancel Transformation spell
which requires no magicka.
Low cost vampire versions of the bat, mist and wolf spells exist from vampire npc's.
Werewolfs receive low cost werewolf versions of black, brown, white wolf spells when they
first cast the normal version of that spell.

-------- -----------------
Alit Good jumper +50% acrobatics, good bite damage
Bat Flys fast and long distances. No attack
Bear (grizzly) +60 strength, high damage
Bear (cave) +80 strength, high damage
Bear (polar) +100 strength, high damage
Boar Fast runner, Very powerful charge (thrust) attack
Cliffracer Flys and can also attack (use 1st person mode to attack)
Guar (wild) Massive carrying capacity
Guar (pack) Slower but even more carrying capacity
Guar (white) Massive carrying capacity
Kagouti Large carrying capacity, good charge (thrust) damage
Kwama forager Small size
Kwama warrior
Mist Fly, 100% imunity normal weapons, 50% chameleon, No attack
Mudcrab Can breath both air and water but very slow
Nixhound Good speed for low magicka cost
Rat Small size
Reikling riding a boar Fast runner, fast Very powerful charge (thrust) attack
Scamp Resist shock 50%, poison 75%, frost 50%, fire 50%
Scrib Small size
Slaughterfish Breaths water but has difficulty on land
Wolf (black) Fast and tireless runner with a very fast bite
wolf (brown) Same as a black wolf
wolf (white) Same as a black wolf
wolf (hell hound) Deadly fast fire bite and imune to fire
wolf (dire wolf) Deadly fast shock bite and imune to shock
wolf (winter wolf) Deadly fast frost bite and imune to frost

Natural weapons attacks like bite use the handtohand combat skill:
It may seem to use the shortblade skill but actually it is the hand to hand
skill that is used and increased. This is how it works:
When you transform, your handtohand skill is copied into your shortblade skill.
Any increases in skill are applied to your handtohand skill.
When you transform back your shortblade skill returns to its old value.


These rip spells from the minds of your enemies teaching them to you.
This causes permanent brain damage to your victim and saves you money.
Each spell has touch range.

To use these, cast the spell on the npc, wait about 1 second for them to be
affected by the spell, then press spacebar on the npc within the 5 seconds duration
of the spell.

They consider it an attack for all these spells except the passive brain scan.

If someone spots you useing these spells they can report the following crimes:
Assault - Using any of these spells (except passive brain scan) unless the target
attacked you first.
Theft - Stealing spells unless the target attacked you first.

Once their brain has become too badly damaged you will no longer be able to
access any more of their spells.

Occasionally during a combat a target may become too angry for mind rips to work
on them.
When this happens the message "This characture is in combat" will appear.
If this happens, waiting for 3 days will reset their fight setting so you can try again.

These spells were invented by the arch lich Zahnodram who was rumored to keep
wizards alive for days in his dungeons contineously stealing their spells and
then healing their minds with restoration magics.

Brain Scan (active) - Allows you to check what spells they have.
Brain scan (passive) - As active scan but they dont consider it an attack.
Mind rip I - Steal spells up to a total value of 100 gold.
Mind rip II - Steal spells total value 200 gold
Mind rip III - Steal spells total value 400 gold
Mind rip IV - Steal spells total value 800 gold
Mind rip V - Steal spells total value 1600 gold
Mind rip VI - Steal spells total value 3200 gold


These last 60 seconds.
Each attack you make with a weapon or hand to hand causes an explosion.
These spells are designed to be used together.
If you cast all of them there isn't much that can withstand your attacks.
Explosive strike spells do NOT yet work while you are transformed.

Explosive Strike - Fire Explosion of 1-20 fire damage
Explosive Strike - Frost Explosion of 1-20 frost damage
Explosive Strike - paralysis Explosion of 1 second paralysis
Explosive Strike - poison Explosion of 1-20 poison damage
Explosive Strike - Shock Explosion of 1-20 shock damage


Each type of wall comes in 5 ranks, so a rank 5 wall of fire does 100 damage per second.

Wall Range Allows you to set the distance walls will be created
from you.

Walls of fire Damage (20 x rank)
Duration 60 seconds

Health (100 x rank) for each block of ice
lose one health per second.
Take double damage from fire.
Enemies will attack them to get to you.

Walls of bone Health (20 x rank) for each skeleton
Damage (1 to 4) x rank
Duration 60 seconds
This means a rank 1 wall skeleton is half as powerful
as a normal summoned skeleton.
A rank 2 is equal to a normal summoned skeleton.
A rank 5 is two and a half times as powerful
as summoned skeleton.



Cancel Transformation 0 Instant
Alit Metamorphosis 25 60
Alit Form 50 Unlimited
Bat Metamorphosis 40 60
Bat Form 80 Unlimited
Bear (Grizzly) Metamorphosis 60 60
Bear (Grizzly) Form 120 Unlimited
Bear (Cave) Metamorphosis 80 60
Bear (Cave) Form 160 Unlimited
Bear (Polar) Metamorphosis 100 60
Bear (Polar) Form 200 Unlimited
Boar Metamorphosis 60 60
Boar Form 120 Unlimited
Cliffracer Metamorphosis 50 60
Cliffracer Form 100 Unlimited
Guar (wild) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (wild) Form 50 Unlimited
Guar (pack) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (pack) Form 50 Unlimited
Guar (white) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (white) Form 50 Unlimited
Kagouti Metamorphosis 30 60
Kagouti Form 60 Unlimited
Kwama forager Metamorphosis 15 60
Kwama forager Form 30 Unlimited
Kwama warrior Metamorphosis 25 60
Kwama warrior Form 50 Unlimited
Mist Metamorphosis 50 60
Mist Form 100 Unlimited
Mudcrab Metamorphosis 10 60
Mudcrab Form 20 Unlimited
Nixhound Metamorphosis 15 60
Nixhound Form 30 Unlimited
Rat Metamorphosis 15 60
Rat Form 30 Unlimited
Reikling Boar Metamorphosis 100 60
Reikling Form 200 Unlimited
Scamp Metamorphosis 40 60
Scamp Form 80 Unlimited
Scrib Metamorphosis 10 60
Scrib Form 20 Unlimited
Slaughterfish Metamorphosis 30 60
Slaughterfish Form 60 Unlimited
Wolf (Black) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (Black) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (Brown) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (Brown) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (White) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (White) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (Hell Hound) Metamorphosis 80 60
Wolf (Hell Hound) Form 160 Unlimited
Wolf (Dire) Metamorphosis 80 60
Wolf (Dire) Form 160 Unlimited
Wolf (Winter) Metamorphosis 80 60
Wolf (Winter) Form 160 Unlimited

Vampire Bat Metamorphosis 20 60
Vampire Bat Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Mist Metamorphosis 25 60
Vampire Mist Form 50 Unlimited
Vampire Black Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire Black Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Brown Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire Brown Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire White Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire White Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Charm Mortal 112 30
Vampire Flight 22 30

Werewolf Black Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf Black Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Werewolf Brown Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf Brown Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Werewolf White Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf White Wolf Form 40 Unlimited

Wall Range 0 Until changed
Wall of Fire I 40 60
Wall of Fire II 80 60
Wall of Fire III 120 60
Wall of Fire IV 160 60
Wall of Fire V 200 60
Wall of Bones I 40 60
Wall of Bones II 80 60
Wall of Bones III 120 60
Wall of Bones IV 160 60
Wall of Bones V 200 60

Brain Scan (active) 20 5 plus dialog
Brain scan (passive) 40 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip I 40 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip II 80 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip III 120 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip IV 160 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip V 200 5 plus dialog
Mind Rip VI 240 5 plus dialog

Explosive Strike - Fire 40 60
Explosive Strike - Frost 40 60
Explosive Strike - Paralysis 60 60
Explosive Strike - Poison 40 60
Explosive Strike - Shock 40 60
Explosive Strike - Fire 40 60

The vampire transformations are the same as the mortal versions except they
cost half the amount of magicka and automatically succeed. This is because vampires
are better at changing into bats, mist and wolves than mortals.

As in daggerfall, Vampire charm mortal and vampire flight are low cost versions of
the standard mortal spells charm mortal and levitate.
As it is flight not levitate, the vampire version doesnt give a purple glow.

The werewolf transformations are the same as the mortal versions except they
cost half the amount of magicka and automatically succeed. This is because werewolfs
are better at changing into wolves than mortals.


1. It is very hard to fight in 3rd person mode if transformed into a large creature
like a guar, bear or cliffracer. I lower the model in combat to try to make it easier.
2. Many transformations are best used outside as they are too clumsy for
easy indoors movement unless in 1st person mode.
3. Any transformation may jump in and out when in 3rd person mode if you
have a very slow framerate. Slow framerates may be due to a low end
machine, or may be due to another mod that attempts to do too much each frame.


Better Heads Xbox Edition

Better Bodies Xbox Edition

Increased Hair Style Selections: Converted by me, adds more hairstyles
for all races

Morrowind Anti-cities mod - gets rid of some rocks and other things
to improve game performance, disable if it causes issues

Road Signs: Show real City Names now

New Textures: Smaller filesize = better framerate

New xbox loading screens! - Much nicer on the eyes

Abot Where are all the Birds going? - Adds birds to Morrowind!
Tested and converted by me, created by Abot, works great!

Seyda Neen Dialogue - Couldn't get this to work in other cities, but check out the new
dialogue in Seyda Neen, this wasn't created by me, but it's a damn fine mod.

Werewolf Ring: Allows you to become a werewolf at will. Hint
look on plate in Vivec Mage Guild dining room. Will transform you
for 24 hours into a werewolf.

Cheat Ring and other Cheat Items: Check closet, downstairs in Balmora
Mage Guild - to activate press A button and then the B button - contains a house!

Arrow Belts- This mod adds four belts to the enchanter in Ald-ruhn, Manor district.
When you equip the belts they summon arrows and equip them whenever you run out.
There are three types of belts; Belt of Arrows (normal arrows), Belt of Burning Arrows
(fire damage and weakness to fire), Belt of Stunning Arrows (paralize), and Belt of Poison Arrows (poison).
I tried my best to not make this a cheat mod. The arrows are not worth anything, so you cannot make money from
summoning hordes of arrows. The belts are worth a good amount of money, too. These arrows are not EXTREMELY powerful,
but will give you a little more power in battle.


Shakti's Book of Secrets: Buy in Balmora Bookstore, a great comprehensive
game guide

Alchemy Guide: Look on podium in Balmora Mage Guild Basement

20 new books: featuring the work of H. P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany,
the brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll and many more
Check in with Dorisa Darvel, the bookseller in Balmora, for the lighter fare.
Visit Jobasha, the rare book dealer located in the Vivec foreign quarter, for the meatier stuff.
Most of the books will improve your speechcraft skill - some will increase other skills.
A few will even hold enchantments. Hope you have fun with them!


A Good Place to stay - cove in Balmora near Temple

Cave Home - A cave high about Caius Cosade's house

Cottage - Near Ebonhart on the road to Vivec


Claws - Balmora Armoror

Frezno's Buster Sword - Raiivir Trader in Balmora,
look on bed

Autofire crossbow - Check out shop in Balmora near Silt Strider

Ymdrisl - See Armor Section


Check out new waterfall near Balmora, very pretty wink.gif

New bridge from Solsteim to Mainland - Secret Location
should try to find when levels are high;)
NOTE: This bridge has a lot of enemies and may affect game performance
disable if need be.


Balloon Transportation - Gnisis, Ald Velothi and Ghostgate




If you can't get out of the Census Office, or if you can,
but can't get your quest from Old man Caius Cosades in Balmora, relax...
This is a common error, disable, not delete, disable a few mods and try again.
Yes it can be time consuming, but I've done it for hours and days.
This pack is pretested to not get quest errors, but if it does, just troubleshoot.


Yeah there might be a few, but if they don't mess up the game don't worry, or disable the mod.

If for some reason you get a dirty disc error at some point...


1. try to keep save file size low
2. have backup saves, but delete them periodically
3. dispose of corpses, try to keep inventory within reason
i.e; filling your house with tons of schools hit is fun,
remember the xbox has 64 mb of measly RAM.

1. relax, this is normal
2. think about disabling intense mods, if you wish

Here's a better FAQ about this problem from


It's not really dirty, okay. Get over it.
It's a known bug that plagues Morrowind on XBox.
There is no way to stop it, but it can be reduced.
This tip also includes reducing the incidence of 'freeze' that will
happen as your game gets longer and longer.

Firstly, go to your Options menu on the Start Screen and turn
OFF autosave and shadows.
That's the dirty disc problem half-solved.
Not to mention the fact that you won't have to wait forever for
an autosave to finish every time you sleep.
But . . . save, save, save! It's now up to you to keep your own
back-ups with the autosave turned off!

Secondly, don't try and do too much at once when
your game gets lengthy. By this I mean;
1] Don't levitate at high speed while wearing the Boots of Blinding Speed,
battling a cliff racer and checking directions from your
inventory map at the same time!
I'd freeze too, if someone did that to me!

2] Don't drop stuff all over the place. The hard-drive is forced to
remember where it is forever; if you don't want it, drop it in a crate
or sell it to a trader.

3] Don't move people around un-necessarily. Sure, it can be fun
to 'command' people onto rooftops or such, but again, the game has
to remember what you've done.

4] Bury your dead! Not literally, use the 'dispose of corpse' option
as much as you can. Yes, I know the game cleans up after you, but in the
three game days it takes for that to happen, a lot of folk can wind up
dead, their goods and their bodies cluttering up your save
like seagulls at a picnic basket.

Be tidy with the dearly departed.

At least once every game day, save your game as a 'new save'.
This helps reset characters that have moved and tidy up your leftovers.
Exit via Start Screen and start again, deleting old game before you load.
For more advice check www.elderscrolls.com.

Any major issues, email me at

xo.twilight.elliot.xo@gmail.com I will try to respond in a timely manner, but try to
solve the problem by reading the FAQ

AIM dyrtyrice
MSN brandonjboswell@hotmail.com


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