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Hk Factory Get There And Back But With Some Weird Glitches

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Posted 30 March 2006 - 08:06 AM

this sortof lets you beat the game in under 2 hours, but here it goes. go to pcgamemods get the defenders wrist console 1.9 under armbands(just copy every thing into the override dir, if you have trouble go to his forums, he is very helpful)and get the beat peragus in 15 min mod. once you have all that nifty stuff in yon override dir, start the game up duh!. beat peragus beat citadel station, on the surface of telos use the armband to add everyone into your party depending on if your male or female. in cluding the hk bot, then when you make it to the underground army base, beat it but do not leave. go to the bottom right corner of the map where it says sub level. then use the armband again in dev options , and open nearest door, ta-dah hk factory id near. go down there make sure you have hk in your party for some extra dialoge not meant to be seen. it even has "directors" notes on what should happen in a scene. any ways beat the first part of the hk level, shut down the power core go every where in the level but do not go down into the hk factory part until you have completed the level. all the computers will say the core is off and you can go down stairs but they didnt finish that part so you have to use the armband to unlock the door, and any blast door you come in contact with down there. kill all the hk 50-51s and listen to the cut out story, go every where do every thing you can then leave. now this is the weird part. if you dont have everyone in your party hk47 will talk but wont be present but if he is present, when you try to leave the sub level , it will trigger the invasion of telos citadel station. so make sure you have everyone in your party or the game will leave you stuck. after that you take on nhilus then kreia , the end. i suppose hk was going to have a mission where you were to go back to telos after leaving the first time but you cant go back once you leave. well have fun i know this is jumbled, sorry.

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Posted 30 March 2006 - 11:23 PM

Good job, but you can also teleport there with dak vesser's holo droid...

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