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How Do I Add Just Specific Single Mp Levels Into The Game?

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Posted 14 April 2006 - 11:34 PM

I have NMP and CXE on my copy of Halo on my hard drive. There is a few levels I would like to replace with something else, with a few levels from the single player and whatnot. I have the .map files I want to replace the current stuff with. Now, how do I do that? I tried just copying and pasting the .map files after renaming them to hangemhigh.map or what have you and they didn't work. Then, I also edited the third line in a hex editor to change them to the map name and did that. And it still didn't work. How do I do this?

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Posted 16 April 2006 - 06:54 AM

My guess is that the NMP maps are larger than the normal ones, which means the xbe has to be altered which disables SP. It won't be possible to have SP in an NMP xbe untill a more efficient method is discovered. As for playing SP maps in MP mode? Won't work.

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Posted 16 April 2006 - 07:27 PM

Thing is, I downloaded a different map pack that has some of the single player levels as multiplayer levels along with a few other maps that people created. THOSE are the.map files I'm referring to. And they worked just fine. I just want to know how to inject a SINGLE MP map into the game as opposed to running an auto installer that puts a whole map PACK on the game.

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 11:27 PM

ok, each .map file has not only the ****.map name.. but also has a certain files size and internal name that the XBE reads.. those SP maps that can be played in MP arn't the actually sp maps at all, they are whats called conversions. That's acheived by ( 1 meathod ) taking the SP maps BSP and editing it with 3dsmax or somthing and converted to .obj. and injected/replaces the multiplayer bsp that you choose. so then you have to set all the spawns, flags, mp flags, all that plus collisions, dependancies ( sp? ) and so on.. ANYWAY.. so what your going to have to do is this -

Ok so say you want a map called " XXX " replaced with a map " ZZZ "

you'll have to find what the internal name of xxx is, and it's files size, and it's physical file name.
and switch zzz to those settings for it to work. plus to make it right, you should also add the correct description and dxt pic. thats done through the UI.map.. If you really want to do this and you havn't understood what I have said so far, check some other places like halomaps.com or halomods.com

if you need further help, I can still help.. buttom line is though that like 343guilty said.. your going to probably have to hack the XBE for it to work properly.. because you can make a small map size big, but not a big map size small.. to do this without alot of help your going to need some type of halo modding backround.. it's not hard, but you need to know what your doing

note - I do this all the time because somtimes I don't like peoples packs so i add them together and what not.. and plus I also make my own packs jester.gif

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Posted 09 May 2006 - 06:40 AM

Go find the maps Hizlo made. SP to MP and then some.

Best maps ever to come out IMO. halomaps.com

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