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Spider 1.1 Xbox 1.6 Wont Boot To Cromwell Bios

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#1 Reignier


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Posted 15 April 2006 - 05:31 AM

Yes I know I am a newbie but I am very good at working on stuff like this scince I been working on/with computers for 10+ years..... OK I have the good ole blue light on...off...on...off.on problem when the spider is installed and turned on. The xbox works just fine with it turned off. I have read a million forums and faq with everything from a spider 1.1 has to be soldered on and the LPC modified in order for it to work, too just screw the spider on and put the wires in the holes and it should work. I actually have two spider chips and have tried both like 8 or 9 times each. I cannot get it to boot to the cromwell bios at all. PLEASE HELP!

I am offering 20 bucks(through paypal) to anyone that can give me either what I am doing wrong and help me correct it and make it work. Mind you if it doesnt work NO PAY, but the first person to post something here that will make it work will make me a very happy person. I do not have a soldering iron but do have someone that could do some minor stuff but I do not want to solder unless it is the ONLY way to get this to work. feel free to email me :


If anyone has actually been succesful at using the spiderchip 1.1 with an xbox 1.6 I would be very interested in how you got it to work so I can compare to my settup and see what I am doing wrong. Thanks!

Sincerely(very frustrated) Reignier.

#2 HackDaBox


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Posted 15 April 2006 - 07:10 AM

Hello there ...

Well i have helped many many people install their spiderchips but i believe i have added every bit of information i know to my website so people should be able to follow the details on my website with good results.

It's not that i dont want to help each and every person anymore but really there is no need , if people read and follow the instructions perfectly on my website then the chip will work unless damage had been done to the chip or motherboard during the install ( this applies to the original spiderchip V1.0 / V1.1 ) As the new Spider GX is alot harder to get to work and if you have a V1.0 / V1.1 or a V1.6 then forget it ( chances are you will never get it working properly so get a replacement chip like a X3 solderless or a Xenium Spice )

HackDaBox !

#3 chuma


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Posted 12 May 2006 - 05:44 PM

If you're sure that all the connections are correct, and it sounds like you are, then it sounds like you have a v1.6b with Samsung RAM chips. This RAM has different timing than other versions and it causes some BIOSes like Cromwell to FRAG the box as you described.

I had two v1.6b boxes and two SpiderChips to do back in January and had the exact same problem as you. You will need to do this:

- Borrow an UNMODIFIED Xbox that is v1.6 or older (use the versions images on xbox-scene to be sure).
- Prepare a flash CD-RW with EvoX M8 Plus v16 BIOS, use HackDaBox's instructions: http://www.hackdabox...p_flashing.html
- Install the SpiderChip in this older box.
- Boot the box and Cromwell BIOS should come up. Choose the flash option and insert the disc when prompted and close the tray. If it can read the CD you'll see a progress bar come up and the chip will be flashed. If the controller doesn't work, use an official controller or try re-plugging the controller with the box on the Cromwell BIOS screen.
- If the flash went well, when you restart the box the EvoX logo should come up in the UL corner.
- Great! Now take the chip out and re-install it in your v1.6b.

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