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Dead Rising Infos V.2

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Posted 18 April 2006 - 11:50 PM

This is also somewhat of a follow up from my other post, the main reason why i posted is i left out a few info, also it was so hard to read the other one you sometime read some usless stuff you didnt want to read. So this one is a more simple and has a layout atleast biggrin.gif

This is the gathers I gathered from the game and almost all the info of the game that is out as for now.
(This post was originally created for those who had so many repeated questions)

Release Date:
The game is coming April - June 2006, and this like an almost promised date.

Story Plot:
So you start out as Frank West, a photojournalist, hearing that there is zombie in the mall you go there to find out why. So as somewhat like a detective you go around helping the NPC’s in side quest to help you find out the mystery.

In the game health is done in a pretty simple but clever way. Obviously you get damaged when your hit ( you don’t turn into zombies ;( ) however, to heal your health its not as easy as Call of Duty 2 where you duck and cover and in a min your back to full health. You get to choose from around 50 items which you can eat. Also the items can go wrong so it is a good idea to cook them.
-Game Length,
This part is very unclear to me yet, but from what it really seems like its around a three hour game. Don’t get me wrong though it’s a three hour that you will enjoy but which you probably wont be able to finish the game. That’s what capcom is aiming for, this three hour is your replay value. Being such an open ended game with around 100 NPC’s/Side quest to help you out in your mystery.
In all this there is another report that the 72 hours in game is equal to 7.2 hours in real life. Don’t know which one is true hope its 7.2 hours though biggrin.gif
There is around 250 items from a lightsaber to a safety cone. Each items can do a lot of stuff like blind the enemy or cut them in half.
-Level Up
There is a PP bar under your health which tells you which point you will be leveling up. When you level up from what I know you can invest your stats on from jumping to aiming. There is around 7 attributes.
It seems like multiplayer is not announced and it probably will not be, but don’t hold my word for it. I wish there was.

Your Controller:
Up (D-pad): Use bare hands
Down (D-pad): Put down weapon
Left (D-pad): Check watch
Right (D-pad): Answer radio communication
LT: Toggle camera mode
LB: Switch items
RT: Aiming Mode
Y: Communicate
B: Check/Pick-Up
A: Jump
X: Attack (hold to perform different attacks)
Right analog: reset camera view
Left analog: move character
R3: reset camera position

Is there zombie remains…
No it was hard enough to get the 100 zombies in screen, and the graphic looks clean.

Dude this game is so not next gen, those zombies aren’t the best iv seen and they don’t even leave remains…
-Well if you notice the fact that there is around 100 zombie which never happen before in xbox nor ps2 this definitely is next gen. I believe the mass number of zombie truly makes this game interesting, and the fact it is somewhat opened but with a time limit.

Timer bad why did they do that…
-The reason they did that is to add the challenge to the game. And this is also a new way capcom is trying to make a replay value. They truly do not expect us to finish the game the first time through, and is thinking that we have to play it multiple time through to truly finish the game. I think the timer will add extremely hard achievement for the 360 which I’m looking forward to.

Would the mall itself be big enough…
I truly think the mall itself will be big enough. And it was annoced there is around 100 non zombie NPC’s which you get side quest from, that surely means something. It probably does mean that the mall is big enough. And if you think about it zombie slows you down from where your going, also almost everything in the mall itself is accessible to you unlike some overly sized games where half of it is just walking time.

Is this game only for xbox 360…
Yes for now it is an xbox 360 exclusive title which makes me feel good I have one biggrin.gif

So what I think:
I believe this game will great and I actually like how they made the whole game with a timer. Sure it would been better if they made it a lot bigger; however, I’m not sure if its possible due to the time, and in time wise I mean how much time the creators had this is definitely good. The 250 items and 50 food and 100 NPC’s truly amaze me. Especially the items, this game is going to be awesome.

Guys look into N3: Ninety-Nine Nights, Too Human, and Saint Row there also awesome xbox 360 exclusive titles.

Edition: Yes there are check points, you also have cloak and stuff but I believed they wearnt the most important stuff so left out. When I get more information ill make a new one biggrin.gif

All what I said may not be 100% correct, and please no not flame.

OMFG IM RETARDED I FORGET YOU COULD EDIT XD... sorry i was posting this for game FAQ and you really cant edit there... So jezz sorry guys. Got question how do you close your own thread... I want to keep this one going but close the old one i had... Will never make this mistake again...

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 03:42 AM


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Posted 19 April 2006 - 03:50 AM

wait can you even edit or delete post someone help me out lol..

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 03:58 AM

QUOTE(BoyScout @ Apr 19 2006, 03:57 AM) View Post

wait can you even edit or delete post someone help me out lol..

I think you have 15 minutes to edit but that doesnt mean start a new thread. just post in the original thread. seems like this site is going to shit. users fault.

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 04:28 AM

Meh no edit your making me sad now… Its always good to keep new stuff on front… Man jezz… They should really add edit…

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 04:33 AM

If i recall correctly it used to be available, then they made it available for the first 15 minutes of the post(BST section only) then they made it that way for the entire forum. Probably so people couldnt post stupid stuff the erase it to keep from getting caught.

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 04:39 AM

your gamers score is incredible... thats the highest iv seen. Trying to make the 10000 mark which is prety darn high biggrin.gif EA sports game here i come. Ok back on topic, meh but im trying to post some real stuff... XD my N3 topic and Dead Rising topic is like real good almost near facts for thoes people who are really hyped about them sad.gif. For your an awsome high rank maybe you should go ask biggrin.gif jk its ok. Dam dont want to really post new threads every few weeks or so... Becuase i already got v.3 out biggrin.gif it has more detial about this game meh...

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Posted 19 April 2006 - 10:13 AM

QUOTE(BoyScout @ Apr 19 2006, 12:35 PM) View Post

Its always good to keep new stuff on front…
Not so.
Man jezz… They should really add edit…

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