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Final Fantasy Xi

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Posted 02 May 2006 - 09:24 PM

I'm very suprised at some of the comments that I have read. I love this game and intend on playing it for a while. I bought the game on an impulse when the local EBGames didn't have any Oblivions left. I bought it, called up a friend only to find out that it was online only that required monthly payments. Okay, $13 dollars isn't that much a month... geez. I could make that much off of ** Do not post that site on XS **s in one week. But nah, I'm 16, might as well get a job. What a story to tell in the future. I got my first job just to pay for a video game. Anyways, I'm still in the free 30 day subscription on the Fenrir server. I played from last Friday might when I bought the game, all the way to this morning before the XBL Maintenance update. The game has a "Play Time" feature that informs the player how long he/she has played. Checking it before the XBL downtime, it said I have played for 1 day and 9 hours. I think I'm addicted... Anyways, I expected to see some good reviews and praise for the game, but didn't. I must think it's the best since I have never played an MMORPG before like this.

I only have one problem using the controller and not a USB keyboard... You can't type as fast. I don't mind that though; I can manage. I will probably buy a USB keyboard if I see one for cheap. The controls for the game, including the camera required some time to get used to since when set to normal, it feels inverted. My character is already a Level 13 Warrior and would be working on 14 right now if it weren't for the update.

I like the community on the server that I play on. People always seem to be talking and having fun. There have been a few situations where I would ask for someone to heal me, and be successful in saving my life. I have made a couple freinds already playing this game and have a "party" most of the time. That is another feature that I like. The "Party"-ing. If you can't get the job done yourself, the get some similar friends to help you out while sharing experience.

In closing, I must say that I do love playing this game.

EDIT- Oh yeah, I'm also hapy to see that it is not full of the same guys that have the same uniforms. I like the diversity that the players picked.

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Posted 01 August 2006 - 09:29 PM

Lately I've been confident in a Phantasy Star Universe purchase in the near future and paying 8$-ish a month to play online, but I've been thinking lately - if I'm gonna pay to play one game online, it may as well be a fully-fledged MMORPG for an extra few bucks. I've played PSO, and I couldn't see myself paying monthly for it. It's basically an instanced game, and I don't see why ST has to charge so much for a game that is run in seperate 6-player instances (less than COD2). It should be 5$ a month at most, since the only server-intensive thing going on in PSU is the lobby (cities with hundreds of players).

Anywho, I've been looking into FFXI. Not knowing anything about it for the 3 years it's been out, I starting reading about the different jobs, the battle system, the crafts, etc.

Still not 100%, though. I still gotta sort my debit card out so I can use it (thus pay for ffxi). I also gotta figure out where I can get a usb keyboard. Would they be at EbGames? I don't want to go out of my way to pick one up, since I like to keep things like 'extra gaming expenses' in the social-closet when it comes to my parents. Not that they wouldn't let me pay, but I just prefer they don't know I'm spending/doing so much just for gaming.

Anywho, I'm also getting a drumset for 1month for my birthday (my sister is renting it out for us smile.gif ), and enchant arm is coming out at the end of the summer (something I've been looking forward to). I may put eM on the waiting list IF I get my credit card sorted out by mid-august. If not, then FFXI is on my waiting list and I'll be playing Enchant Arm for a week or so.

That's another thing. Most of the games I've been getting are lasting a week or two. Now, my problem is, when I get a game, I make time to play it (or allocate my 'tv-time' to 'gaming-time' - same thing). When I get the casual every 2-4 month game purchase (I don't impulse buy 80$cdn products), I finish them in a week or whatnot. I am then left gameless for a month at least looking at what's coming out next or wasting time on forums (hello, everyone!! biggrin.gif ).

I think it's time for another quality time-wasting online game. The only games that have given me quality gaming that saved me money in the longrun were Socom2 and Diablo 2. What I mean is, they've kept me playing for so long that I haven't had to buy any other 80$cdn games to keep myself busy. With the amount I had to pay for socom2 (60$ for socom2 plus 75$ for online adapter) and diablo 2 (urm... nothing but a trip to my cousins house), I got tons of hours of gaming time. Yay for me!

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