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Flashing Issue - Not The Average Noob Question!

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Posted 28 April 2006 - 07:47 PM

Ok, so I had my xbit chip for quite some time now. Recently I decided to modify some hardware on my good ol' xbox 1.0, and had to remove the modchip to do that. No biggie I thought, I wanted to reflash it, and it was solderless attached anyway.

I followed this thread to the letter:

But it still won't connect, regardless whether I use 1.0 software or 1.5. In 1.0 I get the well known error, and in 1.5 I can just keep hitting connect while nothing happens. Tried it on 4 different machines, 2 xp and 2 win2000.

Why not use my old bios because it worked before?? Because I forgot which bank I flashed it in, and because I need a newer version for xbmc. (I completely forgot what is on it)

1)When entering the mini-usb while it is already connected to the pc, the green led lights up when I slide it in for the firsdt part, but the led lights down when I push it further in. Should it be this way? I have a feeling it should be green all the time. What could it be?
2)On all 4 machines the usb connection is recognised, but they all report it as a device without any drivers installed, something totally different than some generic HID I think. (like they talk about in this thread.) Probably related to 1).

I have the modchip outside the xbox right now.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to add, if you guys are gonna tell me that I screwed my modchip, fine, but do you have advice what is a good solderless solution to get now(which is available in european stores)?

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