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61pdt Switch Using Npn Transistors

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Posted 05 May 2006 - 08:57 PM

Im trying to make a 60 pin switch along with a bicoloured LED indicator. The reason why im making it is becuase I dont think 61PDT switches exist. I need some help with it. Im going to use NPN switching transistors to switch each pin on or off. If you are wondering why i need to do this take a look at my NES wip in my signature. I know its not xbox related, but In didnt know where else to turn.

Heres my circuit

The input for the LED is coming from the power assembly on the NES, and the input fr the transistors is coming directly from the power source (9v AC @ 1.3A). Each transistor is getting the collector from the pin on the NES mobo, and the emitter is going to a Wired in NES game. The point of this is to be able to hit a switch, have the LED go blue and have a built in game. (hopefully a flashable ROM cart).

Now with 60 transistors wired in parellell (can you even wire transistors from the base in a series?) will dvide the amaperage evenely if im not mistaken. Which will bring the amperage from 1.3A to about 2mA for each transistor.

My question here is 2mA enough current for a typical NPN switching transistor to "saturate" and allow full connection between each collecter/emitter? Also if there are NPN switching transistors that can do that and the limited amperage, Anyone know some serial numbers or sugestions?

Oh and one final thing. Do resitors limit amps in anyway or is just the volts the step down? Cant have 9v running to the base of the transistors or they will probably fry.

P.S. The diode is there because the current is AC and I dont want things getting dammaged.

Any help is apreciated. Sorry for the non xbox relatedness. cheers beerchug.gif

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