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Firearm Freedom Award, Melee Mayhem Award Help... Please...

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#1 BoyScout


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Posted 28 May 2006 - 01:25 AM

Hey i need help getting Firearm Freedom Award, and Melee Mayhem Award.

my question was can i just pick them up and exit the game? or do i have to beat the level which i pick them up for?

and for firearm freedom, do i have to shoot the gun also?

thanks thanks

and also is this all the list of items i need?

Chapter01 - Rebar Conrete,Conduit,2*4Nails,2*4Bolts,Fire Axe,Large Pipe,
********* Small Pipe,Rebar Bent

-Conduit: In the room after you lost your gun
-Rebar Bent: In a locker opposite of the fireaxe-door with the TV in it.
-Large Pipe: On a rack in the same room with the Rebar Bent.
-Rebar Concrete: In the last room of the chapter, sticking out of a pillar.

Chapter02 - Shovel,Rebar(straight),Crowbar,Mannequin arm
-Rebar: Check the bin near the flasks you need to investigate.
-Mannequin Arm: In a bin after you opened the 210 door with a sledgehammer. If
you missed it, Barts Department Store has em all over the place

Chapter03 - Sign
-Signs: Check walls for Signs

Chapter04 - Steam Pipe
-Steam Pipe: Your 1st or 2nd Encounter(crawlers) carries one. Or grab it from a
wall near the manhole with 2 crawlers coming out of.

Chapter05 - Clothes Rack
-Clothes Rack: An inch away from that mannequin head down in the basement.

Chapter06 - Locker Door
-Locker Door: At the start of this chapter, check for the yellow lockers that
can be found throughout chapter08, the school.

Chapter07 - Paper Cutter, Gaspipe, Desk Drawer, 2*4 burnt
-Desk Drawer: After Rosa found the Masterkey and you enter the office room, its
right in front of you when entering the room.
-Paper Cutter: Same room as the desk Drawer, on the far end.
-Gaspipe: Sure can be found in earlier chapters, thing is I can't remember
where. Probably Chapter04. Anyways: After you got the Intel about
the School(end of chapter), one of the guys attacking you holds one.
-2*4 Burnt: After falling down to the basement, check the walls for a burnt
piece of wood.

Chapter08 - Desktop, Handrail
-Desktop: Right at the start, check the childrens desks in the corridor.
-Handrail: On the wall next to the Bird you found in the boys' toilets.

Chapter 09 - Stick, Large Plank, Fireplace Poker
-Stick: Ninjas hold these. Finish the one in the attic off to get one.
-Large Plank: When you head down the stairs into the basement, at the end of
the stairs look on the workbench in front of you.
-Fireplace Poker: Around the fireplace in the living room.

Chapter 10 - 2*4 Fire


Man im kind of mad becuase it took a long time to beat the whole thing and etc, and i was following the item list; however, in the end i didnt get Firearm Freedom Award, and Melee Mayhem Award.

#2 deacon187


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Posted 28 May 2006 - 08:00 AM

far as i know, for maylee mehem you need to swing each weapon you pickup for it to register, and for fire arm freedom you need to shoot each firearm, doing that and quiting i honestly cant tell you if it will go through or not as i have no clue but you dont have to go through each level, the majority of the weapons can all be picked up in just a few levels with the exeption of a few

#3 BoyScout


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Posted 28 May 2006 - 10:33 PM

yes! Melee Mayhem completed!!!! WOOT WOOT Why didnt i get that fing handrail in the start... I had to re-do one of the scariest mission XD

like 6-9 are scary... i donnot i think thoes were the most scariest.. The least is 10... That one seemed like some action game... with all thoes ninjas...

so for Firearm Freedom Award i have to just fire the gun and finish the game right..

yea you have to finish game for the record to be saved... biggrin.gif

thanks thanks i have to re-do mission 10 becuase i didnt shoot the rifle! whoot im almost there biggrin.gif thanks deacon187

#4 bigballer101


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Posted 28 May 2006 - 10:44 PM

goodjob nicemake sure u killskx and dont killhim eas acchievement

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