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Netgear Sc101

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#1 kics


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Posted 31 May 2006 - 08:35 PM

HI.... i recently upgraded my network with a Netgear SC101 network central.... for the NAS to work it has to install some stuff in a windows xp or 2000 OS .... i already have it up and running sharing a 250GB drive with two computers .... is not as fast as i thought but anyways ... a computer without the software is unable to see the drive

i tried to see the folders in the drive but via the XBMC (smb) workgroup didnt find it... so i went back to my computer and shared the folder inside the NAS ... now XBMC found it ... but my computer has to be pluged in the net too to the xmbc to see the folder

is it posible to write a script or someting for the xbmc to see the NAS .... i was thinking to put a direct link

example in the computer: \\192.168.X.X <--- that's the device IP for the NAS but it didn't work

has anyone tried this yet ??? the only way to the xbmc to see the drive is to have the folder shared via a computer in the network that already has the NAS software ...

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Posted 31 May 2006 - 08:50 PM

Edit - I didnt read everything.

I personally think you should go back and return the thing, because thats awful that it has to have SW installed to be able to see it. FreeNas will work with xbmc but that means you need to have a computer setup instead (which is what I guess you dont want to do).

I guess the only way that I can think of is what you did with the sharing of the nas in a shared folder on your comp.

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#3 james1987


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Posted 31 May 2006 - 10:50 PM

Hi, theres not a great deal of info around on NAS solutions that work with the xbox but ill give you my setup and hopefuly it'll help -

-Netgear Wireless Router (G)
-Linksys NSLU2 (mini linux smb file server in a tiny box, 'bout 30)
-300Gb External HDD
-2x Wirelessly connected Xbox's runnin EVOX and XBMC

Ive got my pc on the network too but that aint NAS. Ill be honest the the thing crashes a bit and it doesnt run as fast as a pc, but it does the job. If I were you, I'd return the SC101, theres no way you'll connect it to your xbox directly, you can use ur pc like you've said but that defeats the whole point of getting it and besides, it runs a custom file format so if it were to break, you'd have to buy a replacement just to get your data back. You can plug up to two HDD's into ur NSLU2 anyway.

(note- mine may just be crashing because ive got it streaming files from an NTFS hdd when it should be using an EXT3 drive)


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Posted 31 May 2006 - 11:08 PM

i think i'll keep it, the whole thing about the xbox is just some times... i barely have time to watch any movie or play .... so the main reason i have the NAS is because my desktop was crashing a lot... last time it crashed the media hdd that i had went paperweight .... so, its mainly to have my mp3/videos shared with my bro's computer (and to avoid loosing 5 years of mp3's )

and anyways... he has his xbx conected to the computer via X-cable so when browsing the network he can see the shared NAS too (if it was without the sharing folder method he couldnt browse the network via the xbx )

... i cant wire his computer because its too dificult and to far ... so he uses wireless and the share option too to see his vids via the xbox

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