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I Have Figured It Out!

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#1 ja_red85


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Posted 01 June 2006 - 01:14 AM

Ok.. After hours of confusion and frustration I finally got my SpiderGx Chip to Work...
I am now able to boot into evox and run apps. Here are a few steps to try...

1. First if you are using the solderless method and you cant get it to work you can basically toss out that do pin adapter. What I had to do is cut the thin wire from the adapter and solder a wire to it and the lil do connector next to where the adapter would plug in on the chip.. By doing this i was able to boot the SpiderGx OS.

2. In order to flash the bios I used the Web OS. It is very simple to do this once you get the spider running. The bios that I used is the x2 5032. I flashed this bios the the third bank. Once the flash is complete, you need to turn off the xbox and change the memory bank pins to 1-off, 2-on, 3-off, 4-on. This will select your bank 3.
(If you are not able to get the spider os to boot try sellecting 1-on, 2-on, 3-off, 4-off, in order to boot the saftey.

3. Once you get the flash in you might run across a problem where the bios loads and either you get a blank screen or the original dashboard loads, dont panic, what u need to do is get the spiderreflashcd.rar from xbins and burn the contents to a cd. Once you do this put it in you xbox and turn it on.. When you turn it on it should say Executer live config...... Once you see this hold down the black button on your controller until the cd boots.(It might take a few times to get it right, keep trying) It should bring you into the evox dash that is on the cd. From here you can ftp to your computer.

4. When you ftp to you computer there are a few things you need to do... In order for the chip to boot any dashboard like evox for example the spider chip needs to think it is booting the orig dashboard. So what I did was i changed the name of the evox dashboard to xboxdash.xbe and copied both it and the evox.ini to the xbox hd replacing the orig dashboard.(make sure when you ftp to backup your files from the hd to you computer before doing anything else...) I then rebooted the xbox and was able to load up to evox and run apps... ect.....

If there are ne more questions please keep this post going.....


#2 nicholas21


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Posted 08 June 2006 - 07:28 PM

I can't get my spider gx to flash.. what kind of disk did you use to flash it?

#3 ja_red85


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Posted 10 July 2006 - 06:53 AM

I didn't use a disk... I used the Web Program on the chip... I started the program on the chip then used Internet explorer and opened the ip address that the xbox was assigned to and was able to install the bios from there...



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Posted 19 July 2006 - 03:41 AM

i can't find spiderreflashcd.rar on xbins anymore. I flashed the bios but I keep getting the OS screen. when i choose the reboot option from the spider os it reboots then flashes to a blank screen.

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