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Amazing Unknown Guiatrist.

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#1 V00D00777


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Posted 12 June 2006 - 02:04 AM

some of you will bash this forum because you think he is a fake. trust me he is not. look at his picking and his finger-placement. it's perfect. so if he is faking it he could do it in real ife any way. also for the fact that he is playing very fast. that doesn't matter. his bounce and his rhythm is perfect. he is also very precise in his fingering. any way here he is in all of his glory.

crazy guiatrist.

#2 netdevil69


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Posted 12 June 2006 - 11:42 AM

Well, i know who it is...


I'd seen it before, and yes, it realy is him playing it.

#3 BrutalDeathRaver


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Posted 02 July 2006 - 04:28 AM

that guy isn't famous because he's not very good.

#4 FreakSho


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Posted 21 July 2006 - 06:00 PM

best guitarist to this point, mr yngwie malmsteen see for yourself and if anyone plays guitar and knows what Arpeggios are, this guy is the master at Arpeggios....Arpeggios From Hell

#5 thewickedjester


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Posted 22 July 2006 - 01:16 AM

The best guitarists are the ones you meet in the local pawn shops and guitar stores...

I learned long ago that the people that play for a living do their job well, but people that truly play with passion and caring for what they play, usually dont do such for money...

#6 dan_plus_o


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Posted 25 July 2006 - 01:52 AM

That is not jerryC.

The song is by jerryC, but that not JerryC

I have seen this kid play in other videos (on youtube) where you see his face and he is not JerryC.

And this guy is know... Just look at the comments on this video. 14557 total

There are also multiple videos (the same) on youtube and they also have a bunch of comments.

Check out this video. This guy is a cool guy. [joke]It isn't speed up he is really playing it that fast.......[/joke]

smile.gif Obviously it is speed up.

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Posted 28 July 2006 - 02:19 PM

after seeing yingvie live, Eric Johnson, Dream Theater (John Petrucci), Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani, i will safely say Joe Satriani is by far the most talented guitarist because unlike yingvie who excels at one or two t things: shredding and arpeggios; Steve vai: speed & bends; Joe Satriani excels at all those things plus he will make a song with a held back guitar, (echo), or he will write a speedy groovy song like Satch Boogie but follow it with a beautiful Always with me, Always with you. He also explores new sounds and continuously trys out new styles of guitar playing much like his more recent endevers: "Searching" anyone??? When you loook at Vai what did he do? he decided to keep his same style of guitar since the days of zappa but instead add his own voice for vocals to get a fresh feeling for fans to hopefully enjoy. I think that versitility and a good ear are key in a guitarist because with guitarists like these, they aren't just players they are composers, and i feel safe to say this that while Yingvie can compose an orchastrial guitar shredding album he definatley has no ability to write beatiful slow songs like satch. The closest guitarist vitruoso i see to satch is Petrucci. However, petrucci is dream theater and will always be.

by the way if you dont believe that satch is an all around better composer and writer, then think about this: all these guitarists (besides vai) studied with teachers of guitar. Satch on the other hand studied with a jazz guitarist but quickly after that studied for the frest of his days with reclusive jazz pianist Lennie Tristano. P.S. Satriani taught Steve Vai.....

oh and just incase anyone wants to know, after meeting Yingvie during a talk at berkley auditorium in boston, he was such a piece of shit. check out the vid on the net with a confrentation between him and dimebag darrel when dimebag offered him a doughnut.... what a prick.

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