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#211 Pure_Funk


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Posted 18 October 2006 - 09:00 PM

ORDER DATE: Wed 04 Oct 2006 02:04:25 AM CEST

As you can see I ordered my x360 USB from Divineo on October 4th. I then received information that my order was shipped on October 6th. I was a little worried from the comments i had read about the shop. I did not recieve a tracking number because i used register air mail. Then on October 17th i received my x360 usb in good condition. Only the box was a little bent. Overall a good experience with Divineo.

#212 midustouch


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Posted 22 October 2006 - 05:58 AM

Forget divineo.com, I made an order on in June (My 2nd order) and have yet to receive anything nor the promised refund. My order number is US1348215.

For the record, prior to this, I did order from them. They promised REGISTERED AIRMAIL but the item arrived in my mailbox, no signature was required. If I'm not wrong, if an item is registered, you will have to sign for it on receipt. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Have written over 45 emails to them, called them up several times and NEVER got to speak to a human, left numerous voicemail. I'm calling from Singapore so the cost isn't cheap.

They don't care about their customers.

If you order MAKE SURE you use a credit card or paypal.


Horrible company. Will never order from them again.

I can be contacted if you are in the same position and need more people to bring them into line. I have a gmail account and have the whole saga if anyone should require it.

Bottom line. Issue not resolved. Horrible attitude. Definately be very careful dealing with them.

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 03:09 AM

i ordered my xenium gold universal solderless adapter, and got a broken one, i mailed divineo from monday, and got no response.


i need a reply for them if i resend them the package! i need a replacement

#214 camintmier


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Posted 19 November 2006 - 07:36 AM

Really wish I would have seen this thread before I ordered...

Order date: Thu 16 Nov 2006 08:29:37pm CET
Order #: US1519571

1 dd-xb-smart3 "Smart XX V3.0 SLE"
1 dd-xb-gens116 "Generic Solderless Adapter v"

Shipping method: Registered Air Mail
Shipping to: Romney, Wv, USA
Payment Method: US Post Office International Money Order

This is my first time ordering with Divineo (US) and I honestly hope I won't have a bad experience. Both items (as of this post date) are shown on their site to have 24hr shipping. Pretty sure they haven't gotten my letter with the money order in it yet, as I sent it on the day of the order from the post office. They should get it Monday, Tuesday at the latest.


I looked online at their website, and it seems that Divineo (US) is actually a company named VirtuaTransit inc. Whether this information is accurate or not, I dunno, but it does come off the Divineo.com website...

VirtuaTransit inc. is a Third Party Logistic company that foward sales, prepare packages and ship all orders.
VirtuaTransit inc. offer only services.

Sales are made by:
- Dev Depot inc.
- ZzRd inc.
- Others companies.

Details of the selling companies are shown in invoices.
Note: I fixed 2 spelling errors inside that quote...

Oh, and for people asking for their phone #, the page I linked to shows it as +(778)786-1483. I haven't called it, so I dunno if it's accurate or not.

Hopefully that info helps someone.

Later, ph34r.gif

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Posted 22 November 2006 - 02:16 AM

Diveno.com (US)
ORDER DATE: Mon 20 Nov 2006 05:55:49 AM CET

I ordered a couple of items for X360. I received them the next day via FedEx, cost $29 for shipping though. I've ordered from Diveno.com several times prior, though this is the 1st time I'm leaving feedback for them. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

#216 insanenerd


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Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:26 AM

ORDER DATE: Fri 01 Dec 2006 07:28:29 PM CET

Very disappointing company. I purchased an NME-360 that the website claimed shipped within 24 hours. I also opted for the fastest delivery option they offered. 5 Days went by with NO tracking number, so I emailed them about it. Customer service sent a generic email stating the item was out of stock. I replied and told them to ship a similar item that was currently in stock. Waited two days with no word from them. Finally I emailed them saying I wanted the status of my order or I was filing a chargeback by midnight. They immediately emailed me back saying the order had been canceled and my money would be refunded IN TWO WEEKS.

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Posted 14 December 2006 - 06:35 PM

ORDER DATE: Wed 13 Dec 2006 07:42:32 PM CET

I had ordered my chips through Divineo.cn yesterday, and today i got my shipping info and tracking number! according to UPS, they said the delivery date is 12/15/06, which is tomorrow! they answered all my emails thus far and in a hurry at that. So far i am very pleased with Divineo.

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Posted 11 February 2007 - 04:41 AM


ORDER DATE: Wed 07 Feb 2007 05:28:51 PM CET

I recently placed an order for a crystal clear xbox case and Xecuter IR mod w/ USB kit.

I received an email promptly and the order arrived very quickly 10:30AM the morning after the email.

Both products were in perfect condition and everything I ordered was included.

#219 lienjie1


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Posted 06 March 2007 - 03:44 PM

First let me say that I have ordered from divineo a few times in the past with satisfactory results. I always used one of the more speedy shipping options and things arrived undamaged and timely.
The most recent order I placed with them: ORDER DATE: Thu 28 Dec 2006 09:25:53 PM CET
ORDER NUMBER: US1583473 - 1 dd-360-xusb X360 USB with Connectivity Kit - $49.99, $58.48 after registered air-mail shipping.... has yet to arrive.
An email was sent on the 25th of jan. to which they responded the next day by saying:
Your order is sent. There is no online tracking for this kind of
Delay for this courier service (air mail) is 1 to 7 weeks. (~2-4 weeks
for usa, most of the time, IF there's not delay at the custom)
For your information, the package is sent from the east coast of
After 7 weeks, we can ask CanadaPost to trace the package, if you had
no sight of it...


Assistant Manager

At about the 7 week mark, I sent an email requesting that they have canadapost track the package and more than a week later, no response to that email and the subsequent phone call I made at the end of last week. Right now I'm pretty pissed, because if I had known that air-mail could take so long I would've spent the extra dough for a faster shipping option. But now that I know how shoddy their customer support ( or lack there-of) I just wanna call the whole thing off and have credit card refunded(if possible), and order elsewhere.
Bottom line, it seems is if you spend the extra for faster shipping you get better service. Case in point: I placed an order 4 to 5 days before X-mas, realized it was wrong(but not before the end of the business day) and asked to have an item in the order replaced. In a rather quick response(same day) they cancelled the order but said I would have to place another, which I did and it came before X-mas, no problem. If this is the case then Divineo should be ashamed! It's obvious that a item with a faster shipping cost is something of a priority, but it's not like they profit from the extra cost of shipping(..or do they), so why the seeming disparity in customer service?
At this point, I just wanna say: Divineo, KICK ROCKS! YOU SUCK THE BIG ONE!!

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Posted 19 March 2007 - 03:12 AM

I have a bit of mixed feelings about divineo.net

Order No: CN0646431

I ordered the Xeno FX chip from the Chinese division of divineo. At first they were great to be in contact with. When i placed the order the debit card statement wasn't coming out right, and they quickly corrected it and shipped my chip out.

About a week later I received the chip (4032) in working condition and was very pleased, but here is where is gets bad. On the divineo site it specifically states:
- 4-bit parallel LCD interface
- Onboard trim pot for LCD brightness

And other sites as well have claimed this. However after spending about 6 hours+ finding pinouts and rewiring my XLCD to work on this chip, to then find out on another website that the (4032) (the version divineo is selling and claiming having LCD support) really does NOT have lcd support, and that the 4064 version does, hence the reason to spend the extra dollars and get the 4064 version.

I'm not mad about the fact that divineo sold me a 4032 claiming it does have LCD support (I've seen several other sites as well state this) I am just more agitated that they refuse to answer any of my emails about the situation and take care of it like a good business should. I would be much more satisfied if divineo acknowledged that they were WRONG and that they were advertising false claims for this chip

Anyway theres my experience, I'm not ordering from this company again, until they man up and answer my emails and or questions.


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