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Posted 19 June 2006 - 09:12 AM

Discussion on making A Legal Backup of a game you own (Laws in some countires vary)
Methods and Equipment used in the creation of the BackUp, including software used.
Media discussion including method and hardware used in the ripping or burning process.
All talk must be relevant to making your own backup of your own original game.

Any talk of making multiple backups from other backups (no cute excuses like , its for the neighbour/friend who legally owns the copy). If your backup is damaged re-rip the original having disposed of the damaged one. You are legally (in most places not all) allowed one back up of a game you legally own. The staff here are only too well aware of why people want to make multiple backups and its not for legal reasons so it stays away from the posts in here.
Any Talk of downloading games from the internet, newsgroups or any other illegal source. Any talk of downloading SS (copyright ) from the same. Don't spout the old crap I own the game so I can legally download. NO You can not and more to the point don't discuss downloads here, if you wish to keep your account
Files requests of any type. (Legal software can be easily found using google or other internet search engines)
Posting or requesting SS files including supplying links to sites with SS files. Security sectors are part of copyright code so don't plan on using the forums as a distribution centre for them. If you got them from the net or wherever we don't want to know on here.
Any links to lists of Warez including NFO sites.
Admitting, Promoting or Endorsing Piracy including assisting a pirate.
If someone admits to being a pirate in the post, DO NOT offer anyhelp at all. The correct thing is to report the post or PM a mod to bring attention to the thread.
Assisting a pirate by offering any type of helpful info at all will result in account restrictions for the helper as well.

Do not make any posts enquiring about playing backups on Xbox Live. Posts will be shut down and users posting privs removed for posting questions on this. If you want to know about playing backups on live , don't post it here or anywhere on XS. You use original games on live only.
Straight from HSDEMONZ
If it's clear that people are asking for help getting backups working on LIVE... then XS staff are instructed to shut it down. We aren't here to help people violate their TOS on LIVE.

Stick to the above and you will find a wealth of help and information.
Break the rules and this information, or any other will no longer be available to you and you will join the ranks of XS-BANNED

Edited by Chancer, 11 August 2006 - 11:42 AM.

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