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Backup Faq - Everything You Need To Know

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 08:18 PM

Excellent Info on Media / Burners (please read before posting related questions) :

D/l Media Manufacturer And Compatibility Thread, Updated as of 1/8/07 - please read before asking question about which media to use.
Pioneer 116 - Key Elements For X360 Use (and the previous Pioneer 111, 112, 115)
Best Deals on Verbatim +r Dl

Samsung Drive Compatability Thread
Hitatchi Drive Compatability Thread

General Guides :

Hacking the 360 for dummies (textbook.pdf) (includes XBC and IMG burn tutorials)
Geebees Guide Version 40 (.doc Download)

XBOX 360 Backups:

Please see soso's sticky thread for best / preferred method
"1 Click Copy" For Xbox Backup Creator, Use XBC AutoCopy to easily copy an Xbox360 Game
Tutorial On Making Backup With Xbc / Imgburn, (and about stealth verification)
Guide to extracting Security Sectors and burning Game image by a9h3x
Gael360's[Full Xbox360 Game Raw Dump, without modified firmware
Metaphaze's Guide For Backing Up Xbox 360 Games for Hitatchi users (using wxripper)

XBOX 360 Backup Programs:

XBC 2.6 !
Schtrom 3.2 !

XBOX 1 Backups :

How To Make Single Layer Xbox1 Backups
Making Your Own Xbox 1 Backups That Work On The Xbox 360 by Textbook

Backup Related:

How To Quickly Verify A Burn: Layerbreak, Booktype, Compared to Image...
Unlocking samsung drive with VIA chipset (dvdinfo errors out with custom command)
Games Sizes And # Of Folders / Files and Wxripper DB numbers
DVD Drive database by lot number / date / team
Hitachi Lg Media Compatability Thread
Sh-d162c Flashguide


What is Stealth media?

From Firmware FAQ:

Guides to Make Raws Dumps,Copy SS and Burn Image
Guide to Extracting Security Sectors, Game Images, and Burning Game Backups
Backing up, Modifying & Flashing the TSH943 Drive & How to Create Game Backups Of Games You Own
Step By Step Tutorial For Flashing TSH943 Firmware & Backups (with MANY pics)
Using Imgburn/dvd Decrypter To Burn Backups, Updated Guide and Tool to "fix" Bad Images
Using Dvd Decrypter To Burn Backups, For those that hate/cant use Clone CD
Burning Backups in Mac OS X

*everything doesnt mean "everything". just everything myself, and others have contributed as far as links/info.

070707 edit: (!) added links from soso's post for better cohesion.

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Posted 29 January 2007 - 06:53 PM

We will keep here information of various subjects that do not fit in ILLusions0fGrander FAQ and that are asked often in this forum.
Backup and media stealth (DMI, PFI, Video partition, samsung SS) and how to check: After you extracted your image with XBCreator or Schtrom, you can check the stealth in XBC ( see this post ).
  • How to test a burned DVD (TUTORIAL): If some of the components are missing or in the event that you are unsure how you built that backup, we suggest to redo it from the original with a samsung /Benq drive(Fw xtreme800)**/Kreon drive.
  • Using Wxripper and a hitachi drive: Not recommended anymore. The SS extracted with Hitachi drive should not be used because easier to detect. You should still need to extract your SS with a Samsung / Benq /Kreon Drive using XBCreator/Schtrom. You would then be able to do a "Complete backup" so no point in extracting separate pieces and merging.

  • How to extract an image from a backup: NO image extraction from a backup. We do not care what the cute reason is, we heard them all and it is no.
  • How to merge additional stealth components in an existing image. Redo them from the originals.
**The lastest iXtreme Samsung FW / Benq FW will not allow you to rip (extract) games with any software (XBCreator, schtrom, IsoBuster...). You will need to reflash Xtreme800 or acquire a Sh-D162C(ide)/SH-D163A(sata) for your PC in order to backup games.

QUOTE( SPLITVID Explained @ starting with XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3)

Video Partition On your original disc you have a small dvd partition that will show the famous message 'to play this disc put it in a Xbox 360'. It is what you will see if you put a game in your PC or if you have the wrong key in your modded X360. That small partition on an original disc is in fact divided between layer 0 and layer 1 of the dual layer disc.
Before Splitvid: Splitvid is in fact an adapted version of the traditional Xtreme format used up to XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3. The traditional Xtreme format backup have both part of the video partition on layer 0. Current hacked firmware will manage the request for the video partition sector of layer 1 such that they appear as being in their right place even if in fact recovered from layer 0 (thks to C4Eva). As a result, if the disk is queried for the various sectors, they appear at their proper place.
Splitvid: The new splitvid format respects the format of an original disc by having the video partition on layer 1 as per the original. It also maintain a copy of the layer 1 video partition on layer 0 such that it respect the traditional Xtreme format. Both format are included so you lose nothing by using it.
Current Hacked Firmware: None of the hacked firmware (including iXtreme 1.2) currently used the splitvid format so it is not required at this point. When queried for the sectors of layer 1, the firmware gets it on layer 0 thus making it transparent outside the DVD drive where the sector really is.
About The Future: No speculation plse, will the firmware eventually use the video partition from layer 1 as per original disc ? no way to know!!! Since the remapping of the sectors makes this transparent it does not seem to make a big difference. It does not hurt to have the splitvid in your backups if it ever gets implemented in the firmware then you will be ready (remember everyone currently redoing their backup with stealth wink.gif )
Detection: Now as per the pinned topics, no one knows what MS will next try or can detect or not.
This thread is not to be turned into a speculation debate as it happened on this subject previously (i'll be watching biggrin.gif )

Do not request: Will I be banned by MS... , Is the UPDATE to game X going to cause problems like my backup will stop playing. All important issues on ban/resulting from an update will at XS front page, in the pinned threads and discussed already (search plse).
  • Start of ban as of may 2007: No point in opening thread on how to avoid it, or on theories and speculations, when more info is available it will be posted. In the mean time read the existing thread where all the known info is already discussed.
    Apparently, this first ban sequence by MS targeted the user with following profile:
    • Non stealth solution: Backup not having all stealth components or running a stealth backup on a firmware not supporting such feature (samsung before Xtreme 3 and all Hitachi Xtreme ), and
    • Connected to live, even if not playing on live.
    Thus, if your console was connected to Live while you were using a non-stealth solution then you are at risk.
    Have I been caught by MS? we do not know
    If I changed to iXtreme after, will I be caught? we do not know
    ... , we do not know
    WE DO NOT KNOW MORE than non-stealth and connected to Live was the likely basis of detection. Again, no point in asking the same old question, or at the very least keep it in Newbie Chat after doing the most research possible.

    What will the future be? will MS pursue further the detection of backups? will they start detecting the firmware itself? will they detect spoof drive? will they detect offline are report when you connect? ...
    Obviously no way for anyone to answer your questions on that since only MS knows what they have coming for us.

    What can I do now if I am not ban? Best solution based on the info currently available (no guarantee in any way) is to use for your Samsung and Hitachi the lastest iXtreme firmware listed in Releases, Tuturial And Guides with properly made backup (offline only) and your original (if online). You can verify your backup is properly made in Tutorial On Making Backup With Xbc / Imgburn, (and about stealth verification)

New versions of XBCreator and Schtrom see first post ^^

The only PC DVD-ROM models the can be used with Kreon FW to rip entire games (including SS, DMI, PFI,Video and game partitions) with XBCreator (or Schtrom) are: IDE = SH-D162C and TS-H352C; SATA =SH-D163A and TS-H353A NEW Drive **SH-D162D**
And every letter in the designation is important (i.e. SH-D162A is not good)

Do no ask will this burner work? With the latest firmware for both Hitachi and Samsung drive, the burner compatibility is not an issue anymore. Issues are usually the results of media (other than verbatim), defective burner or other PC related problems.
Here is what you can do:
  • Google your burner name and model and the word specifications like this: pioneer 111 specifications. You can then verify if it supports DVD +R DL. Some of the very old burner supporting only 2.4x on DVD +R DL may have a problem as they are likely from the very first generation of DL burner. Only trying them will confirm. Do not ask us to google for you wink.gif
  • Upgrade your burner firmware to the latest version on the manufacturer site or at RPC1 site.
Should your burner support DVD+R DL and has an updated firmware there is not much more to do than try it, so no need to ask.

You can always verify the compatibility threads to see how other members did with the same burner. You obviously have to place that information back in context, that a different firmware may have been used, different media... so in fact at this point if your burner supports DVD +R DL and you use good media, it should work, and again only trying it will tell.


Do not request for software and/or firmware to support your backup activities before you look at this Findind Software For The X360 and give a look at the Software/PC Tools and Utilities section.

Booktype setting to DVD-ROM is no longer required with the latest firmware (since Hitachi Xtreme v2.2s+ and Samsung Xtreme v3.1+). It does not hurt to have it smile.gif , but should not make a difference if you used good media and that it is burn well.

The single layer backups are currently (june 2007) not supported anymore with the latest FW. In the past, it was only feasible for Samsung TS-H943 drives (FW 5.0 to 5.3). It was also only possbile for Xbox 1 games. Currently the best tool for this task is XDVDMulleter.

It was mentionned in a thread recently (and in some indutry sites including verbatim-outsources-double-layer-dvd-production-to-india ), it seems Verbatim will start outsourcing part of his DVD +R DL production to MBI (Moser Baer India). You should start seeing these on the shelves end of Q1 or early Q2 2007. The current unconfirmed news are that they will continue to produce at their Singapore facilities as well. No word yet whether the production of the respective facilities will be assigned by region or not. It would be good to start looking at the label and hope to find the "Made in Singapore" wink.gif .


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