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The Great Xbox Emulation Answer Thread

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Posted 24 June 2006 - 07:46 PM

The Great Xbox emulation answer thread V2.1
Contains links to all important threads.
Contains answers to important questions.

Before we begin, let me remind you that the Xbox runs on FatX,
This means that it will not accept long filenames like Windows XP does,
so when your roms or movies or whatever wont transfer with FTP, then yes
your filename might be too long or contain illegal characters.

The filename may not be longer then 42 chars and " ' * $#@!?>< must not be in your filename,
the xbox will not recognize these chars and the file will not transfer.


the Beginners Guide To Xbox Emulation
New to emulation? Read this first!

Best Emulators For Xbox
Dont know which emulator to use? read this.

The Official Emulation Forums Spam Thread
Where we bullshit about lotsa stuff.

Where do i download the emulators?
Guide to Using Xbins.

Where do i get the roms?
Best site ever, dont ever ask where to get roms in this forum or you will be banned.

The Official Xmugen Faq Thread
Although not really emulation related, news about Xmugen was posted here in the Emulators forum first and this has been its home ever since.

Emulator Compatibility Threads.

(by deathx88)

(by kaioshade)

DosBox List
(by deathx88)

Dos/windows Gaming Compatibility List
Includes methods other than just DosBox (e.g. xdsl w/ winex)
(by sili)

Surreal64 List
(by deathx88)

PJ64-X List
(by LumbraX)

UltraHLE Compatibility List
Tutorial is for the pc version but should be mostly the same for xbox.
(by Smiff)

MAME-X B6 List
(By Enkak)

Various FAQS, Guides, and Help Threads

How To Enable Save Games In Pokemon, Dbz, And Others
For XBox Advance
(by SC10-E)

Recommended Screen Resolution Settings for Various Emulators.
For people who want their classic games to be as close to pixel perfect compared to the original systems as possible when using the XBox emulators.
(by Cospefogo)

Fba-xxx Launching Roms Directly From Xbmc, A Tutorial using bookmarks and .cut files
A tutorial on using .cut file for launching specific ROMS directly from the XBMC dashboard. This thread also spawned a lot of great wide icon artwork for XBMC (see the next link below for the wide icon archive).
(by Ebsy)

Wide XBMC Icons for Emulators and Specific Other Games
An archive of wide format icons for the XBMC dashboard. A lot of great work by Ebsy, Cospefogo, and others.
(by Cospefogo)

Official Surreal 64 Help Thread
(by Iriez)

Final Fantasy games settings for PCSXBOX.
(by obsidian7447)

Relax Tutorial for Xport Emulators.
(by Hargle)

How to use Netplay with Xport emulators.
(by CandieCorpse)

How To Get Epsxe Working On The Xbox Using Xdsl.
(by DarkCloud12X)

How to change filename extensions?
Tutorial for *.smc extension, also works for every other extension.
(by VampX)

How To Properly Rename Your Console Roms with GoodGui.
(by VampX)

Zsnexbox FAQ
(by nes6502)

How to port applications to the xbox.
(by nes6502)

Tutorial For Converting KI Chd Files To Img Files
(by XBoxgeek)


General Questions

Q : My emulator does not contain an xbe, i just see alot of src stuff
A : You downloaded the sourcecode and not the compiled emulator, go back to xbins and get the right one.

Q : I dont like Irc and FTP programs, is there another way to get xbox emulators/apps??
A : Yes start googling and hope for the best, But while you are busy googling for the latest release
i will already have downloaded what you are searching for from Xbins and installed it on my xbox.

Q : I downloaded too much from Xbins and now i'm banned!!
A : Oh you dumbass! did you not you read the warning about not downloading too many files?
anyway you'll be unbanned in a day or so.

Q : i'm trying to load a game but i allready setup the game's loading options, now i cant change it anymore.
A : Highlight the rom and instead of pressing (A) to select it, press (X)
this will bring up the game's configuration menu again, From there you can change the game's loading options.

Q : Where can i get screenshots, box cover scans, cheat codes, key configuration files, tools, utilities and icons?
A : At the Xbox Emulator Repository ofcourse!

Q : Where can i download skins for my xport emulators?
A : http://www.xbox-skins.net & http://www.allxboxskins.com

Q : How to make a Bootable Emulators Disc.
A : 1. unzip the emulator you got into a dir.
2. Aquire Qwix here or here.
3. Open QWIX and select Create iso
3b. make sure that the main xbe is called Default.xbe
3c. If you are making a bootable disc configure your ini and set the rom path and your media path
to the "R" drive, as in R:\roms and R:\media
4. Where it says source, click on local folder then press the button with the 3 dots.
5. Select your Emulator folder wherever its located on your PC, then press OK.
6. Click on create ISO.
7. Now burn it so its compatible on your XBOX. "Flips" guide on how to burn xisos using Nero.

General Rom Questions

Q : I got some roms but they wont play, the extension is 7z
A : 7z means they are zipped with the program 7zip, most emulators do not support this way of compression,
unzip them with the 7zip program http://7zip.org then rezip them with normal zip.

Q : What do all these (U) and (!) symbols mean?
A : that means your roms are renamed with the goodtools, Here's what they all mean.

Q : Are there special Xbox roms for Snes/Genesis/Gba/etc?
A : No, all roms are the same.


Playstation Questions

Q : The emulator is asking me for Scph1001.bin
A : That's the Psx Bios, google for it and put it in the Pcsxbox Bios dir.

Q : Final Fantasy 7/8/9 dont work!!!
A : Check the Final Fantasy game settings thread, its listed in the FAQ part of this thread.

Q : I downloaded a psx game
A : Shame on you!!!

Q : Hello i eh.. saved my psx cd to a file but it turned out to be an mdf file,
i since then lost my psx cd, so how can i convert this file to something that pcsxbox will read?
A : Download and install a program called Alcohol 120%
then mount the mdf as virtual disc with the virtual drive option and use another program like CDRWin to rip to bin/cue files.

Q : Cant i just download a simple converting program?
A : Sure you can, you will then however become one of the many people to make a post entitled "after converting my psx game wont start!?"

Q : How can i continue playing a game that requires you to switch cd's? (save game wise)
A : put the bin/cue of each game in its own numbered folder (ff7a, ff7b ff7c), but name each bin/cue file in that dir the same.
(like with Final Fantasy 7 call all bin files FF7.bin) (dont number the bin files)
then when you save your game right before they ask for the second disc, you can run the second disc with that save.
it starts up just like normal.

Q : Can i run real psx Cd's with this emulator?
A : No.


Super Nintendo Questions

Q : What is the best Snes emulator?
A : We have a thread for that, check the Best emulators for Xbox url on top.

Q : My Snes roms are not detected by the snes emulator i'm using,
and i noticed that my file extensions are .USA instead of .SMC
A : Check the Faq section of this thread for a tutorial on how to rename file extensions.

Q : Where does Xsnes9X save its savegames\configs?
A : E:\TDATA\0fffdaed\


Mame Questions

Q : When i try to load my roms i get "files missing" why doesnt it work?
A : With every MAME release some romsets get changed, you'll just have to google for a new romset
or try to fix it with Clrmamepro

Q : Clrmamepro is too difficult for me.
A : Here's a Clrmamepro Tutorial.

Q : Can i run this 3D game on mame?
A : No you can not, the xbox does not have enough horsepower to run full 3D games.

Q : But if i get the 128mb ram expansion?
A : Then you'll have more memory but still the same slow cpu.

Q : I want to remove or install a different mame for xbox, where can i find the save files?
A : E:\tdata\4d414d45\


Sega Genesis & Sega CD Questions

Q : I tried to play a Sega CD game but i got the following message :
"RAM cartridge is not initialized. Use options screen to initialize RAM cartridge." pic

A : Reset the game. next time you load it, when the mega cd/sega cd intro comes up, press A instead of start.
this brings you to the cd player screen. click on memory, where you can format the ram.
now exit this screen, and click on cd rom and the game will load.
you only need to do this once, in future the game will load normally.


KawaX Questions

Q : I changed the ini to point to my rom dir but the roms wont apear in Kawax
A : KawaX has a bug which prevents it from using different rom paths.

Q : Is there a newer version of Kawax?
A : No, Kawax has been discontinued, and most of us are now using one of the FBA-XXX versions.

Q : Sometimes when i load roms with this emu it says that some files are missing.
A : Check the mame Questions part of this faq for more info on that.


Surreal Questions

Q : I installed Surreal and added roms but my roms wont show up.
A : Did you press the Scan button to scan for roms?

Q : They still wont show up
A : Remove the Surreal files from E:\tdata\a64fea57\ and reboot and then scan for roms.


FBA-XXX Questions

Q : I want to remove or install a different FBA for xbox, where can i find the save files?
A : E:\tdata\ffff0504\

Q : Sometimes when i load roms with this emu it says that some files are missing.
A : Check the mame Questions part of this faq for more info on that.


StepmaniaX Questions

Q : StepmaniaX greater than version 1 doesnt work on my box
A : 1) Make sure your clock is set
2) If you are using 4977 BIOS, don't. Upgrade to a different one.
3) Cleanly install the v5 package (without any extra songs) into a directory on your HD and try just running that.
4) If problem persists, read the log files that are generated.


ScummVMx Questions

Q : The screen doesnt look right, how can i make it smaller/wider?
A : Press L-TRIGGER + R-TRIGGER + R-THUMB Then adjust the screen.

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Posted 24 June 2006 - 07:59 PM

Very nice. Thanks

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Posted 25 June 2006 - 03:32 AM


Thraxen could you pin this one instead of the other one?

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Posted 26 June 2006 - 02:12 AM


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Posted 13 August 2006 - 02:33 AM

1 simple question

im a newbie at this so keep it in mind

where do i put the roms in?

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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:27 PM

QUOTE(gatttitooo @ Aug 12 2006, 08:40 PM) View Post

1 simple question

im a newbie at this so keep it in mind
where do i put the roms in?

Depends on the emulator, but by default the usually go in a folder in the emulator install directory. There should be a text file ("read me" file) included with most of the emulators that tells you what the name of that folder should be.

Also, if you have any other questions please create a new topic. This thread should have actually been locked with no way to reply to it. This topic is basically just a FAQ thread.

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