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Networking Tutorial

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Posted 06 May 2003 - 08:26 PM

Hi there

I thought i would try to do my bit and help by posting my version of a tutorial that I thought was needed.


Ok I am assuming your running win XP as your operating system and FlashFXP to FTP with, if you are not then this tutorial IS NOT for you!!!! but could be modified by yourself to suit your needs.

I am also assuming that you have managed to actually connect the crossover cables or hub up and have a mod chip installed and working!!

Ok for the Hardware side of things you will need at least a NIC = Network/Interface/Card fitted to your PC, and either a RJ45 crossover cable with NO Hub, OR TWO Straight through RJ45 Cables and a Hub, in this case one cable connects from the Xbox to the hub then the other connects from the hub to the

And I assume you will have the slayers installer for evox for ease of use for the inexperienced.

And this tutorial is for use on either a crossover cable or hub connection and NOT a ROUTER ok.

Ok the best thing is to carry out one task at a time and then that way you reduce the risk of getting lost!!

So the way I do it is to start with the configuration of the PC/Laptop end then configure the xbox last.


So go to "start" in your computer and open it, then into the section named
"Connect-to" then open this up and you will see a section in they’re called
“Show all connections” open that up and in the box that appears will be a few icons.

Now at this point if your NIC card is shown there you can skip to
“Configure your computers NIC connection” but if its not carry on reading.

In the box that appears is a column on the left that has a few headings for tasks that you can ask your computer to carry out for you. So in this column the first task is called “Network Tasks” with a sub heading below it of “Create a new connection” SO if your NIC card is NOT listed in the box to the right of these tasks you need to create the new connection. Once in there this box is headed “New connection wizard” you will be given some information about the task ahead and you will be asked to click “next”, in this box you are asked for the first time to make a decision.

It will list four options and these are: Connect to the Internet, Connect to the network at my workplace, Set up a home or small office network, Set up an advanced connection. And as you “only” want the xbox to “talk” to your PC/Laptop you need to click the green dot into the “Set up a home or small office network” then click “next” and in the next box it will tell you that it is ready to help you set up your connection and you are asked to click “finish”.

The next box will give you more information on how it will hep you to set up your connection and again you will be asked to click “next”. In the next box you will be given a warning of things you need to have carried out before you continue and you will yet again be asked to click “next”. Your next box will ask you to make a choice of how you connect to the Internet from the computer that you are using at this time. The options are: This computer connects directly to the Internet; this computer connects to the Internet through a network; and lastly “other”. Now at this stage I am assuming your computer connect directly to the Internet because if it was using any other connection method a network would already be set up on your system!! So you need to choose the first option and then click “next” for the umpteenth time. Then in the next box you will be shown a list of connections you will be also asked to choose the connection that you use to “connect” to the internet, so you pick whichever one you use and then click “next”.

And in the next screen you will be asked to give your computer a “Description” and a “name”, so here give any name and description you want then click next and in this box choose a “workgroup” to call your network say “xboxnet” for example and then click “next”(god that get boring). The next box will tell you that it is ready to apply all the information settings that you gave, so if all looks ok click “next”. You will then be asked to “wait” while is does its fancy shit for you, you will then be asked if you want to make a network start up disc and give you a few options to choose from but as your setting up a connection to your xbox this section wont work on it choose the last option to finish then click “next” and then in the next screen you click next again to finish up. Phew!!


Ok you now should have an icon in the network connections box showing your NIC card so you now need to set it up to allow your XBOX and PC/LAPTOP “talk” to each other.

So right click on the NIC “icon” and then in the box that appears left click on the section entitled “properties” and this will open up a box called
“Local Area Connection properties” the first place I go in here is to the section called
“Connect using” and click on the “configure” tab once in there you need to look for the “advanced” tab and in “value” box set it to “auto mode”(the reason for this is to not break the LAN connection through trying to connect at too fast a speed). Once that is set you can close that box by clicking “ok” then you need to open up the NIC’s “properties” box again to get to “Local Area Connection properties” and in this box you need to look for the section of text called “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and you need to “highlight” the text the click on “properties” to open the TCP/IP properties up. Once in there you will see a tab labelled “general” in there you need to select the option “Use the following IP address”.


Now in the Boxes there you must input the correct info or you are screwed! Ok in here I use an IP of: and in “Subnet Mask” I use: and you leave the rest of those lines blank then click ok twice to finish up in there.

So at long last you’re done with configuring your PC/LAPTOP for Networking and if the IP number I gave you is already in use on your system use another say but you must write it down, as you need this number for your XBOX ok.

Ok I would now re-start the PC/LAPTOP to be on the safe side, then leave it and go to your XBOX ok.


Ok we have got this far and hopefully all is well.

Now there are two types of network set up for the XBOX here, the first is when you are setting up evox and want to back up your Standard Hard drive and the second is when you have loaded evox.

Ok the first method uses the slayers installer burned to CDRW/DVDR allowing you to boot from the media to the discs. Once you have booted up the XBOX you will see the “Installer menu options” screen you need to scroll down to section 11 “system settings” once in here the first screen you see will be headed as “Settings/info” and under that will be “Network” a lot of work needs done in here to get it working properly. The first thing you need to do is to check the “LINE STATUS” if this is reading say: 10/Half Duplex or 100/Full Duplex. Then you are in good shape and if its not you need to CHECK EVERY cable and connection and go back to your NIC settings till you DO get GOOD line status, as if you cannot get that then there is no point of going any further!!

Ok you have Good line status you then need to set your “Set up Network” to “YES” if it isn’t already at that.

(As a side note to change any of the values you use the “D” pad to scroll over it to “Highlight” then press the button “A” to enter into the screen to allow you to change the value, then use the “D” pad again to choose the value then the “A” button again to select that value).


The next thing is to go to “Use static IP” and select “YES” then go to the IP column (The one below “use static ip”) and in here insert an IP address of: (this is the address that flash uses to talk to your XBOX). Next to go to the section “Subnet Mask” and make sure its set to: And lastly you need to go to
”Default Gateway” and use the address of: (this is the ip you set your NIC to use thus allowing your XBOX to know where to direct its chat to).

Now this next bit I have found baffles many an inexperienced person trying to set up their XBOX and it’s not really that difficult to get your head around if you think about it. When you have input all these values they are only a temporary measure due to the fact that evox is not saved to your system yet and running from the boot disc’s onboard ability to run a FTP server thus allowing you to back up your files on your original hard drive. And as such these values will be lost as soon as you have done your FTP’ing and you switch off to re-boot to install the slayers installer and evox.

Once you have adjusted ALL these values CORRECTLY you Cannot save the settings and you must leave the XBOX in the screen that you set those values to, and leave it well alone while you do your FTP’ing in, if you DO NOT leave it in this screen on the XBOX the connection WILL be lost due and you wont be able to FTP in, due to the fact that the IP values will reset to the defaults of the installer that may already be in use by your system.

OK at this point you SHOULD have a working network connection from XBOX to PC/LAPTOP. If you DON’T YOU fucked up somewhere and didn’t follow the tutorial to the letter, so retrace your steps until it works ok.

You can now open up FlashFXP and set up the program to allow you to FTP in.
Ok load up the program in once in their click the section named “sites” in the toolbar then open up “site manager” once in there choose “new site” and then name it what ever you will remember. Then in the “IP address” put in the ip of: (this is the address we set for the XBOX). And in “user name” put it in as “xbox” and under “password” put “xbox” and set the “port” to 21,and “un tick” the “anonymous box then click “apply” and you should be done you can now click “connect and if you did it correctly the bugger should come alive and show you the contents of your xbox that you can now back up the contents of the C AND E Folders and then re-boot and install evox.



Ok this bit is just the same as inputting all the values you use for the temp settings but you load boot the XBOX to the evox dash and go “system management” then into “system settings” and you then do everything EXACTLY as you did before for the temp set up but once you have finished inputting all the required values you scroll down the screen using the “D” pad until you reach a section named “Save And Exit” and press “A” to save your settings then when you re-boot you should now be able to FTP in at will.

I hope this helps you

It is much harder to type and read than actually do so have fun
And if you still need ANY help just drop in to the MIRC channel

Called : riggamortis

Server :snoop.burghcon.com

Port :6667

Channel :#Slayers

Any of us "OP's" in there will help you with regards to any aspect of modding your Xbox


Mark @ www.scotmods.com for ALL your modding needs in the UK

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