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Frogger Mini Achievement Guide

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 01:58 AM

theres currently no frogger section under the xbl section, so i'm posting in general games.


Important Screen Size Issue

the screen is pretty tiny by default, however you CAN stretch it out. while in game, hit start, then chose help and options (not sure why these are the same menu option, but regardless) and one of the options will be "screen size". chose this, and then use the sticks to make the screen bigger (much like xbox1 emulators wink.gif)

scoring tips
here are a few quick points tips.

1. you get 10 points for every progressive step you take. what i mean by this is if you step up, you'll get 10 points, if you step down, you won't get any points for it, and if you step down then go back up, you won't get extra points for going up to where you've already been.

2. you get 50 points for every frog that makes it to the safe house.

3. you get 200 bonus points for every fly you land on

4. if you pick up a lady frog, you get a 200 point bonus when you reach the safe house

5. when you finish the level (all 5 safe houses have frogs in them) you get a (time remaining [in seconds] * 10 ) bonus plus 1000 points for finishing the level.

Achievement Tips

the following is the achievements (source == achieve360points.com) with my little notes on how to get them added at the bottom.

Complete Level 2
Complete level 2 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.

this ones pretty self explanitory, however i'd like to add, i personally go for the left most home first. i find this one the most difficult, and like to get it out of the way early. after i get my frog in the left, i can fairly easily take care of the other 4 homes. in this level the fly's have been replaced with gators, these gators will kill you, so wait before going into the home if there is a gator there.

Complete Level 3
Complete level 3 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.

same tip as level 2, but level 3 has snakes added. you can step on them as long as you don't touch their head. i'd stay away if possible, but if your low on time and need to move, just make sure their face doesn't touch your frog. fortunately, the gators in the home have been replaced by flies.

Complete Level 4
Complete level 4 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.

well, i'm yet to beat this level, but the same tips apply

Complete Level 5
Complete level 5 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.

i'm yet to get to this level, but same tips should apply

Speed Racing
Get all 5 frogs home in level 1 in less than 45 seconds.

i had a bit of trouble with this one, then i saw this video on youtube

i would personally say to make sure to do the first 2 homes in the order that this person does, if you get to the first home with 49 or 50 seconds remaining, and the second home with 41 or 42 seconds remaining, you should be able to get the other 3 homes in any order and get the achievement.

Well Ordered
On any level fill the 5 frog home slots in order from right to left.

this ones explained pretty well in the description. obvious tip, do this in level one. just send them home from right to left (NOT left to right which seems like the logical order to me)

Helping Hand
Save 5 lady frogs in one game.

the lady frogs are the purplish things that are on the logs. after you get a frog to the home, you can wait and one of these will come by on the first row of logs. a clipping glitch will cause a bit of purple to show up on the right hand side of the screen before the log that has the lady frog comes on the screen. to get credit for saving the frog, you must pick it up, AND make it to the home (you will get a 200 point bonus). on the 5 drop off you will get the achievement when you reach the home.

Full Stomach
Eat 3 bugs in one game.

this one can be tough. no real stratagy here except ride the top row of logs, and then if no flys show up, hop down a row to the red things that take you left, and just keep hoping for a fly to show up. also, don't go into the homes unless you have to as this reduces the number of places for flys to spawn (also, when you have to go into a home, take the left one first as its truely a pain in the ass to get a fly from that one) i was lucky enough to get all 3 flies on level one, but if your going for this achievement and don't manage to get at least 2 flies in level 1, i'd personally say start over again.

Chicken 1
On level 1 stay on the road until the timer is red, then reach home.

this ones pretty explanitory. some people have reported having problems, so make sure right when it starts you get out on the street. if you wait on the dirt it WILL NOT count. you must be on paved road dodging cars. once the timer turns red high tail it up to the safe house.

Chicken 2
On level 2 stay on the road until the timer is red, then reach home.

same tip as chicken 1, this ones a little bit tougher to get to the safe house so try to keep an eye on where the dissapearing platforms are so your not near them when the timer turns red.

Home Sweet Home
Deliver 15 frogs to the frog home without dying once.

this one was pretty tough, basically i suggest putting your frog in the left most home first since its the most difficult, and just try really hard to beat the first 3 levels without dieing. it took me a while, but eventually you'll manage to get it.

Co-op Brilliance
Reach a score of 30,000 or more while playing an Xbox Live co-op game.

when your playing co-op, it does a split screen and you have a combined score for you and your partner. the two of you need to get above 30,000 points total, so if you both make it to level 4, that should be roughly 15,000 points each giving you the achievement.

hopefully if any changes are needed a mod can fix it since i'll lose my editing abilities on the thread in 5-10 min. if people like this maybe i'll throw together a galaga guide in a few weeks when that comes out (and its a game i'm much more familiar with so perhaps i'll have information thats more useful to point out)

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 12:50 PM

Thanks for posting the achievements! smile.gif

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 01:27 PM

i forgot to add, you MUST be using the default settings to get the achievments. if you bump up your number of lives, they won't unlock.

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 10:51 PM

added this to the achievement guide sticky

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