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Burning 360 Games With The Wrong Ss Maybe Possible

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 07:27 PM

Hey Everyone, Im not new to the scene, but I do not make many post as others. I just wanted to let you guys know a little info on the .ss merging situation. You may already know this, but Im posting for those that don’t know. My ss’s never match my iso when using “SS Merger 1.6”, but my games always get burned correctly and WORK!!! I am using the “commedore4eva hack” on my Samsung drive. I wanted to post a lil tutorial on how I always burn successful iso’s with an SS that never matches, meaning the “Required SS File MD5” never turns green. It stays Red!

This only works for the wxripper method (that I know of atleast)

Items needed:
2)SS merger 1.6
3) Xbox360_Security_Sectors_Set_V4+_Verified_By_HeXXa
4)Clone CD
5)Disconnect internet Connection when going to step 3.


1) Rip your Official Xbox360 game to an image using wxripper. Your image should come out with the size of “7.05gb”. I use King Kong dvd to swap with because its 7.85GB.
2) After Image is ripped, find the .SS for your game in the “Xbox360_Security_Sectors_Set_V4+_Verified_By_HeXXa” folder. Rename your image to the exact name of your SS.

Example: Iso Image>>”The_Elder_Scrolls_IV_Oblivion_NTSC”
SS File>> “The_Elder_Scrolls_IV_Oblivion_NTSC
3) Now open SS Merger 1.6, and load up your iso. You will encounter this

Select Yes, it may take a while, but just wait. I don’t have an internet connection plugged to the PC I rip my games on, so I get another screen after it tells me it cannot connect to the internet, No biggie, just hit ok. And it will tell you blanked xbox360 video partion after u hit ok, so just hit ok again.

4) Now load up your SS that u have selected. Your screen should now look like this

5) Hit the Merge and create layer break file, it will merge your SS and Iso together, and it will make a DVD File that you use to burn with Clone CD. Reminder to all, keep all files in the same folder, like this

6) Your Done! I also use Memorex DVD+R DL burning at 2.4x, I don’t know if that helps or not.

I hope this tutorial becomes useful for some of you guys out there, can someone please post their results, I would love to see the results.

Thanx to all!

im so sorry I cant get my pix up, If u need them post an email. thanx again

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 08:38 PM

I have burned over 20 games and only had 1 game show green when ssmerger was done. all the other 19 were red and yes they do work fine

#3 snake36


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Posted 16 July 2006 - 04:33 PM

When it is green this only means that this is a proven ss that works for your region. It by no means mean it is the only one. There are many ss files that work..

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