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Just A Quick Case Modding Question

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#1 Maverick52GZ


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Posted 20 July 2006 - 10:17 PM

I recently decided to mod my xbox a little more than just a upgraded harddrive and a chip, so I was looking at divineo.com and saw the X-tender 2 and the X3 Control Panel.

Now I want to use the x-tender for extra space(obviously, just don't know if I want to use 2 harddrives in it or one harddrive and custom mount another DVD drive) and I'd like the Control panel mainly because it comes with the LCD screen(so I dont have to do it).

My question is, will those two work together? From the pictures I've seen, it looks like it should work, but I'd just like to know for sure. (Also, is it possible to make the X3 control panel work with the Smart XX chip? thats what I have right now, and I doubt they would work together, but I'd rather not spend the money on the X3 if I don't have to)

One last question that really doesn't fit this sections theme but... I may be wanting to add another DVD-ROM to my xbox because my Samsung is showing signs of starting to fail. Now I was thinking just add a PC DVD-ROM and use it for everything but original xbox games, but I saw that on divineo there is a replacement lens, would this more than likely solve my problems with the drive, eliminating the need to buy a whole new drive?

And if I buy a whole new drive, I saw this on divineo also. If I buy a LG-8164 PC DVD-ROM, will this device allow it to read original xbox games?

Thanks for any help guys!

#2 neovader


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Posted 20 July 2006 - 10:29 PM

to answer a few of your questions, yes the xtender 2 and the x3cp do in fact work well together. I've been running that particular setup for months. I would go with the X3CE, they always put out good chips. If your drive is going out, buy one of the Samsung 616 drives and flash it with the appropriate firmware found in the usual places and you have a replacement drive that will read everything you throw at it as well as original discs.
If you have budget constraints I would try the laser first and see if that helps, maybe even try cleaning it first.

Hope this helps

#3 Maverick52GZ


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Posted 20 July 2006 - 10:51 PM

Thanks for the help! You answered the question i really needed to know, so thats great.

I figure it would be a long shot for my current chip to be compatible, but if it was then yay for me right? lol

I thought that the Samsung 616 drives were discontinued and the only place to get them was Ebay? I don't really want to get what may be a used drive off of Ebay, I'd rather buy a new drive from Newegg or Best Buy.

I did a little more digging in the LG 8164 adapter, and it looks like with the firmware upgrade it is capable of reading original games on a modded xbox. So $17 off of Newegg for the drive, $20 off of Divineo for the adapter, and you got a new drive. That would seem reasonable comapred to a $25 laser replacement that I may possibly screw up my current drive with, or that may not help the problem.

Im not really on a budget, but I'd rather spend the $37 dollars for a new drive and adapter compared to the $130 replacement samsung 616 drive off of Divineo.

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