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Final Evil Battle, W/ No Hero Losses *spoiler Warning*

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Posted 23 July 2006 - 06:11 PM

I would like to know how some one is doing on the no hero loss acheivment, the last level took me three thries to get through without one dying, so i have a few pointers if want them.

note on easy setting....

with all the heros you automatcilly acquire you olnly have room for 4 mountain giants, if you kill off the non essials,

the good side attacks from:
first over the eastern bridge with three archers and three calaverly,

( an interment fire attack and arrow attack will do little damage)

second with eagles from the western bridge

third from the canyon south of the easten bridge.

to have youir heros sit the battle out, or better in a tunnel
build tunnels every where you can on the south side of the river,
with two right in front of the canyon mouth.
put twenty towwers at each bridge
twenty at the canyon mouth.
bait the western bridge with foot solders and let the eagles have them at thier parrel.

4 moountain gaints at a time take out everything else....
do not summon any big monsters.. thier death counts against you in hero losses.

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