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Morrowind Original Faction Add/promote Rank/unban Tutorial

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Posted 23 August 2006 - 05:35 AM

Hey yall.

Now you don't have to delete your wonderful characters, or start new ones just because you got a little fresh with Sottilde and her lockpicks, or challenged Trebonerous to a duel by punching him in the snout.

This is a guide for un-banning yourself from a faction for Morrowind original. I'll also show how to promote yourself, and just add yourself to a faction, which is very useful when you're a high ranking member of the Great House Hlaalu, for example, and want to join the Great House Telvanni.

I'm posting this because I didn't see this info around anywhere, and I thought I'd share...for those of us who don't already know.

This is for the original version of Morrowind - interestingly enough, I thought I owned GOTY at one point, because it says "Game of The Year" right there, on the friggin box...but it wasn't. Hehe...silly me, right? blink.gif

If you're in the up and up in Fighters Guild, and want to join Thieves Guild, or just want to clear up your standing with them because of the whole code book debacle, this will work aswell.

This hack also works for just promoting yourself, but where's the fun in that?!?

Here we go:

Open up Morrowind Enchanted Editor.

Load your save that has the banned character.

After it's finished loading, you should see solid gray to the right, and a scroll column to the left...that's where you want to go.

Scroll down to Player Miscellaneous Data (1), and highlight it. The tree should expand with only one record, which is PCDT.

Highlight PCDT. It might take quite a while to load, but what is it they say about the best things in life? tongue.gif

After that's finished loading, you should see hundreds of Subrecord DNAM's.

Scroll past all of them until you reach the FNAM's. There shouldn't be quite as many of these, since they represent the factions you have already joined, and/or have been expelled from.

Now, you'll have to wade through the FNAM's, and find the one that represents the faction you're trying to fix. This being pretty easy, seeing as though it has the faction name right in the field. Pretty convenient, eh? love.gif

Now that you've highlighted the Subrecord FNAM, you'll see three fields. First field, numbers. Second field, Faction. Third field, more numbers.

Right now, you're only going to edit one number in the first field of numbers, unless you want to change your rank, as well, but I'll get to that later.

So, in these fields of numbers, each integer is contained in a section. For redeeming yourself from an expulsion, you would look at the ninth section in the first field. That number in the ninth section, from left to right, should be 3, representing your expulsion. Change that 3 to a 1, and there you have it. Make sure you save right away.

If you want to change your rank, that would be the very first section of the same field. 0 being first rank, Hireling in Hlaalu, 9 being Grandmaster. I'm not sure about all the other factions, they may have more ranks for you. You'll just have to go play around.

Say you're a high ranking member of Great House Hlaalu, and you want to join House Telvanni. Normally, they wouldn't let you in, because quote, "No son of House Hlaalu can join House Telvanni..." I think is how it goes. You can really stick it to those fetchers grr.gif by doing the following:

Go to any of your already existing FNAM's, preferrably one that already has the rank you want for House Telvanni.

In the TEXT(second) field, say it's Ashlanders, just temporarily delete that, and put Telvanni, or whatever you want, of course. Hlaalu, Telvanni, Redoran, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, etc...I would pay attention to spelling and CAPS. And for the Houses, it's just the name. IE., Telvanni. Not House Telvanni.

Highlight it, the FNAM, in the left column. Click Edit>Copy.

Now this I will stress some importance on, even though it probably doesn't really matter. Make sure you delete Telvanni, or whatever you used, from the field and replace it with whatever was there before, AFTER YOU COPY, AND BEFORE YOU PASTE. I only say this because I tend to be forgetful, and if I don't do something right away, like in this case, I would have duplicate copies of one faction in my Rec PCDT. This is not something I would like to see the result of after having taken the time to make any other lengthy adjustments to my savegame, resigning it, putting it back on my box, and starting up the game. Not cute. uhh.gif

OK I'm back from that tangent. Now all you have to do is click Edit>Paste Marked Subrecords into Record.

A dialog will appear telling you to select the clipboard records you wish to merge with the selected record.

The radial for Marked records on the clipboard of the same type as the selected record should already be selected, if not, you're doomed. Just kidding. If not, SELECT IT. There are only two choices.

Push OK.

If you did everything right, you should see streaks of blue at the bottom status bar, and a bunch of Index's and stuff being updated.

If it takes a really long time...well...don't panic, it's doing exactly what it should.

After it's finished, the PCDT Record will be automatically highlighted. That's your cue to check you work. Your new faction FNAM subrec should have been appended to the very bottom of the list. Now you can change your rank to whatever you want, within reason, of course, and ban yourself, if you like. pop.gif

SAVE! Ctrl-S!

I can't remember if there was something else I was going to add...

As I mentioned somewhere above, and it should be plainly obvious, it is possible to be a high ranking member of two rival factions at the same time. I haven't had any conflicts arise as Grandmaster (bees-knees) of both Telvanni and Hlaalu.

One thing you might want to be aware of is that if you go right ahead and promote yourself to Grandmaster of...oh well, let's say Telvanni, YOU won't be able to build your stronghold. You can start the process, surely, but you'll be waiting for one heck of a lot more than five days for the first phase to be completed. I'm very impatient because I only waited twenty days(24hr periods). You may have different results. In fact, I hope you do! But in any case, if you don't, DO THE WORK! It's fun.

I'll try to answer any questions that may arise, so I invite you to ask them. huh.gif

I hope this has been somewhat helpful...and me not just describing at great length something that everyone already knows. HEH. Que Pena!

Welp, haci viene el sandwich, mang!

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