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Pcsxbox... May I Ask...

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mr jones

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 07:50 PM


It's nice to have another coder such as yourself here, Pete. It just sucks that it has to be under these circumstances.

Do you know anyone who has expressed interest in coding development tools for the Xbox? Is it something that someone with say, decent PC hardware driver coding knowledge, be able to tackle? I myself wouldn't know, since my programming background consists of writing a program that says "Hello World."

...and even then, it says "Hello Wolrd." sad.gif


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Posted 13 May 2003 - 09:01 PM

QUOTE (PeteBernert @ May 12 2003, 11:26 PM)
Sorry to say, but the more I see how Iriez (and lotta more people around here) is thinking about emu authors and their works, and how easily he could ignore their rights, the less  I like this scene.

Of course at first glance it will not be important for Iriez and alike how I (or other emu coders) feel about it, but in the long run it will hurt the xbox scene a lot.

You think you have now a psx emu for xbox? Sure, a slow one, with compatibility problems if you try to speed it up with simple techniques like frame skipping. Will Xport be able to fix that? I dare to say: no. The psx tends to be a small beast, so if he wants to go after hw/accel rendering, for example, he will need a lotta psx emu experience. Years of experience. Or the support of experienced emu coders. Good that you have pissed them off (sarcasm).

You think you will get epsxe, for example, as Open Source with such an attitude? Think again.

Wanna play Zinc games on xbox? Forget it.

Sad, sad.

No, i think you've missed a point (which is my fault), because i've not really expanded on it much.

Alot of the point of my argument is to clarify that this scene is changing. In the past people like XPort didnt feel the need to release his sources. He didnt have people like Pete (you) and linuzappz getting a little upset over the whole opensource issue.

Since you broght it up, he has kindly fully complied with your guys requests. I am 100% sure that if the neopop guy *really* gave two bits about whether the sources to a xbox port were released or not, and cared enough to ask, he would gladly satisfy that author.

I never ignore your (or anyone elses) rights. Your rights to your emu is in your license. If i were a developer, i would comply with anything in your license. The N64 contest satisifies the license agreement, which should atleast satisify *some* of the original authors quarells.

I think you guys coming over and bitching might have done something good for this scene. It might take it one step closer to atleast *trying* to satisfy the legal aspects, even though it will not be possible until the openxdk gets controller input.

I apologize if i have offended you, i have handled some things badly, mainly because my knowledge on the matter was minimal, and my opinions not fully forumlated.

I hope things can change in the future for the better.

PS- To clarify a point, i never intended to imply that a author should not release his sources of a port, because its already illegal in the first place. I was referring to the past (of this scene) and how no one ever made a issue about the sources before this point.

Edited by Iriez, 13 May 2003 - 10:54 PM.

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 09:03 PM

QUOTE (lucas @ May 13 2003, 03:51 AM)
i love your way of thinking. i people like you ran the world, we would all still have negro slaves, since no one up until a point thought it was a bad thing. moron

Uh, aside from the slaves themselves?

Quite a ridiculous anology. It has no effect whatsoever in a comparison upon my thoughts.

Might want to re-think your insult.

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 09:20 PM

QUOTE (nx-neon @ May 13 2003, 04:53 PM)
First off, great post.  Second off, i'm not being ignorant, just getting tired of people ranting about how people arent getting credit.  IMHO the name of the port being PCSXbox basically states in the NAME of the emu that it is a PORT of PCSX for the XBOX.  So obviously was originally PCSX written by so-and-so that XPort ported to the xbox.  I think people whining about how he hasn't mentioned someones name and released all of the code is pointless. 

I realize it is difficult to make an emulator for any system.  Irregardless on this FORUM, correct me if i'm wrong, it matters if it works on the xbox or not.  Not whether it works on a fuckin PC for christs sakes.  you need to realize this is not a PC forum, yet an XBOX forum.  If you want to rant about how great the EMU's are on a PC find a PC forum.  Yeah there are laws being broken, hell it's illegal to mod an xbox period in the US as far as i understand.  You guys just need to ease up a bit.  There are a bunch of tards on here and there are people that understand and just really dont care.  I don't care simple as that.  Yeah the original authors did great and THANK YOU!!!  But XPort made it work for me and i also thank him.  i never posted on here PRAISING any of these people porting emu's, infact most of my time on this site was to learn about modding my xbox.  when i first got my xbox i had no friggin clue how to do anything.  now i can safely say i got a pretty good grip on things thanks to you guys here. 

I'm just sick and tired of these lame as posts that are all nothing but flame wars.  Yes i am guilty myself and i appologize, however just get off your high horse and reallize we are all on the same team in some way or another.  And i can't stand grown men whining about being recognized.  We all know who you are and what you did in some way or another, but most here just want xbox tools(obviously its a FUCKING XBOX FORUM). 

well i'm done, flame away, i think its hillarious

Good reply, glad you showed you have thought of the whole issue.. and no I'm not into flaming, just trying to get my point accross, gotta stop this flaming on these forums, horrible for others to read

Pete himself comes into this thread, reads the complete disregard everyone has for him and his source. Not quoting you or anyone in specific, just the vibe that comes from everyone lately in these forums - "who cares, just port it and let me play it, I don't care about anything else, and stop bitching about the authors rights". Everyone has lost sight of the original authors wishes.

I'm not saying to bow and kiss their asses, just follow the rules they ask everyone else to follow when dealing with their source code. Is it really that hard? Is it really out of someone's way to do that? Kiss the ass of the guy who just ported it for sure, It's nice to see everyone thanking Xport on every release he has done for his hard work.

And I'm glad Xport did what Pete had asked, shows Xport is a respectable guy! Maybe if they clear up any other issues the two sides can get along and maybe help one another?

That's the main point I'm trying to make, isn't that the best thing for all of us? You, me, joe-porter? Have the help from the original author to make the Xbox ports that much better? All of us are happy, you and me have a sweet updated emulator, joe-porter guy gets to learn a shit load about the emulator and make it great.. everyones happy right? Just look at the great work on the SNES9X port! If I'm not mistaken, they have the help from the original authors (?)

Those who don't care, should cause it's in all our best interests.. look what we just lost in the possibilities with the PSCX port!

guile, glad you liked the sig smile.gif

Fighting on the internet is like running a race in the special olympics, even if you win you're still a retard!

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 09:27 PM

Great post. Its good to see some really sensible positive re-enforcement.

Just look at the great work on the SNES9X port! If I'm not mistaken, they have the help from the original authors (?)

Im not too sure, but i believe lantus did it all himself.

On a side note, with regards to a previous comment somewhere among all the trash, was about the GPL, and giving back, etc etc.

Superfr0 helped correct some core(?) issues on mame when he did his ports. So, i think its unfair to say that these guys are not giving anything back, because some certianlly have.

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