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Xbox Development

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#1 fencer04


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Posted 12 May 2003 - 01:21 PM

I am computer programmer and am interested in getting into programming for the XBox. I was wondering what language is user, how to setup my XBox for development as well as use EvoX on it, and just in general how to get started? Any help would be greatly appreciated esspecially a nice FAQ or Guide to help out. Thanks in advance.

#2 Xbox-Savage


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Posted 12 May 2003 - 03:14 PM

get XDK , ask MS for it , if your a developer, or buy it from them ,i guess is like $$???

#3 MissSplitch


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Posted 12 May 2003 - 03:18 PM

You're familiar with SDKs and windows programming I'm going to assume.

You're going to need to find (who knows where) the MS "XDK" or "Xbox Dev. Kit" why it isn't the XSDK I don't know, but consistency of product isn't MS' biggest issue. It's what you'll need to compile your sources (C, VB, basically any direct languagebase that Visual Studio does) into executables that run in the xbox's execution environment.

Apparently it's predominantly DirectX-controlled, which isn't surprising, but that also means you're gonna have to draw all of your own RECTs for any kind of window class you'll want, rather than having a prebuilt set to reference from. Not all that bad, really; a lot less to worry about than normal PC programming, but the lack of readily available information and reliable sources for support can hinder your progress greatly.

Check for help int eh development forums and on IRC. Also talk to some of the people who currently develop for the box, there are many projects you can possibly help out with to start into X development, or at least make enough connections so that you know where to go for support, etc.

Good luck in your development efforts.


#4 MissSplitch


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Posted 12 May 2003 - 03:22 PM

Just to clarify, the XBOX is MS' foray into the realm of closed-PC architecture, and as such its development licensing does not follow their older SDK model, wherein development rights are yielded to the developer without support; DO NOT ask MS for access to the XDK, or you'll never hear the end from their marketing department. The XDK license is costly, as they want to keep track of who's doing what with their temporary baby.

You'll find a way around hurdles without talking to MS. I mean really, do you want 5 copies of MSDNnow! delivered to you monthly?


#5 Sutek 42

Sutek 42

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 03:29 PM

Not only will MS harass you with all kind of product info for your trouble. Most of us will NEVER be able to afford a true developer xbox debug kit. ( the top of the line is between $10-15,000) Now even if you didn't go into cardiac arrest at the price. You must have either the backing and support of a third party publisher, or take six months to a year out of you life to obtain MS support for a first party game.

Now believe it or not the truth behind this reality is actually even worse than it sounds. Because almost every third party publisher will want at least some kind of working code before they touch you. For MS to back you it gets even worse.

The XDK itself is not hard to find, and once you modchip an xbox you basically have a debug xbox.(since all they are is an xbox with much larger hdd and the ability to play unsigned code.)

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 04:17 PM

The "underground" guide to Setting up the Xbox XDK (by BenJeremy):

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