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Some Softmod Noob Questions...

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#1 eeefresh


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Posted 06 September 2006 - 06:01 PM

I know there's a ton of information on Xbox-Scene, but sometimes there is too much information. I've been browsing tutorials and forums for days and still have some questions.

Here's what I have:
- unmodded Halo limited edition Xbox
- spare 80 GB Maxtor hard drive (Its an old one, and I think it is NTFS formatted)
- copy of Mech Assault (though I need to double check that its the right version)
- PC with broadband, though I currently don't have a wireless setup

I would like to softmod the Xbox and install the HD, then install EvoX. My main goal is to copy my games onto the hard drive. I also think Xbox media center looks cool and wouldn't mind having music and videos on the HD, but the games are my main goal right now. I also will purchase an Action Replay

So here are my dumb noob questions:

1. In the tutorial I am looking at, the author mentions connecting your Xbox via FTP. What does this mean? How do you set up FTP to your Xbox? Is it as simple as connecting the cable plug to the back of the Xbox, or do you need to connect it to the PC?

2. For the HD swap, does it matter that the drive is NTFS formatted? Can you reformat it so that it works in the Xbox?

3. I found how to download Evox, but can someone tell me the latest version to look for?

4. Since I don't have a wireless Internet setup, is it even worth going through all this trouble? I'm not really interested in surfing the Web or running a server off my Xbox...just want to use it for backed up games and multimedia. But if its a huge hassle to maintain without wireless, I may not even bother with it.

I'm sure I have more questions, but this is all that comes to mind at the moment. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Posted 06 September 2006 - 07:04 PM

1: Check the link in my sig for networking and that should answere this and your last question.

2: You will have to reformat the new HD. Read up on Xboxhdm v1.9 And also make sure to use Krayzies Ndure v1.1 for softmodding or Kingroaches Ndure.

3:Comes With Krayzies Ndure you also get a much better UnleashX dashboard as an option.

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Posted 06 September 2006 - 08:37 PM

FTP mean's File Transfer Protocall basically it means you put a game/music/apps/what the hell ever you want onto your xbox via file transfering.... ohmy.gif

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Posted 06 September 2006 - 09:49 PM

FTP is part of the softmod, or more accurately, the 3rd party dashboard you install with the mod.

What I'd do is softmod the drive you have now ( with Krayzies), just to back up the MS files and the eeprom.

Apply the msfiles and eeprom (and the game exploits, to make it easier) to xbhdm, make the ISO and run that on the big drive, not forgetting to lock it.
Then redo the exploit installer, this time going hole hog in putting the apps and dashboard of your choice, and tweaking the system to your liking (with skins and things).

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