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Who Do You Think Will Turn Out Ahead With This Next Generation Of Cons

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Poll: Who do you think will turn out ahead with this next generation of consoles?

Who do you think will turn out ahead with this next generation of consoles?

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#106 Cybercast


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Posted 23 September 2006 - 09:03 PM

GO XBOX WII60!!!!!

#107 ronaldo7


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Posted 24 September 2006 - 07:15 PM

1 360 2 wii then miles last in 3 and last place sony's crappy ps3

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#108 flir67


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Posted 25 September 2006 - 05:47 AM

well I look at it this way

I love the xbox its excellent, I grew up with the nintendo as most of us did. sony was a good electronic maker until there quality control just went to crap and hardly any of sony products are carried by a high electronics store any more in the states.heck there car speakers are in walmart now, come on!!!!

the xbox360 will rein in american, the remaining 5 that were sold in japan with be thrown into the ocean with a google video of it. the nintendo will rein king for christmas consoles in american. and they wii full motion controllers will again be a console 1st and catch the heart and minds of all gamers.

and sony ps3 will be added to the home theater systems of the X generation, that can afford it.

sony is king in japan, there is no denying that. but they really need a new game base, no just remakes with better graphics.

how good can a karate game be , you know , version 6 of the same game. the only new stuff that could be added is 3d interactive background.

I know for a fact that I will not be plunkering down 600+ for a console with no guarentee of new games, forget that. I have a complete high hdtv system built piece by piece, and the sony will not be part ofi t.

the 360 might now that all the firmware hacks are coming out...

just my 2 cents...

#109 iPwn


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Posted 25 September 2006 - 08:27 PM

QUOTE(Altima NEO @ Sep 10 2006, 02:56 PM) View Post

The Wii60 Combo for the win!

that is funny, it Rymes tongue.gif

#110 LightningStruckMyXbox


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Posted 26 September 2006 - 03:47 PM

Nintendo will get all of the youger (and cheaper) people along with japan
1) Nintendo

MS Will continue to sell it's system here in america and then have a huge explosion of sales come halo 3 (thats what i'm waitin for, you know some of you are to)
2) MS

Sony has once again pumped up the hype but hasn't produced much. Their system is extremely over priced and with the choice of, I think, 4 or 5 different packages there aere going to be many disscouraged people. The way I see it, if you buy package number 3 you system is already oblsoleted by packages 4 and 5. Doesn't soud too fun.
3) Sony

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#111 yomaster2009


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Posted 27 September 2006 - 01:04 AM

hey this isnt a flame or anything but i do belive that the xbox 360 is going to releas a patch for 1080p and they already have 1080i
I vote Microsoft xbox 360 because i loved my xbox and that made me buy a 360 plus they have most of the games the ps3 will. dont get me wrong I would love to buy a ps3 and I was planning on it until i saw the 600 dollar price tag. I will have to buy a Wii because its soooo cheap who could pass up that bargan. The controllers are bad@$$ and who can resist oldschool mario.

#112 NeoPlato


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Posted 27 September 2006 - 12:53 PM


"Who do you think will turn out ahead with this next gen of cons?"

I think this depends on how you are defining 'ahead'. If you mean who will generate the most revenue from their console, thats got to be Sony pulling trumps, with the 360 2nd and the poor lil wii in last.
If, however you mean how many consoles will be sold of each then its a very close race between the 360 and the wii with the ps coming a flat last.

My reasons are as follows,
1.for Sony to win, profit wise, they only need to sell 5/8 of the amount of consoles MS do, as each console costs about 35% more.
2.For the above reason this means nintendo need to sell excessive numbers of the console to be within a fighting chance of making as much revenue (not profit)
3.MS already have a big head start, sales wise, and it will take Sony atleaast 12 months to make those numbers back (although by then the 360 will be even cheaper). Im sure with the mega corp marketing Sony have embedded into us all that won't be a problem.

Onto this 'bigger capacity = bigger games'. Potentialy, yes ofcourse this is true but when backing up a game have you ever seen previous generations of game fill up a normal dvd, let alone a hd-dvd or blu-ray. I really don't think a blu-ray drive is worth the investment atm, as much as i think investing in a hd-dvd drive is a bad idea. What ever happens to be attached to these drives, they are too expensive for the lack of effort on the developers side.
Can you imagine how long it would take to develop a game that fills up a blu-ray disk. You're looking at a staff of like 1000 per game, one texture would take a couple of weeks and there would have to be millions of textures for a blu-ray disk. And how about the audio, music companies would have to sell their entire back catalogue at a time to get the disk full. Ofcourse none of this will happen and you PS3 fanboys will be left with a disk capable of 30gb and games that are about 15gb.

Just my opinion but, I think people who will buy the PS3 have too much money and not enough sense. Like spending an extra 80/$ on a pair of nikes just because they put more air in them (THEY ARE SELLING YOU AIR AND AN IMAGE...FOOL!). Or buying a Mclaren Mercedes for and extra 20k because it has a limited edition keyring. I mean, damn it, you can buy a Wii and a top spec 360 for the priice of a top spec PS3.
Sorry for the rant but it drives me crazy when Sony think they can dictate the price of new tech just because 'they know the market'. It seems to me a lot like the AMD vs Intel battle. Even though the manufacturing quality of Intel is superior (65nm instead of 85nm) AMD are pulling ahead because their chips are more reliable and can take harder punches before you need a new one, which costs less.

Although the PS3 is more advanced, I think there is a line to be drawn between 'next gen tech' and 'next next gen tech'. The blu-ray revolution will not really be a popular as good ol' dvd for about 6-8 years yet and by then the 'next next gen' consoles will be here and im sure even nintendo will have blu-ray by then.

If the 360 has a similar developers bit which you can conveiniently put mod-chips onto and PS3 sticks with their lame 'no! we shall make our chips so complex you have to have a degree to attach a modchip' (exageration ofcourse) then it will be an easy win for MS. After the PS5 (i called it) is out there will still be the 360 humming along modded to the max. Ofcourse, if the reverse happens and PS3 is easier to mod than the 360 then Sony will win in the long run for tha same reason, moded to the max.

360 ftw smile.gif
The ramblings of a madman

Edit: btw. I heard that there is a bottle neck (one piece of hardware stopping the others from functioning at full potential) in the PS3. Is this just MS fanboy propaganda or is there any truth to this. I cant remember exactly where i read it but I remember they did have stats to back it up (mighty stats mwahaha). Was this a temporary issue they they have dealth with or is it true?

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#113 as905


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Posted 27 September 2006 - 11:25 PM

my honest suggestion away from fanboysim:




#114 Bullet724


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Posted 28 September 2006 - 07:02 PM

I would just like to point out that this is xbox-scene and not ps3-scene, so of course xbox360 will be winning in the polls.

Initially, I thought xbox 360 would definatly come out on top because of it's early release and amazing FPS games, but just a week ago I started looking at the ps3 after hearing about the 1080p at 60fps (supposedly). And quite frankly even though I have xbox and xbox360, I'm really itching to get my hands on a ps3. It surpasses the 360's next-gen graphics and speeds, introduces revolutionary technology, offers free online service like live, and has some amazing driving games (such as gran turismo hd), and it even incorporates the psp, its basically a wii, 360, and media center combined into one times 10. I'm telling you, the ps3 will take everyone by suprise.

1.ps3 (in 2 years ps3 will have sold more than double or triple the number of consoles than the 360 or wii, unless ms releases a new console in a year or so)

#115 scientific


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Posted 29 September 2006 - 04:56 AM

Ok lets start off here...Who's gonna spend spend $600 for a console and ehh lets say 3 titles just fo shitz & giggles, what's that.... yeah you added right a grand($1000) including sales tax.

Those posted have already said and proven that 1080p is not an issue no time soon. Blu-ray so what. HD-DVD 3 layered will rule case closed. M$ can easily develop a DVI/HDMI cable when it thinks the majority of the world has these class inputs on their sets.

No ones mentioning the hidden variable here that M$'s external hi def player is actually external leaving the gates open to also incorporate an external Blu-ray if technology fairs to lean in that direction. There's also Xbox 360 ver. 2 with the HD DVD player built in and higher capacity hard drive. BTW who ever said that all the PS3 games will be written to Blu-ray ?

The aftermarket is going to have a field day with the 360. (can't wait till the warranty expires on my 360, DVD firmware hack here we come)

I love my 360....I love it even better linked to my Media Center PC ..... Almost crapped in my shorts when I connected it to my DLP 1080i projector. I'm more than impressed with the frame rate and the audio quality.

Sony fan boys jump ship... I've got a wireless controller just for you.

Sony's Cell processor is unproven. The specs look impressive on paper but in the real world I'm not buying into it. Every comparison chart I've seen has the two giants pretty much equal across the board.

This war will come down to game titles and their pricing $40 -$50 x-360 $70-$80 PS3

Sony gonna have a lot of catchig up to do just with Nintendo alone.

Live is like the best thing on the planet short of a triple D cup virgin.

Wii will appeal to parents wallets shopping for their pre-teens. It's a gimmick system. Reminds me of the Eye Toy & the Kareokee Mic. Sooner or later the jump around fad will die down. Who doesn't like laying down comfortably fragging dudes half way across the planet.

Oh and for the record my Xbox 1 never died. Every item I owned branded by Sony never lasted. How many PS controllers have you had to buy ? How many times has your PS 1-2 DVD drive said F-U man I quit. Sony sales have been swollen due to a cheap product. I've bought 3 playstations, but needed only 1 xbox

I've been gaming since TelStar, Odyssey 2, Atari 2600, Celecovision and up the scale

360 +Wii tie
Sony if they ever get it to the shelves (dead last) & I really mean DEAD

#116 the guy who

the guy who

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Posted 30 September 2006 - 04:05 PM

Well, I don't know Sony sorta kinda feels too confident about the PS3, and pretty much everyon is tellin me there after the PS3. I for one love the 360. I don't own one yet, however at my local compusmart they had on set up in hd. I tried it out and pgr3 in hd was amazing. Especially when you walk around the garage to pick a car. It will probabl be MS, Nintendo, then PS3. Sony really f***ed the console with the damn $600-700 dolllar prices tag. But there will be people dumb enough to dish out that kind of money for one gay ass console. Also the 360 has already has tons more exclusives. Another thing 360 has GTA 4, so really about 90 (or 100%) of the gta fan boys are gonna buy into the 360 because of the extra content. Obviouslly ms has won. But what will happen in two years with PS4, sony is gonna learn from their mistakes, so ms is gonna haveto work hard to win the next round.

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#117 jimbobjim


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Posted 01 October 2006 - 12:30 PM

People are sheep and because of this sony will win. Their past two consoles have both outsold superior machines by other companies which were out the same time. (n64 vs ps1, xbox vs ps2) Both consoles they were pitted against had better games and superior hardware capabilities. Sony have complete domination over the games console industry and unless the ps3 is about as good as a zx spectrum, i don't see how they can loose.

#118 jagermike


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Posted 12 December 2006 - 04:06 PM

cant wait to get them all

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