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Kotor Iii

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Posted 28 October 2006 - 03:25 PM

it was a little choppy, and the single ending sucked.

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Posted 08 November 2006 - 04:39 AM

ok so this is what i have so far from you guys; well the story that i put togeter:

Theres two disks, one you play as revan and one you play as the exile. When playing as revan you start in the outer rim lets say Malacor V and end up finding the exile and all of his companions. After you find the exile you him and the rest of the party, go to find the rest of the your companions that are alive like Bastilla, Carth, Zalbarr, or just any one else thats alive. and it will load off of your kotor save game unless you dont have one. After you find Bastilla you find out theres another threat (oh and forgot to mention from above but you choose whether your playing darkside or light side when starting new game) of either the sith for lightside or the Jedi for darkside. Cause we all know that the exile couldnt have really been the last jedi. And theres more sith out there. If your playing on good side you go around restoring the jedi order and fixing the destroyed worlds (or atl least get them on track). You know like the normal missions then if your on the bad side you go around teaching your companions the way of the dark side and rebuild the sith. Then it all leads up to you destroying the Jedi as a lord of the sith or destroying the sith as a jedi master , and along the way you have to many good fights with mandalorians and others that want to get in your way.

Then this is another idea i had that i recieved from darth tutors idea:

Basically its the same as above but you start off as a young person who just finds out that hes a jedi, not a jedi already trained woken up in accoma or anything but you lived in courasant and the jedi counsel there sences the force between you and your best friend, and if you didnt guess who im talkin about its revan and malak. But anyways they come and take you from your family to train as jedi and you play through the training (in witch you actually get to do yourself instead of watching your character do it). And after you have your choice on whether to leave the jedi and join the sith or stay with the jedi and you play untill you the end of game two do the things that revan did and adding everything into the game that was left out and also adding more content like the jedi civil war witch if you choose the dark side you fight choose light side you stay and you get way more options and stuff. Then after all that ends its leads up to game 3 and thats where everything really begins like from what i mentioned above.

**well those are my ideas sorry if their hard to understand but i was trying to rush so if you dont really get them just leave a message and ill tell you what i mean. and i know the two versions seam kinda long especially #2 but i just thought that for the last games in the trilogy they should be long and be able to make the games make more sense and tell us more about revan that we didnt find out in the games**

thanxs for reading please tell me what you think and leave more ideas that i can send to bioware and lucas arts

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