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Handmadien H8s Me

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Posted 18 September 2006 - 12:35 AM

grr.gif sad.gif OK i did peragus and finished telos so i get ebon hawk back and i use the handmedien r trickobe aton of times go to every world exept korribin and duxn (peragus blown up but who dont kno that)
so then i buy just about all the good shinies and in between i have kreia train me how to read minds by
closing my eyes etc. so i go to telos get the stuff from that mechanic that gives u the credidentials 4 that cezerca droid, and go to the workbench and get alot of upgrades upgrade every wep i hav then i upgrade all my party members weps ecept visas's then i go on ebon hawk theres a pretty long dialoge with visas and cussing.gif me so then handmadeins like mad.gif get away i dont belive u! cussing.gif flamethrower.gif :evil:then i go talk to her then she hates me all of a sudden
oh blah blah blah u love.gif visas im like wdf huh.gif then she dumps me sorta then im like wdf!!!!!!!!!!!!! cussing.gif : then im all goin blink.gifcussing.gif then i go to kreaia's dorm and im like cussing.gif : iamwithstupid.gif muhaha.gif lurk.gif muhaha.gif grr.gif flamethrower.gif then i watch it again with auto save and im sayin wdf + cussing.gif SO LIKE I SAID WDF JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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