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Possible Fable 2 Leaked Info

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Posted 20 September 2006 - 06:36 AM

This was originally leaked from a reputable French Fable site that also originally leaked accurate Fable 1 information. Lionhead quickly made this information dissappear minutes after it was posted.

Obviously take it with a grain of salt.


· Movie Like Combat in Real Time - Live the movie like combat in real time without health points or bars. Now, only one cut of a sword can become a mortal blow for your enemy. However, if you miss your blow, your life will be nothing more than a memory.

· Character Transformation - Fable 2 enhances the innovative system which consists of transforming your character according to your actions. Your look depends on two dimensions: the good and evil, and now also by nobility and corruption. Good deeds and evil deeds will modify your physical look, but with corrupted deeds, for example, to drink too much, or noble deeds, for example, to work hard in your employment, will modify the look even more. Where your friend’s evil hero could be a slim and fine young man and as threatening as Dracula, who has made evil and noble deeds, your hero could be as hideous and malicious as Quasimodo following his corrupted ways.

· Reacting World – Day and night cycle mark the passage of time. Watch as the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter go by. As the years pass, see the effects of your actions in the world. See how a village develops and thrives through the years. Sow terror among the inhabitants and see the village being reduced and finally become a ruin and a ghost town. In this world, even a modest purchase will transform the local economy.

· Life of the Hero - Live a life of a hero, from childhood to old age. Will you become a nice muscular colossus, or a master-robber? Would you like to become a covetous big landowner, a champion who sacrifices themselves for the masses or to simply direct a modest inn to provide for the needs for your family? You decide.

· Man’s Best Friend - Your best friend in the world will be a faithful four-legged companion. A pup that will reach adulthood as you do. By giving him compliments and by punishing it, he grows into a frightening attack dog, a playmate to impress the others, or a partner, who, thanks to his sense of smell, will avoid problems and help you find treasures. Observe as your best friend transforms to reflect what kind of hero you are.

· Use the Environment to Your Advantage - Fight on a shaking rope bridge, and unbalance your enemies so they fall the over edge to their death. Fight in a narrow cave passage and resist the attempts of your adversaries to surround you and realize that the very low walls and ceiling constitute serious obstacles. Fight when you’re surprised and you are likely to be surrounded. The location of battle will play an essential part for your survival.

· The fair sex - Play the game while begin a heroine. You can even get pregnant.

· Customization - Choose your sex, the color of your eyes and you are ready to play. Also, you can personalize your character like you want: let the hair or beard grow, change the color of your clothing, get tattoos, buy accessories, dye and cut your hair, or even do make up. Create the hero or the heroine, you wish to be.

· Careers - When you are not doing an epic RPG quest to kill the baddies and to progress in the game, stop for moment to test one of the various careers in the game. Hero’s job doesn’t always pay that well, so there are many means of increasing your income while working part-time. Perhaps you would like to become professional gladiator for one day, or a barkeeper, or a blacksmith, a gambler, or a farmer or even a burglar. It is for you to choose what you do and it is always possible to earn money by doing things simultaneously.

· Offline Multiplayer - Those who don’t have an access to the Internet can always play together by bringing their hero in their friend’s world (via a memorycard) and by transforming it into a spirit, a powerful creature which can fight the monsters, cure friends, curse the enemies, divert the masses, find hidden treasures and take the place of the main hero when the action becomes too hard!

· Online Multiplayer – Join a group of players sharing the same interests and objectives, which can appear in their respective world in the capacity as "phantoms", share resources, fight each other in very diverse challenges, bury treasures so that the other players can find them in turns, to trade objects and much more.

· For each choice a consequence – Discover the causes and the effects behind each of your actions. Eliminate all the inhabitants from a city and become a wanted fugitive and disguise yourself to escape from the police. Make yourself an idiot and notice that everyone shows you the finger, makes fun of you and that nobody will give you any serious work. Have sex like there’s no tomorrow and discover that you became a father or a mother, if you didn’t use protection.

· Freedom – It’s a world of adventures: give up on the roads and travel through fields to surprise your enemies, swim across the lakes and dive in to find treasures, pass by the windows and the balconies in an immense tactile world.

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