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Posted 13 October 2006 - 12:05 PM

I just watched this video on youtube and thought it was pretty cool.

Seems pretty cool. But the heavy scafolding or what ever that's holding it up seems way over blown.
another link to a smaller version. The supports still seem over blown there too. Should have been clear plastic or glass or something.
The first thing that comes to mind.... porn. What else. tongue.gif

But seriously, I think gaming would be too sweet. Even if the graphics had to go back to N64 or Playstation 1 graphics it would be worth it.
Movies would be cool, as long as you could like pause, and rotate the movie so you get the best views.

Honestly, I hope this hits the main stream, but I don't see that happening with HiDef TVs coming out and all that BS behind it. I think the TV manufacturers would try everything under the sun to block it. You'd also have to devote a ton of space to having one. The smaller versions seem like the viewing area just wouldn't work. If they could utilize the entire pyramid then one the size of a 27 or 29 inch tv would work out nice. But they'd definately have to flip it so the point was at the top like a normal pyramid. Which I don't think they'd have a problem doing. Having just that small area for the ground wouldn't make sence. For large ones like the top clip, it makes more sence to have the point at the bottom for more seating area. It seems like you'd need one around 50 inches in length to have a good enough viewing area to enjoy. Which is still pretty large, but could fit in most rooms comfortably.

With the pyramid design aspect, I think they're using 5 projectors to make the images. The cones would all intersect. If the "glass" was in controll of the image I don't see how they couldn't produce a cube but there isn't a lot of information on how it's done.

Thinking about that, you could have 5 xboxes all networked together to produce xbox quality graphics. You'd just have to get the xboxes to produce the proper images. With enough support homebrew could be developed to make this happen (on crappy apps/games) and the joystick would have to be wired into 5 xboxes. But a guy can dream huh. tongue.gif Or you might be able to have all 5 xboxes with the dvd play back dongles.

But those are the main audiences. Porn, Movies, and Games. If a 3D version of pong, or anyother multiplayer game could be worked up, I think gaming might have a chance in a coffee shop atmosphere. But as far as home viewing there just wouldn't be enough support/applications for it.

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 11:24 AM

That would be cool, but it would be so damn expensive.

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