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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Secret's Guide

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Posted 23 October 2006 - 08:45 PM

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Secrets Guide

Section 1. - Kombat Kodes (VS Screen Codes)
Section 2. - Unlockable Characters / Ulitmate Kombat Kodes (UKK)
Section 3. - Secret Characters and Levels
Section 4. - Shao Kahn's Treasure / Your prize for completing the game
Section 5. - Other Secrets

1. Kombat Kodes - (VS Screen Codes)
When playing against another human player in UMK3 before the match starts you'll see a VS screen with a row of 6 digits across the bottom. The first 3 digits are controlled by the 1st player, and the last 3 digits are controlled by the 2nd player. If the icons are in a valid combination when the time is up there will be special conditions in the following match.

There are 10 different icons that each space can be set to, each icon representing a different number 0-9.

0 Dragon Logo
1 "MK"
2 Ying-Yang
3 "3"
4 "?"
5 Lighning Bolt
6 Goro
7 Raiden
8 Shao Kahn
9 Skull

Rather then describe the icons we'll simply refer to them by the number of times you would have to push the corrosponding button to get to that icon.

The buttons that corrospond to the 6 digits are as follows:

| LP | BL | LK | LP | BL | LK |

Mapped to the Xbox 360 controller they look like:


"R" can be either the RB or RT (though you'd be better off using RB)

When the screen appears all numbers are essentially "0" and each time you push the corrosponding button it incriments the number by 1. For example If you wanted to enter the code for no power bars: 9-8-7-|-1-2-3
You would do this:

Player 1 would enter:
A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, A, RB, RB, RB, RB, RB, RB, RB, RB, B, B, B, B, B, B, B
and Player 2 would enter:
A, RB, RB, B, B, B

So each time you push "A" it adds 1 to the first digit in the code... so if the code requires a 9 you mush push "A" 9 times.

You can also go backwards by holding "Up" on the directional pad or analog when you push the corrosponding button. So instead of going 0 -> 1 -> 2... each time you push a button it would go 0 -> 9 -> 8... This makes it easier to enter codes with numbers that are higher in digits. So the code for now power bars could also be entered like this:

Player 1 would enter:
Up+A, Up+RB, Up+RB, Up+B, Up+B, Up+B
and player 2 would enter:
A, RB, RB, B, B, B

It makes for a lot fewer button pushes.

There is no real regiment to these codes, if you go past the digit you were looking for you can can keep pushing the button until it comes around again, you can even push multiple buttons at the same time to incriment multiple digits at the same time. Though I'd recomend just doing them one at a time particularly if you're new to the game.

The known VS screen Kodes are as follows:

Kodes that change the Kombat Zone (level):
0-9-1-|-1-9-0 --- Bell Tower
0-7-7-|-0-2-2 --- The Bridge
6-6-6-|-3-3-3 --- The Graveyard
3-3-0-|-0-3-3 --- Jade's Desert
0-0-4-|-7-0-0 --- Kahn's Kave
8-8-0-|-2-2-0 --- Kahn's Tower
6-0-0-|-0-4-0 --- Kombat Temple
0-5-0-|-0-5-0 --- Noob Saibot's Doorfen
8-2-0-|-0-2-8 --- The Pit 3
0-0-2-|-0-0-3 --- River Kombat
3-4-3-|-3-4-3 --- Rooftop
9-3-3-|-9-3-3 --- Scislac Busorez
6-6-6-|-4-4-4 --- Scorpion's Lair
1-2-3-|-9-0-1 --- Soul Chamber
0-7-9-|-0-3-5 --- Street
8-8-0-|-0-8-8 --- Subway

Kodes that modify the gameplay:
0-2-0-|-0-2-0 --- Blocking Disabled
6-8-8-|-4-2-2 --- Dark Kombat
2-2-7-|-2-2-7 --- Explosive Kombat**
0-2-2-|-2-2-0 --- Explosive Kombat and Throwing Disabled**
6-8-8-|-4-2-2 --- Fast Uppecut Recovery
9-8-7-|-1-2-3 --- No Power Bars
7-0-7-|-0-0-0 --- Player 1 25% Power
0-3-3-|-0-0-0 --- Player 1 50% Power
0-0-0-|-7-0-7 --- Player 2 25% Power
0-0-0-|-0-3-3 --- Player 2 50% Power
9-8-5-|-1-2-5 --- Psycho Kombat
4-4-4-|-4-4-4 --- Randper Kombat
4-6-0-|-4-6-0 --- Randper Kombat
0-4-4-|-4-4-0 --- UNIKORIV REFERRI-Sans Power
3-0-0-|-3-0-0 --- Silent Kombat
1-0-0-|-1-0-0 --- Throwing Disabled
4-6-6-|-4-6-6 --- Unlimited Run

Kodes that take you Somewhere else:
6-4-2-|-4-6-8 --- Ultimate Kombat Kode Screen

Kodes that display a text message:
4-4-8-|-8-4-4 --- "Don't Jump at Me - MXV"
9-8-7-|-6-6-6 --- "Hold Flippers During Casino Run"
7-1-1-|-3-1-3 --- "Rain Can Be Found in the Graveyard"
9-9-9-|-9-9-9 --- "Revision 1.2"
5-5-0-|-5-5-0 --- "See the Mortal Kombat Live Tour"
1-2-2-|-2-2-1 --- "Skunky ! - D.F."
1-2-3-|-9-2-6 --- "There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power"
0-1-0-|-0-1-0 --- "Throwing Encouraged"
0-0-4-|-4-0-0 --- "Whatcha Gun Do? - E.B."
2-8-2-|-2-8-2 --- "No Fear = EB Button, Skydive, Max. Countdown"

Kodes that take the winner to a CPU fight against...:
9-6-9-|-1-4-1 --- Motaro
7-6-9-|-3-4-2 --- Noob Saibot*
0-3-3-|-5-6-4 --- Shao Kahn
2-0-5-|-2-0-5 --- Smoke

*Note: Using this method to fight Noob Saibot will not count towards the "Beat the Noob!" Achievement. You must use the "Shao Kahn's Treasure" method below.

**Note: These can only be used in 2 on 2 mode.

2. Unlockable Characters - The Ultimate Kombat Kodes
On the character selection screen there are 3 blocked out spaces in the center. These Three spaces are reserved for unlockable characters. Melena, Ermac, and Classic Sub-Zero fill these spaces respectivly, but you must enter the appropriate Ultimate Kombat Kode (UKK) to access them. Once the appropriate UKK has been entered you will be able to that character from then on (though there is a glitch that makes you loose them, read below for more information on this).

The UKK is a 10 digit code similar to the 6 Digit VS screen code (described above). To get to the UKK Screen you must beat arcade mode and wait until the end of the credits. Once the credits have finished you will be presented with a screen to enter the code. Alternativly you can sign-in a 2nd player and enter the following VS screen code before the match starts:


For tips on how to use that code see the VS screen code section above. Once you enter that code you'll see the start of a match with a message at the bottom of the screen, after which you will be taken to the UKK screen where you must quickly enter the code before time runs out. I should note that it IS possible to do this yourself but it's much much much easier if you have a 2nd person help you with it. Also the above VS screen code is next to impossible to do yourself (I personally tried several times before enlisting the help of my GF).

The buttons that corrospond to the 10 digits are as follows:

| HK | LP | BL | LK | HP | HK | LP | BL | LK | HP |

Mapped to the Xbox 360 controller they look like


"R" can be either the RB or RT (though you'd be better off using RB)

To unlock Melena:

To unlock Ermac:

To unlock Classic Sub-Zero:

If you've entered the code correctly the screen will start flashing and changing images rapidly letting you know you were successful. Start a new Arcade mode game to make sure that the character appeared, and play a few rounds. If you play on Xbox Live you must host the game to use these characters, the Character selection screen will always be what is availble on the host's machine.

Once you've unlocked the characters you must take care in shutting down your console to make sure that UMK3 saves them correctly. If you're in arcade mode pause it and select the option to exit the game to return to the main menu. If your online finish your match, leave the lobby and return to the main menu. Once in the main menu select the option to return to the arcade. Under no circumstance should you shut down the console while still in the game (unless of course you want to go through the process of unlocking these characters again). Once you've returned to the dashboard I would recomending shutting down the console with your controller, and booting back up again, then re-entering the game to make sure it saved properly and you've still got the characters.

3. Secret Characters and Levels
Outside of the unlockable characters above there are two secret characters you can choose from

Noob Saibot - Choose Kano from the character selection screen and before the round starts hold Back+HP+LP+LK+Block (Back+X+A+B+RB)*

Human Smoke - Choose Smoke from the character selection screen and before the round starts hold Back+HP+HK+Block+Run (Back+X+Y+LB+RB)*

*"Back" refers to a direction on the direction pad not the back button

Regular MK3 before the "Ultimate" upgrade featured a Bank level. While it doesn't come up in the rotation and there is no Kombat Kode for it, you can play there using this little trick.

The Bank - Before the round starts hold Up+Block+Run or Down+Block+Run (Up+LB+RB or Down+LB+RB)

4. Shao Kahn's Treasure - Your prize for completing the game
Upon completing Aracde mode you will be given a message that states: "You have discovered the lost treasures of Shao Kahn. Choose your
reward wisely." Followed by a string of 12 icons.

Unlike the Kombat Kodes or the Ultimate Kombat Kodes this not a code, you simply choose one of the 12 icons displayed and recieve a prize of some sort.

Depending on the game you played to get to this screen you will have a limited selection. Beating the game on "Novice" will allow access to icons 1-4, beating it on "Warrior" will give you access to icons 1-7, beating it on "Master" will give you access to icons 1-11, and beating the 8-man tournament will give you access to all 12 icons.

Here is what each box does:

1. Dragon Logo - Tournament Outcome
2. "MK" - Game of Galaxian
3. Yin Yang - Battle against Ermac
4. "3" - Battle against Noob Saibot
5. "?" - Random Selection
6. Lightning Bolt - Fatality Demonstration #1 (1st for old characters)
7. Goro - Fatality Demonstration #2 (2nd for old characters)
8. Raiden - Fatality Demonstration #3 (1 from each new character)
9. Shao Kahn - Endurance match against Noob Saibot and Ermac
10. Skull - Classic MK2 endurance against Classic Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot
11. "?" - Mega Endurance Kombat (Noob Saibot, Ermac, Smoke, Classic Sub-Zero, Mileena)
12. "?" - Supreme Demonstration

5. Other Secrets

Random Select - Up+LP (Up+A) in the character selection screen with the selector in the normal starting position. (Player1 on Kitana and Player2 on Scorpion)

Play Galaxian - Play 100 two player games in a row (the VS screen witll say Battle 100)

Frosty!! - If you freeze your opponent using Sub-Zero or Classic Sub-Zero when your opponent's health bar is in "Danger" Dan "Toasty" Forden will pop out to say "Frosty!"

Crispy!! - While in Scorpion's Lair perform a pit fataility, If both players hold HP (X Button) Dan "Toasty" Forden will pop out and say "Crispy!". Alternativly if both players hold Run (LB or LT) Shao Kahn will say "Crispy!"

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Posted 31 January 2007 - 09:53 PM

Noob Saibot - Choose Kano from the character selection screen and before the round starts hold Back+HP+LP+LK+Block (Back+X+A+B+RB)*

Dang I got excited when I read that. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

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