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8 Films To Die For

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:53 PM

Link: http://www.horrorfes....com/index.html

"Each year, there are movies produced that are never seen by the public. Their content is considered too graphic, too disturbing and too shocking for general audiences. Now for the first time, one studio will defy the system to bring you eight movies you were never supposed to see."

I just found out about this today. It's a one-time screening of these eight horror flicks that runs November 17th - 19th. I'm a huge horror fan, so I'll definitely be hitting it up when it comes.

If you're interested, check the list of theaters to see if it's playing locally. So far, ticket information isn't available, so you'll have to keep abreast of that on your own.

These are the eight films:

Unrest - http://www.unrestfulmovie.com/
Alison Blanchard begins her journey to become a physician in her Gross Anatomy class, where she must confront rows of cadavers and her own fear of mortality. When the sheets are drawn back revealing her cadaver, Alison senses a presence in the lab. Her jaded professor chalks it up to first year "jitters" but her worries increase when a friend is found dead in the basement. Alison must find out the truth behind her cadaver before its angered spirit can wreak further vengeance on those who dared to disturb the body.

Penny Dreadful - http://www.pennydreadfulthemovie.com/
Penny, (Rachel Miner: "The Black Dahlia", "Bully", "The Memory Thief"), a young woman traumatized by a childhood auto accident that killed her parents, accompanies her therapist, (Mimi Rogers: "Austin Powers", "Someone To Watch Over Me"), on a road trip back to the scene of the accident as part of her therapy to overcome her fear of cars. But, when the two women accidentally cross paths with a dark and mysterious Hitch Hiker on a lonely stretch of mountain highway an attempt at healing suddenly takes a terrifying detour into a horrorific life and death struggle with a ruthless, deranged killer bent on preying upon Penny’s worst fears.

The Gravedancers - http://gravedancers.com/
"Old-school terror the way it should be." Winner of rave reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival. A group of friends' lives are invaded by a trio of hostile ghosts after they engage in a drunken bout of gravedancing during a wake for an old chum.

The Hamiltons - http://www.sffilms.tv/thehamiltons/
The highly-acclaimed winner of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Malibu Film Festival. The Hamiltons seem to be the picture-perfect American family. They are hardworking community members; giving to their local charities, attending town hall meetings and always respectful of their neighbors... except for the fact that they usually end up killing them.

Reincarnation - http://www.j-horror....inne/index.html
From the director of "The Grudge" and "The Grudge 2" comes Reincarnation,a suspenseful psychological horror film that deals with the topic of reincarnation.

Dark Ride - http://www.darkride.com/
Ten years after he brutally murdered two girls, a killer escapes from a mental institution and returns to his turf, the theme park attraction called "Dark Ride". About to crash his path are a group of college kids on a road trip who stumble across the park, unaware that this thrill ride is the last one they're ever going to take.

The Abandoned (no official site)
Called "Truly frightening and Original". A film producer who was adopted as a baby and sent to America, returns to her native Russia and the family farm. Once there, strange things begin to happen including the disappearance of her guide, the manifestation of ghosts (including her own!) and the appearance of another man who has been drawn to the farm for the same reasons. Directed by Spanish Director Nacho Cerda (Ataudes de Luz, Genesis).

Wicked Little Things (no official site)
Recently widowed Karen Tunny and her two daughters, Sarah and Emma, move to a remote mountain home which Karen has inherited from the family of her late husband. However, she is unaware that the home is situated near an old mine, the site of an early 20th century tragedy in which many children were buried alive...

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 10:28 PM

I would love to see this. I would just rather buy a box set or something. I cannot sit in theaters that long.

Also, it should have come out before Halloween. sad.gif

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 12:01 AM

IPB Image

I hope they decide to run a promotion along the lines of $25-$45 for a pass that'll get you into every movie because ~$80 in three days for eight movies is a little harsh. :/ I won't like it, but I'll pay it because I'm very curious to see how "graphic, disturbing and shocking" (lol) these movies are.

QUOTE(throwingks @ Nov 4 2006, 05:35 PM) View Post
I would just rather buy a box set or something.
I hope they offer that later on.

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 12:50 AM

im betting on them being just not good enough to release and its got nothing to do with being shocking... they just didnt have full studio support...

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