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Posted 08 November 2006 - 10:22 PM

I picked up COD3 this afternoon thanks to a good friend at my local game store smile.gif and I'm now sitting here, around 6 hours later, feeling pretty disappointed.
I loved COD2 on 360. I mean loved it, I played it through twice and it was the best gaming experience the console has given me to date. I've been looking to COD3 ever since. I'm into the second mission when you're helping the french resistence and I've got a distinct lack of the 'must-keep-playing' feeling I had with the previous title.
It's not only glitchy, but it's simple more of the same. The only major differences I've seen so far is the button mashing crap when jumped by an enemy, which is just pointless to me. There's no challenge in it, it's just press buttons and I don't see the point in adding it. The other difference is the first jeep driving mission which I hated. The controls are twitchy as hell and you can hardly tell what's going on. Twice I was blown away by a tank I couldn't even see. No warning, just a boom and a mission failed screen. Pretty sucky.
I've also noticed more than a handful of glitches in my few hours of playing. I've seen weird lighting glitches during the training, I've seen enemy AI take cover in the middle of a field against an invisible wall. I mean, pressing their back against nothing and peering round nothing taking shots round nothing. It's the animation they use against a wall, but there was nothing there. Just in the middle of a field. I've had friendly AI shoot at nothing, Enemy AI shooting completely the wrong way and friendly AI continually get in my was in trench fighting causing my grenades to bounce off them. Also, in the cut scene when you're introduced to the Scottish Character, you see a bomber taking off and flying away, except the propellers aren't turning. It looks stupid and it seems to be full of little things like that. The AI sucks in the way it's painfully obvious they're behaviour is based on triggers. After you have to melee the german taking a leek and take out the sentries, there's a groups of germans sitting next to the house. I stood up about 5 feet away and jumped up and down and nothing happened. It was until I took a shot at them that all hell broke loose. I also saw a german jump up onto a balcony here which is about 20 feet high. Just a weird floating, glitchy thing. When I found the jeep on this level and ran up to it, the Scottish guy spawned from nowhere. Just appeared next to the jeep.
I'm sorry if I'm rambling or sound overly negative, I'm just disappointed with the effort. It seems a painful attempt for more of the same and try to hitch a ride on the success of the previous title and don't add any shine to it because it'll sell well based on the franchise reputation. As soon as I got to the 'destroy the Flakk 88 guns' objective, I got a painful feeling of deja vu. I also don't like the fact that the german voice acting is exactly the same audio from the last game. Don't get me started on the voice acting of the female member of the revolution you meet up with. What the hell accent is that supposed to be? It goes between english, russian and over-acted french.
As I've said, I'm disappointed. I don't feel immersed in the game or story, the environments are too similar to the last, I don't feel compelled to keep playing and to be honest I'm not even really enjoying playing it that much. I think I'll force myself to play through to the end just to see if it improves, but I doubt there'll be a veteran re-playthrough for me. I think it'll be a trade-in towards Gears next week.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the only person out there that feels this way. Maybe everyone else loves it. Maybe I'll even grow to forgive the flaws if I play deeper into it. Or maybe I'll have to live with the disappointment and put it behind me.

I'd love to hear other people opinions on the game.

BTW, the game's official street date isn't until Friday, anyone else find it weird that you got an Auto-Update for the game today?

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 02:40 AM

I know what you mean bud. COD3 seems more deja vu than it should. For someone who hasn't played COD2, the game is great. A little glitchy at times.
Gears of War it ain't. A bit disappointed myself. I thought COD3 may give GOW a run for it's money.
I'd call COD3 an expansion pack to COD2, for lack of a better way to describe the whole feeling while playing the game.
So, you're not alone.

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 04:46 PM

I agree that it is more of the same, but I come to expect that of a sequel. The campaign is good to me, I like grenade cook but that is really the only thing that was added that enhanced game play. Some of the battles are very large with tons of people on screen and that is cool to.

I am not really let down by the single player but I was excited when I found out I could have four player on live with guests and that part of the game was done horribly, a major let down for me.

I agree that the single player is more of the same but it is not exactly the same, I have not experienced any of the glitches you speak of but I understand your frustrations.

Also about the update thing gears of war updated the first time I put it in to so who knows.

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Posted 10 November 2006 - 10:26 AM


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