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Homebrew Vs. Other Mods

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Posted 16 September 2002 - 04:14 PM

This is a post specifically aimed at people who are considering about chipping their box but unsure of whether buying it or making one themselves. I will be discussing the problem that I faced and giving you my thoughts on making one.

Several months ago I made a homebrew chip myself, and I gota tell ya it has been worthwhile, but also frustrating at times. You don't have to be an expert in soldering to be able to chip your xbox, but I do recommend some minimal experience with the soldering gun (know how to handle soldering gun) and some average amount of knowledge with computers.

The tutorial that i've used to make the homebrew didn't all work for me. The program that the tutorial suggested (uniflash) didn't work on my computer so I had to get aflash program specifically designed for my pc mobo. (Uniflash might work for you, but if it doesn't try other programs).
Another problem I had w/ the tutorial was that, it said to split your image into 4 parts if you have a 2mbit chip and then flash it with the last image. That didn't work for me either. So I tried flashing it w/ the first image, and that resolved my problem.
Try different things if the tutorial doesn't work for you, and ask around the forum.[B][COLOR=red]

Now onto soldering the chip. I used a 32 pin DIP w/ my homebrew, this way i could easily remove the chip if i wanted to flash it w/ newer evox. Before you solder anything USE FLUX[B][SIZE=7]. Flux helps a lot. The problem that I faced was, that the wires keep falling off of the DIP. Because there are so many wires, more than 32 altogether, they get tangled up. When I tried to untangle them, some of the wires would fall off. This meant I had to resolder it which was pretty annoying. I would suggest you making your wires 5inches long and put a lil sticker on them and number the wires. This would save you from counting the pins many times biggrin.gif . The whole actually soldering wasn't that bad. It probably took me 15min to solder the wires to the mobo of xbox. The only hard part was finding the points, and again dealing w/ the wires falling off. If you have shaky hands like me, lay your hands against something, it helped me, but try other stuff if it doesn't work for ya, maybe some cigarettes laugh.gif ?

I found this project very refreshing and fun. If you don't have the patience, I would suggest you buying a chip w/ less points to solder, but if you want something fresh, make a homebrew! beerchug.gif

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