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Glitches In Thaw

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Posted 20 November 2006 - 04:13 PM

i no a hard glitch in THAW. go to beverly hills and go by the poles where u learn hoe to natas spin from that guy with no shirt. no go into the door on the left and DO NOT turn! ollie over the little QP and land on the building with a slant in the front. ride up the slant, and acid drop into the street. theis should give you enough speed to boneless of the qp across the street. do it and get off ur board in the air and land on the roof. now look for a building with pink 2-D flowers on the roof. go to the RIGHT of the flowers and walk to the corner of the roof. look to the left. u should see a small white building. try to jump on its roof and u will fall through it and land on grass. look forward. u should see a street. now there are invisible walls so jump KINDA to the right into the street. u will fall thru and land in the hidden accesoories store! DO NOT try to buy anythin cuz the game will freeze. But u can walk around and even tag stuff. getting out is hard. u have to go infront of the counter against the wall. now turn around and u should see a garage-like door. boneless over the invisible wall in front of the door (may take a few tries). u should come out right through the real accesories store door! this glitch is great for king of the hill. any problems or IF U HAVE GLITCHES of UR OWN, reply!

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