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Pulling Ps3 Games Off System

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#1 BrianS


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Posted 22 November 2006 - 08:28 PM

I am way out of my league here. I know basics, I was able to mod my origional XBOX by myself (with the help of forum members. lol) Butwhat I am about to ask is way over my head.

Is there, or do you think there ever will be a way to pull Sony's downloadable games (flOw) offthe hard drive and then port them to a PC? Either playable on a PC, or now that XBOX 360 has the XNA Game Studio comming out where you can put your own games on your system, possibly port it to the 360. Obviously this is illegal and I wouldn't even have a clue where to start, but anyone have any ideas on the feesability on this?

#2 generalnewbie


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Posted 24 November 2006 - 11:47 PM

The ps3 hacking has already begun... i just read that.. someone installed Linux and dumped the BR game Madden 07

News site is http://ps3news.com/

Go read about it

"onight CJPC had some freetime and decided to install Linux Fedora Core 5 (PPC iSO) along with PS3 Other OS Installer and the kboot from the CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso file. Once installed (Installation Tutorial), he logged into the shell and dumped the Extended OS Area (which resulted in 4.0 MB (4,194,304 bytes) by using: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/extendedos.img

Next up, CJPC connected his external USB HDD to his PS3 (since he only has a 20GB stock PS3 HDD) and just (6) days after launch proceeded to dump (read "back-up" to $ony) his Madden NFL 07 PS3 Blu-ray Game Disc (the resulting iSO image is only 7.08 GB (7,597,719,552 bytes)) via the following: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/imagename.img

If you happen to own a 60GB PS3, you can use this command instead to dump directly to your PS3's HDD: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img

As we mentioned in our Past News, the PS3 Blu-ray Game Discs are currently not readable via Windows Blu-ray drive... however, the Blu-ray movies image fine on one of course. With that being said, the PS3 Blu-ray Game Discs resemble the PSP file format. See for yourself- here are the: Madden NFL 07 PS3 FileList.txt, Madden NFL 07 PS3 ICON0 pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 PIC1 pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 PARAM.SFO pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3LOGO.DAT pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 USRDIR pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 EBOOT.BIN pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 Partial iSO Files pic, Madden NFL 07 PS3 TOC Size pic, and Madden NFL 07 PS3 UPDATE pic.

As many recall, the PSP scene began with Paradox dumping and releasing the first PSP UMD iSO images, followed by several other release groups and finally the first image lanchers to play them following shortly thereafter. How long will it take for PS3 iSO images to hit cyberspace? Time will tell, but after this Site News post it won't likely be long! Let the PS3 Game back-up experimenting begin guys!

#3 PromiscuousRacoon


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Posted 25 November 2006 - 04:51 AM

If you work a lot with linux, you would know all this stuff is viable. Furthermore, the backing up of PS3 games and running them will be even easier. We just need a more friendly basis for it. Right now, I already made dumps of Genji's Blade game as well as NBA2K7. Right now...I'm just trying to use fidora linux and a custom loader for the .img my programming friend helped me make, to launch the backups. However, there are some problems with the code so it's at a halt.

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