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Not A Review. More Of A Warning.

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Posted 23 November 2006 - 10:27 PM

Well, being an avid Superman fan, I figured I should get Superman Returns. So I went to the Future Shop around the way and picked it up. I'll say straight out the gate. This is a renter. The main storyline took me about 5 hours to complete. Thats taking a break here and there for dinner and such. Before I started playing i checked IGN to see what they rated the game. I always check to see what they give it. They gave it a 5 or something like that. They claim that there isn't enough Clark Kent to use, or the ability to save Lois or Jimmy or anything like that. My opinion? Who gives two shits. I'm not getting a Superman game to play Clark Kent. I want to be Supes, do what he does, fly around the city. Regardless. The game is somewhat comparable to Spiderman 2. You get free roam of the city. Randomly enemy's will appear and you have to take them out. The only thing that is kinda gay, is that there isn't any side missions. There is just the main story line and thats it. There is a bonus of finding lost cats around the city too. Kinda stupid, but it gives metorpolis a health boost each time, so in the end, finding a bunch helps out. Overall, its an alright game. Mostly for the Superman fans. The casual gamer that isn't too into Superman might not find it as appealing, and will likely bash it for what is lacking. I don't care whats lacking, you get to fly around the city like Superman.

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 06:49 PM

i enjoyed superman returns. i can definitely see what is lacking will need to be put into a sequel if EA expects anyone to buy a sequel to this game. i will admit it's sad to not be clark kent, save lois & jimmy, or even fight lex luthor.

what i enjoyed most (and is unfair of IGN not to mention) is the immediate availability of supes powers. what's more; the balance of the powers by way of how to specifically use them in combat was really impressive. you can't just rely on one power to fight all the enemies. that's something i found boring about the spiderman games actually; i felt like covering someone in webbing was helpful; but in the end all i needed to do was "beat em' up". i feel like i get more diversity (and, thus more enjoyment) out of the combat system in superman returns than i ever did in spiderman. superman returns actually requires you to be creative with his powers / combat system to vanquish foes & especially the bosses. the "training" to use supes' powers was skillfully crafted and fit right into the game. the inclusion of warworld was an outstanding way to break up the story. the amount of different bosses was actually diverse enough for me. it is very nice to have Bizarro missions in the game. i'm glad Mikispitlyk is around for optional challenges. the kittens do seem out of place but they're more of an "easter egg" to the game really.

a superman sequel by EA SHOULD definitely include the afore mentioned elements along with xray vision and support for actually "hearing" cries of help around the city in surround sound. side missions would be great and would even help break up the monotony of the seemingly arbitrary "respawning baddys".

if not for the achievement points i would be upset by paying 59.99 + tax for this game. however i feel that now that i've beaten this game (8 & 1/2 hrs playtime) the only reason i'd play it any longer than it takes to get all the achievements would be to see if one could "beat it again" by way of the "Metropolis still needs a superman" justification for the continuation of the gameplay.

i did download the demo and as a consequence i Am glad i bought it; wish i could have gotten it cheaper as used. i mention this because my other two games purchased this season were Splinter Cell Double Agent & Gears of War -both of which (to me) were worth every penny of the 59.99 + tax; despite the fact that Gears is actually FASTER to beat than Superman. renting games has never made financial sense to me anyway (and even less so now that 360 Marketplace lets me pretty much do so; free of charge)

IGN was very unfair to rating this game i'd say it at least deserved a 7.5/10. i work at a local game sales/trading shop and i actually feel bad for EA on this project. IGN's rating of the game makes me think they did not play the entire game. (i know the review said they clocked 8 hours to completion; but the sheer amount of negativity points to a lack of objectivity). the IGN rating, coupled with the past superman games has led (in my opinion) to copies of this game just sitting on my shelf at work. -and during the holiday season, no less!

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Posted 10 December 2006 - 07:00 PM

I purchased this game yesterday. Cost my 39.97 in a local supermarket over here in england, and although i like the game, i'm dissapointed. I think the gameplay is good, and the general idea of the game is good. The graphics are as good as you can expect, and some of the sound effects are clever, like the flapping cape in the wind while your flying. The problem is, it's just too easy, and too short. OK i'll admit i'm a little stuck at the moment, but think the next time i attempt the multiplying boss i should be able to do it.

I've had this game less then 24 hours and have only been playing it for 2 hours 40 min's and i'm already 75% of the way through. Even if the next 25% takes as long as the it means that within 6 hours a 40 game has been finished. seems like a waste of money to me.

Thankfully the achievements are won as you play through the game, and having only owned my 360 for about 3 months its quickly knocking my score up. I would recomend renting this game for a couple of nights, this should be more then enough time to experience all its got, or if you must own it i would recomend purchasing it second hand.

Not wanting to put you off this clever little game, but think its a little overpriced fo what it is.

Thanks for reading


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