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Stretched Aspect Ratio Vga 1280x1024

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 04:35 AM

When using the xbox360 VGA adapter with gears of war on the xbox360 and selecting any resolution greater than 640x480 normal the game's camera's aspect ratio has a bug: The graphics *viewport* is rendered as widescreen but the *camera's aspect ratio is clearly 3/4* which makes everything squished. (I'm very aware that the art direction in the game is on the 'thick' side but this goes well beyond that and when you switch to 640X480 NORMAL it is completely different. I've been a hobbyist graphics programmer for years and I do know difference.)

*** To recreate this you must have the VGA cable connected to a standard 3/4 monitor. Select 1024x768 NORMAL display in your xbox settings and play the game.***

Switch to 640x480 NORMAL and play through the same scenes and you'll quickly see the difference.

This sucks for those of us who only use the VGA on our monitors we can only play 640x480.

Please fix soon so i can play this awesome game in all it's glory!


I am getting the same problem. I have your bog standard 1280x1024 TFT and getting a stretched aspect ratio when playing this game. Setting the 360 to widescreen doesnt help. ONly way to play the game OK is setting the res to 640x480 but that sux since it crap quality and it also isnt the correct aspect ratio since 640x40 is 4:3 while 1280x1024 is 5:4. If you have this problem please voice your complaint here on epic games forum to ask for a patch. It is already nearly 50 pages long.

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