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Small Arms Achievement Guide

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Posted 27 November 2006 - 04:22 PM

Small Arms Achievement Guide
by Twistedsymphony

Most of these achievements you can earn without any skill or just by taking the cheap way out, at least 2 of these achievements require some basic skills and 2 more require some strong skills for you to earn the achievements. If you've got some decent skills put your mind to it, and don't mind being cheap you can 200/200 this game in a few short hours.

Completed Training - 10GP
Awarded for completing the Single Player training mode as any character
This achievement is straight forward, enter training mode and follow the instructions for an easy 10 points

Complete Mission Mode - 20GP
Complete Mission Mode as any character
This achievement can be difficult if you are not good at the game. Enter the single player Mission mode and keep playing until you beat the game, don't worry about your score and don't worry about continuing, just keep going until you beat the last boss. There's no simple way to do this so I would recommend trying a few different characters and see who suits you best. I prefer Fox Claw but many people seem to do well with Unit 51 or Tyrone.

Marksmanship - 25GP
Awarded for a score over 10,000 in the 'Shooting Range'
You must reach 10,000 points in the shooting range level, either playing as the bonus round in Mission Mode or entering it manually from the Single Player menu. It doesn't matter which character you choose because they all use the same weapon in the shooting range. You get more points the higher target you hit, and you get more points for hitting it dead center as opposed to on an edge. I would recommend only going for the red and blue targets and ignoring the green targets completely. ALWAYS go for the Blue targets first and if you don't have a clear shot got for some red ones until you do. Also keep in mind that your gun is a 6 shooter and for every 6 shots you'll need to tap the fire button one more time to reload. Keep a mental count of your shots so you know when to reload. Take your time, 1 well placed shot is worth more then 5 poor shots. I had trouble at first but once I started using this strategy I score 15,000+ regularly

Combo x2 - 15GP
Awarded for a 2x Kill Combo
-See the Combo x5 achievement below...

Combo x5 - 20GP
Awarded for a 5x Kill Combo
Combos are the number of opponents you kill without dieing. You get this achievement if you manage to make 5 kills (different opponents or the same opponents multiple times) without loosing a life yourself. If you're decent at the game you'll probably earn this without even giving it much thought either in Mission Mode, Challenge Mode or Battle Mode. I manged to score a x10 combo online during a good game.

If you are having trouble with this one an easy way to nab it is to go in local multiplayer battle mode, sign in with a 2nd controller (or more if you've got 'em) and just kill off your opponents as they sit there.

Challenge x15 - 10
Awarded for defeating 15 opponents in Challenge Mode
-See the Challenge x50 achievement below...

Challenge x50 - 25
Awarded for defeating 50 opponents in Challenge Mode
Challenge mode can be extremely tricky in my opinion it's one of the hardest modes in the game. Basically you have to kill off as many opponents as possible without loosing all of your lives. As soon as all of your lives are depleted the game is over. In my opinion this mode is harder in the beginning then it is as it goes on. I had a hard time breaking 5 kills, then I slowly got it up 8 then 14 then 15 then once I got some strategy down I managed to go from 15 to 112 my very next game.

You'll fight a few matches before the first "snack time" this part is vital, you need to work on staying alive as much as possible, don't worry about time just worry about your health if you can make it to the first "snack time" without loosing a life you're in good shape. Once you get past this part you'll fight 3 opponents at once then have a snack time then 3 more then snack time etc. Every so many kills you'll get an extra life and as long as you can earn the extra lives faster then you loose lives you can keep playing indefinitely, as far as I can tell the difficulty doesn't increase. I'd also recommend only eating as much as you need during snack times so that if you need more health mid round there might be some more food left to grab. When you do grab food be sure to grab the food on the balcony first, followed by the ground level as these are the areas the enemies are likely to hit first. Another tip is to grab any batteries that appear whether you need them or not. (similarly if you're on one of the top platforms with a battery guard it because if it's not used no others will spawn). This will keep your opponents from recharging their weapons making them infinitely easier to kill.

There are a few strategies that I've seen work well here, the best in my opinion is to use Unit 51 and stick to the top left platform. From here your secondary fire (Left Trigger) can hit nearly any part of the level, aiming down you'll roll it along the bottom of the level, and aiming up you can roll it across the balcony and the rooftop to the right. Enemies on the top right platform can be hit with your primary fire (Right Trigger). Stick to this platform and just shower the level with your secondary fire, use the left and right shoulder buttons to jump when you need to avoid enemy fire, if you need to leave the platform to charge your weapons be sure to keep jumping to make it harder for the enemies to hit you.

The other strategy is using Tyrone, get your opponents near the edge of the level and knock them off with the Melee attack (X or B button) if they try to Charge to get back up use your Freeze attack (Left Trigger) to freeze them in mid air and make them fall off the level. Even if you're using another player it's a good idea knock opponents off the edge when possible as it makes for quick and easy kills.

Won 10 Matches - 10
Awarded for winning 10 matches
This achievement is simple and straight forward just win 10 matches, The Shooting Range and Challenge Mode don't count but every other mode in the game does.

Too check your win count simply go into the battle mode menu and check your player stats. Despite the fact that this option is in the battle mode menu your Mission mode wins and losses contribute to these statistics as well.

In general you could just play a lot of multiplayer or single player but if you want to get some quick cheap wins start a local multiplayer match and sign in a 2nd controller, set the lives to 1 and the time to the lowest. Fight in the Volcano level and use the 2nd player controller to walk off the edge into the lava... Rinse Repeat you can average about 4-5 "wins" per minute using this method.

Won 50 Matches - 15
Awarded for winning 50 matches
This achievement is essentially the same as the "Win 10 matches" achievement above but it's got a glitch so if you're not careful you'll loose your chance to earn this achievement.

You can earn 49 of the 50 wins in nearly any game mode as previously described. but YOUR 50th WIN MUST BE IN MISSION MODE. Not your 50th in a row...#50 out of all of your wins total, it only happens once so if you miss it you've blown it. If you've already got over 50 wins and you do not have this achievement I'm sorry but you'll never EVER get it unless they fix the glitch.

So pay close attention to your statistics and when your win count gets into the high 40s start playing Mission Mode. So that win #50 is in Mission mode.

Won 100 Matches - 25
Win 100 matches in Mission Mode or Battle Mode
The title and description for this achievement are completely wrong. This achievement requires you to earn wins similar to that of the Won 10 Matches and Won 50 Matches achievements above; however, it's not 100 wins that you need, it's actually 500... yes 500 It's unclear if this achievement is also glitched in the same way the Won 50 Matches achievement is so I would recommend making sure your 500th win is in mission mode to be on the safe side.

Again if you want to get some quick cheap wins start a local multiplayer match and sign in a 2nd controller, set the lives to 1 and the time to the lowest. Fight in the Volcano level and use the 2nd player controller to walk off the edge into the lava... Rinse Repeat

Played 100 Matches - 25
Awarded for playing 100 Multiplayer matches either offline or on Xbox LIVE
This is a straight forward achievement as well, despite what the description says I'm fairly certain Mission mode matches count towards this as well. Once again check your stat page. It doesn't have a total matches stat but you can simply add up your wins and losses to get your current total.

You don't have to actually win any matches just play them, you could have 100 losses and no wins and get the achievement.

Six Degrees of Small Arms - 0GP
Awarded for playing someone online who has this Achievement
This achievement is based on the old TV game show "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" which was based on a concept from a play called "Six Degrees of Separation". Basically the idea is that you you've played someone who played someone who played someone who played a developer.

1 degree means you've played a developer yourself
2 degrees means you've played someone who played a developer
3 degrees means you've played someone who played someone who played a developer

You don't actually have to win against them just play and complete a game with them (win or lose).

If you keep playing online you're bound to pickup this achievement, my very first online game I got the achievement with 5 degrees, shortly after I played someone who bumped me up to 3. I don't know for sure (because I was never that high) but I believe you need to be a 6 or lower to get the achievement. You can see what your current degree is by entering the player stats page from the Battle Mode Menu.

It might not be worth any points but if you ask me it's a damn cool achievement and one worth earning.

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Posted 28 November 2006 - 04:19 AM

Nice work.

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