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Kotor Xbox Modding Tools/help

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 11:54 PM

The first half of this is a suggestion to the code-savvy out there, and the second is a plea for help with a partially-working mod.
Ok, so I've read all about KSE and Kotor Tool, and KSE rocks as long as all you want to do is beef up your character's stats/credits/xp, and Kotor Tool, from everything I've heard, is wonderful for the PC version. Having played around with it a bit and read through lots of tutorials, it doesn't seem to be much help for those of us with only the xbox version of the game.

For example, one of the things Kotor Tool wants (at least, the last version "known to work with xbox" as posted in another thread in this forum) is a data folder, which the xbox version doesn't have. The path manager, plus knowing what files are supposed to be in that folder, solves that problem, but here's a bigger one - for editing modules, you need .map files, which the xbox version doesn't seem to have at all.

Basically, when it comes to xbox, Kotor Tool's functionality is limited at best. The suggestion (and I think I read this before in another thread) is for FredTetra or someone of similar skill to make a Kotor Tool specifically for the xbox version of the game - whether that means modifying the current Tool or building a totally new one, doesn't much matter. Any takers?
I'm also having a very specific problem with a particular mod... RedHawke's Jawa Shop mod, to be exact. It works... except my characters don't seem to know the shop has spacial coordinates. Here's what happens...

The area loads just like every other area in the game, except when the room appears, my characters are stacked on top of each other (or inside of each other) and can't move. If I try to move, I get the normal walking/running animation from that character, but they're running in place. Objects in the room appear to have loaded properly (visible and selectable are a metal box, security panel, random droids, a kiosk, and two jawas that I can actually interact with if I take advantage of a glitch I'll get to in a second), except that the room itself appears black (no texture file, maybe?).

Here's the glitch I've been able to exploit to find out that the jawas have loaded (one has a store I can purchase items from) - occasionally, if I turn on solo mode and change my party characters, a few of them will spawn in the exact middle of the room (I guess close enough to then talk to the jawas). They still can't move, though. The map for the room does appear in the map screen, which is how I can tell where my characters are.

So with absolutely no coding experience, my best guess is that something has gone wrong with loading the textures and spacial coordinates of the room. Given that this is a mod that was made for PC (like all mods, apparently), I realize there's a chance there's no way to make it work. If anyone has any ideas, though, I would greatly appreciate your time and expertise. Thanks in advance!

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Posted 14 December 2006 - 07:10 PM

Using PC mods on the xbox will generally trash the game for any number of reasons. Textures, for example are larger in the PC mods since a PC can handle the larger resolutions. The xbox is limited to 256x256 textures, and will let you know that it's entirely UNhappy about being fed anything larger. Often, you'll see the exact effects you've described, and that's the best you'll ever get.

Models are another stumbling block, but they normally won't even load--thet just freeze the game.

When trying to use any sort of PC mod, make sure you know what's included before you spend weeks (months, years...) fighting with it. Sometimes--as you said--there is simply no way to get a PC mod to work.

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