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City In The Sky V0.8 Beta, Created By 82_z28

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Posted 11 December 2006 - 06:22 PM

City in the sky
Created by 82_Z28

IPB Image
IPB Image

This is a work in progress mod that creates a small city above the one before.
The entrace to the new "main road" is by the docks on the first island.
(this is the dock used in the last mission for the mafia when they try to kill you.)

Installation is easy.

-replace gta 3/data/maps with the one in the package

-replace gta 3/data/gta3.dat with the one in the package

-delete gta 3/GTA3.CAP.Final

-Delete files in the directories:

test game.

Its about time I updated this project. I threw a little
idea together real quick. Theres a new driving course
behind the casino. Some nice twists and curves with cones
and barrels to avoid. You can get creative as to how to take
it. I may add more to it later but I'm having trouble with
the game crashing because it has to load too many polygons at
once. Stay tunned.
Its been a while since the last update so I thought I'd add
bit more stuff in this release.
first off, I added a new ship in near the entrance in the bay,
I also added a loading crane to go with it. Additionally, I
added a way to get onto the ship in case you wanna explorer the deck,
I added a little lighthouse by the ship as well. As for stuff on land
I added a few jets and a new heli, a few garages, some fences here
and there, a new garden area, a new "punk noodles" place, two more
nice "city hall" like buildings, a small statue, and finnally, I got
rid of some of the old boring buildings in the back and replaced it
with a big casino. additionally, the collision works on it so feel
free to explore the roof!
added a new church and a new area that was until now,
unexploreable (refer to screenshot)
also please note this version has an extra installation step.
added more buildings to create the feel of a city as well as
some backround buildings. I also added a radio station.
The bridge to the next island (to be used in development in the next release)
was getting screwed up with the loading so I completely re-made that,
added some more real-world items like fences as such, and
a new jump which I recommend testing with the Camaro wink.gif
added some new buildings including the hospitol, 8-Balls,
also I added some cones, improved the jump, added helicopter,
made wider space for development, a fence, and I added
a bridge to the next island. WARNING its not in final stages!
known problems: a very step incline comming back, and if you go
to fast, the next bit of road doesn't load in time so your car gets
stuck inside.
tons of little add-ons to make the city feel more alive, more to come,
also added some new buildings and the start of a tunnel.
v0.2- expanded out a little bit for some devlopement room, and added a
couple more buildings, fire station, car dealer ship, gas station, mini mart
Tried adding roads, had some technical errors but that will be the next addition.
v0.1-mod started, created small area above city, added mansion and a highway
to get up there.


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