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Unknown Backup Problems

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Posted 12 December 2006 - 05:19 AM

Hey guys I'm sure this has been covered before but I've searched this site and many others but have yet to find an answer for my problem. I have an XBOX 360 with the Hitachi drive rom #47DJ. I recently purchased the Xecuter 360 USB kit to backup my games. I have a 6 year old son who loves to chuck my games around the house and at an average price of $60 each its becoming expensive fast. Anyway I followed the unofficial guide to a "T" but am having some difficulty backing up the game using Xbox backup creator. It gets to the part where it tries to extract the security sector then it fails. I did flash with the Xtreme 2.3 rev 2. Under additional info in XBC it says this about my drive

Found ODD: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR3120L 0047 at [G]
Additional Info: 0BMAB 05/07/27
GDR-3120L Firmware is possibly a stealth version
or not a garyOPA/Maximus derivative
Features set to basic functionality and may not be accurate

When I hit start in XBC I get this message-

The Hitachi GDR-3120L doesn't have proper support for unlocking the game partition. This process will fail if the game partition is not visible. Do you want to continue?

I hit yes, name the file and then it gives me this error-

Xtreme style game partition is not available. Cannot continue making a complete backup.

Here is the backup log-

Starting read process...
Hitachi GDR-3120L doesn't support game partition unlocking
Target Xbox version = Xbox360
Space Available on Drive C:\ 47.3 GB (50,841,604,096 bytes)
Space needed 7.05 GB (7,572,883,456 bytes)
Creating backup image [G]
Opening image output file
Processing Video Partition
Processing Filler Sectors
Inserting TAG information
Processing PFI Sector
Processing DMI Sector
Processing Security Sector
Challenge ID 7D seems ok (type 03)
Challenge ID 53 seems ok (type 01)
Challenge ID 80 seems ok (type 03)
Challenge ID 3B seems ok (type 01)
Challenge ID A6 seems ok (type 07)
Challenge ID 3D seems ok (type 05)
Challenge ID 60 seems ok (type 07)
Challenge ID 8E seems ok (type 05)
Challenge ID 6B seems ok (type 00)
Challenge ID CA seems ok (type E0)
<-- Security Sector Details -->
Source Drive: GDR-3120L



RT CID MOD DATA Drive Response
-- -- -- ------------- -----------------
03 7D 00 04A9B0 04B9AF 00000000 04E971F4
01 53 00 20D7F0 20E7EF 8BA2AB24 A262F2B4
03 80 00 DF85F0 DF95EF 00000000 2D6B78FF
01 3B 00 FB5B70 FB6B6F 92420FD4 8D6671EE
07 A6 00 04A9B0 04B72F 68330000 67010000
05 3D 00 20D7F0 20E56F C22A0000 59000000
07 60 00 DF85F0 DF936F 10BC0000 B4000000
05 8E 00 FB5B70 FB68EF 13AC0000 0D010000
E0 CA 00 FC9AF8 9B88F7 00000000 00000000
Unlocking Game Partition
Checking Game Partition Availability
Xtreme style game partition is not available

I've already reflashed it back to factory and then flashed again with the modified firmware but I am in the same position. Any advice guys? Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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