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Dvd Key Swapping

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Posted 20 December 2006 - 03:54 AM

I've got some fairly specific questions on the DVD keys in the Samsung drives. I'm looking at the frimware for both a ms25 and an ms28. From what I've read you can grab everything from 4000 to 41ff when you need to insert your key into 'other' firmwares, but I'm working specifically with the stock. Can anyone confirm or deny these questions/statements:

1. It appears that the key on the ms25 is located specifically at 401a to 4029. The ms28 key is at 40ec to 40fb. (again, I'm looking for confirmation, don't take this as solid fact)

2. Has anyone tried using a key from a ms25 in a ms28, or vice versa? Can you copy everything from 4000 to 41ff? Do you need to move the actual key so that it is located at the sectors I've listed in my first statement? And since we're at it, does the key need to be specifically at these points if you are using an xtreme firmware, and does that change depending on the version of xtreme firmware being used?

Here's a little tidbit I've noticed while trying to read my ms28 firmwares, hopefully this leads to some good (and fewer headaches). I've used the vcc method of accessinging my ms28 firmware. I'm using the first run of the connectivity kit, so I am providing power to the Samsung drive while my PC boots. I leave the switch that I've installed open during boot up (essentially the resistor is removed). This causes a very long hang during the post, usually between one and two minutes. I am using mtkflash (not SAMREAD, as far as I can tell, this is all the same, SAMREAD is just somewhat automated) If I attempt to read at this point, I will usually see status 51 from the drive, and I am unable to read or write to the drive.
Occasionally, I've noticed the post hang for only 20 to 30 seconds. When this is the case, I will attempt the read with mtkflash, closing the switch before I choose which device to read. This results in a successful read almost every time

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