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Ds Lite Swing-grip Case

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Posted 22 December 2006 - 01:55 AM

NakiWorld DS Lite Swing-Grip Case w/Stylus Extender

IPB Image

I have pretty big hands and the DS lite is just too small to play for extended periods of time. Not anymore!

This thing is exactly what I have been looking for. It is a case, the actually expands open so that you have something to hold onto. It has "wings" that open up to fit into your hands. The wings can be closed for storage, or opened when in use.

I have always thought the DS L & R triggers were a little uncomfortable to hit, and they didn't really stick out far enough to get a good feel. With the wings open, it butts up to the DS so that the triggers actually stick out a bit, and it makes them feel tremendously more responsive.

Aside from making the DS more comfortable, it has storage compartments for 3 DS games and a stylus. The case comes with 2 nice cases for the stylus to make it bigger and actually give it some size and weight. Mine came with a clear 1 and a pink 1. The clear 1 works just fine for me. If my wife wants, she can use the pink. smile.gif

There are plenty of access ports in the case. The DS slot, GBA slot, volume control, headphone jack, power port and wrist strap are all exposed. The only thing not exposed is the stylus. But, you wont need it with the supplied Pen Stylus case.

There are a couple things wrong with this case but they are far out-weighed by the positives.
1st) there is no easy access to a place to store your stylus. The case covers the stylus port on the DS and the DS covers the extra stylus spot in the case. I use the Pen stylus anyway, but it would be nice to have a way to attach it when not in use.
2nd) The DS is not secured down. There is really no chance of it falling out because there is a nice cushion for the DS to sit in, and it grabs it nicely. But because of that, it may be tough to play on your back. Plus, just because of the way it is built, you have to open 2 things to start playing. The case lid and the DS top screen. There is really no way around that though.
3rd) With the wings open the edge where the wing was, is now exposed. That edge is not cushioned and if my hands are not positioned properly, it leaves an indentation in my hand.

Overall, this thing has given me an opportunity to enjoy the DS Lite much more than I would have without it. It enhances the gaming experience, alleviating the cramps I used to get cause of my big hands. On a rating scale of of 10, I cannot give this a perfect 10 because of the 3 reasons listed above, but they are not big enough problems to really drop the score much. So, I give it somewhere around 9.5. At $15 you cannot really ask for anything better.

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