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Madden 07 Not Yet Ready For Marketing

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Posted 01 January 2007 - 12:17 PM

Looks like Madden 07 was put on the market prematurely. Along with the many flaws and bugs already listed here on these forums, I have found the following in my 360 copy:

Ghosts - When the defense blitzes, somehow the players are able to defy the absolute laws of nature by occupying the same space as the defenders, with their matter. A Right End being blocked by a Left Tackle suddenly turns into a ghost and goes right through the body of that Left Tackle and sacks the QB. This happens with other positions as well and it happens frequently. You may not notice it unless you are looking for what happened to allow a sack in instant replay. But upon reviewing the instant replay in slow motion, I watch this very thing happen in many games.

Rigid Players - The players are too rigid, as if they were made of some high strength plastic or composite material. The running back charges up through the middle with a run and the players, both defensive and offensive, when they collide in the middle they bounce off of each other. They should not rigidly knock each other back as if two tennis balls hit each other, but rather they should sort of fold and pile up in a heap of bodies. In real football when a running back comes charging through the middle, the players look like they flop into a big pile. Their action resembles something more like soft rags than metal or high strength plastic. You wind up with this pile of bodies near the line of scrimmage where everyone has fallen into the pile. They don’t bounce off each other and go flying back anywhere from 3 to 10 feet or more.

Running - Any player running the ball down field doesn’t look anything like a real person running. Just something wrong in the animations there.

No Huddle Too Quick - When a team starts running the two minute drill and uses the no-huddle (hurry up) offense, they don’t walk or run back to the line of scrimmage, which usually takes at least a few seconds, but rather they just all suddenly appear there. This makes for very unrealistic game play especially when you are trying to run out the clock on the opposing offense.

Radio Announcer - He needs to be fired, K? How do you fire this guy? He’s too stupid to be on the radio. You can be doing great in a game, maybe stopping the run all game long, or maybe stopping the passes all game long, then when the opposing team makes a play, maybe they have a successful run or pass against you, the radio announcer, who just said a few plays ago “they’ve done a good job all day at shutting down the run” suddenly changes his mind and says “they’ve had a hard time stopping the run”. Or maybe your players have been batting down passes, and getting interceptions all game long. The opposing team makes a couple of successful passes and the radio announcer says “so and so has been picking this secondary apart all day!” What? No he hasn’t! We’ve been blocking his passes and intercepting all day!

PASS INTERFERENCE! - This is terrible. Madden 07 should not have gone to market if only for this one reason. But for some reason, in this undeveloped game, pass interference is allowed down after down after down. My pass receivers go out on their routes and the defense is allowed to literally stand there in their way, stopping their progress completely while they are trying to run their pass routes. Or if a pass defender is slower than the pass receiver and happens to run in front of him, he can totally slow down the pass receiver to a crawl and it is allowed - pass interference is rarely called and most of the time it is completely acceptable.

Roughing the Kicker - This happens every game. I’ve taken two teams through 4 seasons each, the Bills and the Giants, and each time they got this call against them in every game they ever played. Sometimes only once in a game, but sometimes up to 3 or 4 times in one game, when the opposing team kicked a point after or a field goal. I went into the game rules setting and pushed the slider down to 0 and though it helped some, it still happens.

No Custom Playbook Designing? - We can’t draw up our own plays? C’mon!

There are other smaller irritations in the game, along with other things listed elsewhere on these forums, but these are the main things that irk me about the game.

When the next Madden NFL game comes out, I am renting before I buy!

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