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Locking Up Issue

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 01:05 AM

OK, my box is mod'ed and I have KOTR on my drive.
I've been playing it and have had no issues out of it until now.
I just defeated the gun slinger or w/e to get the Ebon hawk to escape the planet and escape the sith blah blah.
OK, right after that battle, I get on the ship and it goes to 3 cut scenes. the first is of us escaping in the ship, the second is of Malak or who ever, saying destroy the planet. Then it shows my party and the female Jedi tells me to go man the gun ,and my guy runs off to do so I presume.
Then it shows a final cut scene of our ship flying away being chased by other fighters. then the screen kinda fades to black like its the end of the cut scene, and then it stays black. I've reloaded the save I have about 5 - 6 times, which is right after the fight allowing me to board the ship and it locks up each time.
I've read that sometimes slow playing cut scenes can be a sign of the system about to lock and the final cut scene i described seems to run a little slower that the others.. and kind of choppy almost. keep in mind that I have it installed on my Xbox's hdd ( 250 gig ) and i can hear it caching while it loads between scenes if I put my ear up 2 it.
Right when it fades black I can hear it make 1 cache sound before it stops caching all togather.
Based on what I have read, I can only imagine that it must have something to do with the files I have and that mabey something needs to be moved around in the game dir or mabey I need to dl something to patch/fix this issue.
Has anyone heard of this issue, know how to correct it, or have any ideas on the issue ?
If so, PLEASE help me.
I love this game and want to finish it.
( or if anyone can tell me where I can get a save game or something right after that little battle.. like when I first land, right before I speak with the Jedi that would be great 2)
oh, 1 last thing I really dont think its the game copy I downloaded, because it was the most seeded torrent, and no one else who got that torrent has made these complaints. So my copy of the game is good. ( atleast I think it is)

Thank you.

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