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How Does This Work?

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#1 lithium210


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 12:27 AM

Hello, i installed evox and other apps with the slayer auto installer, yes big mistake since i dont know how things were installed but im removing everything and trying to learn stuff the hard way. Well i removed hddloader 1.0a since i thought i didnt need it and i figured games i had in my hd wouldnt boot either cuz i took it out. The games still work, hows that?? This is the line in my evox.ini which confuses me..

Section "Load Games from HD"
Line "- Games on the Hard Drive -",2
AutoAddItem "f:\HDDLoader\" (i know its one dash but i added another incase it didnt show)

The folder in drive F labeled hddloader, isnt that part of the hddloader software?? So since i got rid of it, shouldnt "load games from hd" stop working? thanks!!

#2 georgc


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 12:37 AM

thats part of the auto detect system. it scans you HDD for apps and games.

this is what HDD loader does

>> Px-HDD Loader
* Real time progress displayed on current file being copied, as well as the overall progress, even says the file name being copied. Constantly updates the amount of Free Space on your HDD while it copies.
* Checks the disc size before installing to let you know how big the game is, and if its too big, it will ask you to delete something.
* Support for Partition1 & Partition6 for users with larger HDD's.
* Auto patches games that are being installed for known protections.
* Lets you know if your modchip doesnt allow the eject trick!

#3 lebriznon


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 12:45 AM

pxhddloader basically copies all files onto the hdd and puts it into the folder "hddloader". it also patches the default.xbe, but thats beside the point.

if you delete the program, then u probably deleted the folder containing the actual pxhddloader (in the apps folder). the games folder is still there.
you will no longer be able to copy games to HDD using it, but u can still play your games.
why? cuz they're just copies of the dvd sitting in a folder called hddloader.
the entry in evox.ini just tells evox to list whatever "default.xbe" it fiinds in the folder called "hddloader". so if the games still in the folder, then games in it will still be listed.
get it?

#4 lithium210


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 01:04 AM

yeah got it, thanks!!! I use boxplorer to backup my games, so i guess everythings ok then and i dont need hddloader installed. thanks!!!

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