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What Would You Choose?

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Poll: What would you choose?

What would you choose?

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Posted 15 January 2007 - 10:38 PM

QUOTE(LightningStruckMyXbox @ Jan 15 2007, 06:09 AM) View Post

I'll get both, but th Wii is first. I am waiting for the new 360 with hdmi. biggrin.gif

hope your immortal. waiting for somethign as little as that is jjust stupid

#32 dyinman


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 12:30 AM

Easily.... Wii60. PS3 has nothing to offer over 360, except Blu-ray which the HD-DVD makes up for easy. Besides, I don't plan on using consoles for playing back HD content. Sadly, I still do not own a 360, but picked up a Wii a couple weeks after it's release. I'll never regret it.

I love the Wii. I hear people saying the novelty will wear off... sure, maybe if there's 1 game for it, but there's a huge lineup of games planned for release in 2007, and I doubt they'll get old anytime soon.

And BTW, this "kiddie" system has my father and father-in-law both playing it, and they've never picked up a console before. Awesome.

As for it playing back DVDs, I think they still have that planned. There's quite a bit of flexibility and expandability built into this thing, so I don't doubt they'll have something before 2007 ends.

It doesn't have the same hardware and graphics level as the 360 or PS3, but does it need it? It's innovative controls in combination with fun games more than make up for it... hell, I still enjoy playing some of the old NES games. Graphics aren't as important to me as the gaming experience itself, and as far as that goes, Wii wins.

I choose the 360 over the PS3 because the 360 easily has more to offer. The Live! service can NOT be beat... Sony tried, but failed miserably. Sony... lost it's focus trying to compete with 360. Too much hardware for just a fricken gaming system. The result? Crappy expensive paperweight. People say "Wii is just Gamecube 2"... I don't get that. Have these Sony fanboys taken a look at the history of playstation? Besides some slight improvements in graphics each time, NOTHING really changed. The Wii was a huge step in gaming evolution... there are more factors than graphics (which it did improve on over Gamecube, although not heavily).

Hooray Wii60!

#33 spurs2k5


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 01:12 AM

Nintendo has only the same games..(mario,zeld,metroid ect.). Sure great games but comon....show me something new. People hate the PS3 cause they dont have one. Im sure yall remember when DVD plyers first came out and people were like, heck no! Too expensive. VHS works fine. Now most people cant even remember when the had to rewind a movie so that Blockbuster wouldnt chrage extra. See the pattern that happens when new technology comes out. Dont get me wrong, the Wii does look like pretty cool, and will eventully buy one, but if you gave me a choice....PS3+360. HANDS DOWN! M$ and Sony have that modern day rivalry that sega and nintendo once had...while Atari, the godfather to many just sat back and accepted that the times have changed.

#34 bigjimmy


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 01:17 AM

Wii-60 FTW.......

360 and wii give you the best of both worlds.....and only for the price of one ps3!

#35 elguluso


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 01:28 AM

is there such a thing as a 3way?, because I have them all, I love my wii because Zelda is probably the best game of the series, and just as fun as anything else(graphics or not this lil wii is fun), the PS3 because I want to play msg4 and I really like resistance fall of man (and is the cheapest bluray player, them things are like a grand by themselves)and the xbox 360 because I've had it since last year, I love some of their great tittles (dead rising and gears of war) I thought I boght it for Halo 3 but truth be told Im more exited about gears of war 2 (even though so far is just speculation, but with the xbox live domination and great sales is pretty much a fact), and by the way Im not rich, I just saved money for several months for them ($100/month for 12 months) that way they are not breaking my budget when I get them. just my .02 cents

#36 compton


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 01:32 AM

after having all three for a couple of weeks, i decided to sell the ps3 to make a profit. unfortunatly there was a hitch, no one wanted it anymore. it was hard to find someone who both had the money and the desire to own a ps3.

right before i was going to dump it on eBay, i found someone who was willing to buy it for 550$ and i let him take it.

It just didn't live up to any of the ing ther The graphics that everyone is ranting about are not effected by the processor, it is all in the graphics card and that is where the 360 shines. It would cost a ton to get anything close to the 360 on a PC. the 'Raw' power of the ps3 are only numbers without the software to push it, and i know there are a few exclusives in the works (FFXIII, MGS4, etc...) but if the PS3 continues to flop like it has, these titles are going to the highest install base to make a profit. these titles cost a lot to make, and if they cant make enough sales they will be forced to go multi-platform to even come close.

so here's to dreaming about a Final Fantasy XIII release on the 360 (yeah right, never in japan.)

#37 tdcemanuel


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 01:40 AM

all about fighting games for me...if tekken hits xbox then its the xbox + wii combo....

#38 sicknasty413


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 03:37 AM

WII60 FTW!!!

#39 cyberg4


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 03:39 AM

I think I'll have to go with the X360 and PS3 combo (why isn't there an option for wanting to save shelf space by only having a 360). Over the holidays I had a nice little party with all three next gen systems (people brought their system of choice and fought it out for Next Gen supremacy), by the end of the night the 360 was the unanimous choice for top gaming system (well except for a single wii owner who was adamant of PC supremacy, but console wise in the same view as everyone else), I found the Wii to be quite disappointing, with the games not being any funner (generally less enjoyable than a game with a standard controller) and the controller being a much less fun gimmick than DDR's dance mat. My feelings were very similar to the other people who were there and honestly the PS3, while still a distant second, was definitely much more appreciated, and much less of a letdown than the Wii which seemed to be a much less fun way to play games (even tennis, and baseball), that look and play better on other systems. That being said you won't see me with a PS3 anytime in the near (or distant) future

Edited by cyberg4, 16 January 2007 - 03:41 AM.

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Posted 16 January 2007 - 04:36 AM

Got a 360 the day it came out and a Wii the day it came out. I choose Wii60. 360 for online multiplayer, multi-media, and graphics. The Wii for innovative games and pure fun. PS3 needs a price drop of about $100 and some exclusives that really look good (resistance). Plus its a bit to early to determine the hd vs. blu right now so I would rather stay out untill its clearer.

#41 47_M450N_47


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 06:07 AM

Wii60 for me too, I hope to get a Wii at some point in the future (it'll probably be around a year or so). I agree with the guy that talked about people saying that the Nintendo games being "kiddie" games 100%. Just because a game doesn't have 200 F bombs dropped in it per minute and blood gushing from everywhere doesn't mean it isn't worth playing. Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda and other games like that are some of the best games out there. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shooter, but it's nice to have something else to play too.

#42 Odb718


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 08:17 AM

QUOTE(spurs2k5 @ Jan 15 2007, 07:19 PM) View Post
Nintendo has only the same games..(mario,zeld,metroid ect.). Sure great games but comon....show me something new.

You realize that when Nintendo does release a new game or franchise it slaughters everything under it right?

1. Mario (Nintendo): 193 million
2. Pokemon (Nintendo): 155 million
3. Final Fantasy (Square Enix): 68 million
4. Madden NFL (Electronic Arts): 56 million
5. The Sims (Maxis/Electronic Arts): 54 million
6. Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar): 50 million
7. Donkey Kong (Nintendo): 48 million
8. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo): 47 million
9. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega): 44 million
10. Gran Turismo (Sony): 44 million

443 million to 316 if my math is right. 1 company vs the best of the best and comes out on top, and you consider that common place? BTW, where's Sony's franchise game at on that list? oh that's right they don't make games, they make dvd players. So the whole time Nintendo is working on making an innovative gaming system they're making the number one and number two selling game series to date. Yet you want more from them and consider an addition of a proprietary DVD format a revolution in technological feats.

When Sony makes something worth buying I'll buy it. Which will probably be a TV or something along those lines.
The only thing Sony has going for them in this latest console war is Nationalism!

#43 Andy Hewitt

Andy Hewitt

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Posted 16 January 2007 - 10:56 AM

Wii60 here.

Got em both and I regret nothing !

#44 Altima NEO

Altima NEO

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Posted 16 January 2007 - 03:58 PM

I actually have the Wii60 combo.

The 360 covers my high quality, classic style gaming that Ive come to know and love
And the Wii covers my new and intuitive style gaming never before seen!

PS3 covers all the ports youve already played on PS2/360 w/ mediocre motion sensing and no rumble. Not to mention shatty framerates (Motor storm anyone?)

#45 skater_4_life_ez


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 06:50 PM

i bought the 360 on launch date and i got the wii on launch date i love video games and if companies like sonry (from the simpsons) are trying to push their blueray on you its just wrong its like someone selling bundles with a bunch of crap added to them no body likes them maybe if it has what you want you would but no one does i think sony tried a litle too hard the only reason they are pushing blueray is because they get paid off anythign blueray sold. well when it comes to games the 360 has a great library of games and thewii has pretty fun games too i have zelda metal slug and super monkey ball they are great games and i know theres alot more to come. i will buy a hd dvd player i havent yet cause ive been lazy lol ill preobably get it next month on like within a week or soo

soo wii60 combo all the way i will eventualy get a ps3 it is a decent machine but not worth my 600 bucks i know better

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