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Sound, But No Picture

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#1 badback


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Posted 10 February 2007 - 07:49 AM

Hi there,

I'm aware that XBOX media centre is now out and is so fantastic, but I'ma simple man and it seems like a hell of alot of effort to swtich from xbox media player.

My problem is that i have just recently added a couple of .avi files to my xbox to watch as I always have, and I am getting sound from the files but no picture.

Can anyone help with this issue?

Are there any places i can upgrade codecs of XBMP insead of going through the very time consuming process of upgrading to XBMC?

#2 badback


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Posted 10 February 2007 - 10:59 AM

i think its because they are HDTV files and my TV is only SD.

so anyone know how to convert the file?!

#3 jimbobjim


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Posted 25 February 2007 - 11:15 AM

Or, if you don't know how to ftp, you can burn XBMC to disc then put it where XBMP is now using an xbox file explorer such as xcommander.

#4 badback


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Posted 03 March 2007 - 05:29 AM

i have transsferred, but now it doesn't appear as an app, despite me unpacking the files and ftp'ing them to the xbox

#5 Rotfloljfk


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Posted 08 March 2007 - 11:45 PM

if your still around...make sure it goes E or F:/apps/XBMC/ and then all the folders and default.xbe
if it still doesnt appear as an app just run the default .xbe wherever you stuck the files from your file explorer or xbmp.

#6 stanley87


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Posted 30 April 2007 - 09:11 AM

Random reply so that post with "shit" in it is no longer showing when i open forums :-D

#7 wsuwilliestyle


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Posted 14 August 2007 - 07:37 PM

I am having the same difficulties, I believe that my version of XBMP is outdated and as I have only found information that states that its discontinued I am moving on to XBMC. However I cannot get XBMC to appear as an APP when I load it to my menu. I believe mainly the problem is with the default.xbe as it didnt come packaged with the .rar and I simply copied it from XBMP's file folder. Is that the problem and why it will not load up xbmc or what?

Here is the code I used in my evox.ini file to list XBMC as an app it works fine for the other parts but doesnt like the XBMC line at all.

Item "XBMP", "f:\apps\xbmp\default.xbe"
Item "XBMC", "f:\apps\xbmc\default.xbe"
Item "DVD Player", "f:\apps\DVDX\default.xbe"

XBMC is in the correct location but i cannot get it to appear on my EVOX main menu dash so any help here would be greatly appreciated. My experiences with the technical side of modding has been mainly with FTP and not of installing apps or any of that. I have read the setup files and they reiterate what I have already done so again any guidance is greatly appreciated.

#8 shorty


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Posted 18 August 2007 - 04:07 AM

Yesh.... I'm not sure if that's the reason it's not showing up in evo-x.

But, it certainly wont work without it's own .xbe, copying the xbmp xbe simply wont do.
If you downloaded something which has no default.xbe, then you downloaded the wrong thing, simple as that.

Yes, XBMP has been discontinued for several years, XBMC is really leaps and bounds ahead, when you load it up, i think you'll be blown away by how much more advanced it has become.

Many/Most/All of us have ditched Evo-x as dash in favour of XBMC as dash, many moons ago.


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